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For anyone who thinks their midwife might be interested in an online charting system, please feel free to pass this info on. If she expresses a desire for contact info, please let me know and I will be happy to provide it.

Hi Everyone-

Thanks so much for all the enthusiasm for our web-based practice manager for midwives. The response was terrific. We’re all very excited about an early 2011 U.S. launch.

As we began considering the needs of midwives in other countries, I realized how much an American midwife like myself struggles to imagine a setting where midwives are fully integrated into government health systems (though it is fun to dream about, especially when we are all using innovative and efficient charting software!).

Today I’m looking for midwives in Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand to chat about charting system needs in their communities. If you know any midwives from these countries who might be interested in talking with me about their charts, please forward this note to them. I’d love to hear from them.

Cheerio and ta-ta...


Brynne Potter, CPM