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Can I refuse a Pap smear?

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Okay, this is a little long. Ever since I was twelve I have had problems with urethral spasms. They are really painful. I would have these attacks every day, sometimes I couldn't stand up. Road trips were out of the question. I was tested for UTI's, but when they came back negative, and they couldn't find anything else, I was pretty much told my symptoms were psychosomatic.

About two years ago, I got a sick. I don't know what it was, I just had a fever and a bellyache for a couple of days. When it went away, so did my problem with spasms. Yay! For two years, never hurt. Then I went in for birth control and got a pap. The actual scraping part didn't hurt, but the woman used the world's biggest speculum, I swear and was mighty rough. Since then, the spasms have come back.

Now, I am pregnant, and I'm worried about prenatals. I know they want to give pap smears...but I don't think I can handle anything that I can't control touching that part of my body. Can I refuse this? I'm on a type of state health care...will they make me take all the 'recommended' tests? I also worry about unnecessary ultrasounds, amnios, etc. Anyone have any advice on this?
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You can refuse anything. I would explain why you dont want the pap and if they give you any grief tell them you will have one after the baby is here and then decide then if you want to have one or just not go back for it.

This is your body you are in charge of what happens to it not Dr's and not the insurance company. They cannot refuse coverage to you because of it (that I am aware of)
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of course you can refuse
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Yes you can refuse, however... it may be helpful to know when your last pap was?

because if it was within the past year, its a LOT easier to refuse just by saying "Look, I just had one # months ago... I really do not feel another is necessary."

Generally, my experience with state health care is that they will not pay for anything unnecessary so doctors do not even bother. You will not be offered an ultrasound unless there is reason for it (though, 20 week anatomy check is considered reason, you will have to talk to your doctor about refusing that if you would like to) and the same definitely goes for amnio.
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Oh thank you ladies! That is a huge relief! I had a pap in April and another in June or July. ( they lost my results, bleh). Okay. Great. I can now go in with confidence and say NO to whatever I don't think is necessary!
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You can absolutely refuse anything you want! This is your pregnancy, your baby, your birth. You hired your caregivers, they do what you want & need them to do. Yay for going in with confidence!!
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yup i refused mine.... I just didn't feel like going there the day of my physical.... i told them they could do it after the baby.... we'll see then.. I might be okay with them after the baby and better than the GP I have.

You can refuse any test you want
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Also, just for future reference, if you're dealing with a generally nice person, you can ask to put the speculum in yourself. They typically need to position it, but then you can put it in. Of course, then they open it and move it around a bit.

I just find if I can put the speculum in myself and feel like I have a little control over what's going on, I can relax a lot more.
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I would TOTALLY tell them you just had one in June/July then. There is no reason for a new one this soon, even if you are freshly pregnant!
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You can definitely say no. I skipped pap smears during pregnancy with kids 2, 3, and 4 because I had an abnormal pap during my first pregnancy that led to a colpo and biopsy that I later found out could have just been abnormal because I was pregnant. Now I don't do paps when I'm pregnant.
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I said no to the pap. I was really put off by the fact that the Dr. did not ask me if I wanted one, just told me to put on the gown and get on the table for my pap and breast exam....ummmm no thanks.
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I didn't know they offered Paps during pregnancy if it had been less than a year.
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Seems like they want to give you one every time you walk in the door, regardless of how long its been. I get that they can be important, but too much of a good thing is no fun. And why do they always act like 'girl parts' have no feelings? You say ow and they look at you like you are nuts. " That can't hurt." is what she said to me at the last one!
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