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40+ TTC Awesome Autumn for Starting a Baby Thread

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Welcome to the 40+ TTC Autumn Thread!

Previous Thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1238982

Babies Born

kbhlmh/Karen (44) Kevin (boy) born 12/05
noordinaryspider (42) Terran born 1/18/08
Hockeylover/Juls (44) Twin Girls born 12/08
Juneau (44): Baby Girl Eliza Jane born 1/12/09
DoulaMomVicki: Edie Mae born 1/25/09
WV Mommy/Erika (41): Josiah Born 2/5/09
Veganmama719 (41): Declan James born 8/2/09
saoirse2007 (39): It's a Girl!!! Rauri born 8/16/09
ElliesMomma(41) Welcome Shawn Robert born 09/8/09
Pookietooth/Jen (44) Baby Girl 10/28/09
Stealthee A new baby boy, born 1/31/10
Grace24(39) Xavier, born 2/15/10
Sunrise/Sara (43) Lucy, born 2/28/10
zonapellucida (40) Bennet, born 2/28/10
BuzzerBeater (46) Georgia, born 5/20/10
LisaSedai (42) Lily Elise, born 6/17/10
pitchfork (41) Fiona Ellen, born 8/31/10

kel32brown/Kelli (43) baby born 10/6/10

karen1968 (41) Paige Marie, born 11/5/10


Ompath (40) EDD 12/1/10
NeverBeenHappier (39) EDD 12/5/10
M0xxie (43) EDD 1/23/11
2bpeaceful (40) EDD 2/1/11
mentalgiant (43) EDD 2/27/11
sneezykids/Kelli (40)
BHappy/Karen (42) EDD 6/6/11

karmab (42) EDD 6/28/11

greenmama66 (44)

maritimegirl (45)

bookwormommy (42) EDD 8/8/11
mamamerle (40)

beachlover (44)


alittlesandy/Sandy (39)

contactmaya (43)
earthlymama (42)
edwardsmom (44)
enigo (40)
fuller2 (42)
gerlassie (42)
heathenmom (39)

hopeful mom2be (43)
jenjersnap (41)
kay99 (40)
kbhlmh (48)
kittyl/Kitty (42)
Kristin0105 (44)
lauraloveshorses (40)
LitMama (42)
Lovenkisses (42)
lovestolearn (47)
lovbeingamommy/Kate (45)

mamamerle (40)
mamapajama (40)
MassaginMommy/Laurie (47)
MI_Dawn (39) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/212b8a
moona (41)
Msgoodbuns (46)
music.mama.pdx (44)
naturallyspeaking (39)
reikibirth/Toni (45)
saoirse2007 (41)
Sapphos/Laura (41)
shy (40.5)

Waturmama (43)


carfreemama (42)
homebirthy/Amy (42)

Finally and new thread for Autumn! I have been moving and busy, but am taking advantage of this moment and it is October already! Autumn is a great time for new beginnings. May many more of us begin a baby this Autumn!!

Good wishes everyone, the current TTC and the folks who come back and visit. I am grateful for you all.

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Thank you for starting a new thread, WaturMama

We'll start ttc again this month

for everyone
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Thanks for your hard work Waturmama, love the title. Hope your move is going smoothly.

I am 13dpo and a BFN why, oh why did I test? It's so much easier to just wait for AF instead of wasting my $1.08 and testing. I think it's so much more hopeful to wait and see. The test is so definitive. So this cycle is starting to look like my July cycle with several late cycle 98.5 temps. I had a 17 day LP that cycle so it will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend. just because I like seeing these guys.

to all
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Kristin! I hope it was just too early... May your next test bring that bfp!

Waturmama~ thank you for updating me! Dh and I are doing well with the news. Much better than last time. He seems genuinely excited. I still wake up in the morning and can't believe there's a tiny person in there! I'm oh so happy.

Thank you all so much for the congrats. It's really cool to feel such support.

Blessings on your day

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Thanks ladies for the sweet comments on my weight loss! Well, I am now CD 17 and still testing high on my fertility monitor. My CM has changed slightly to being a bit more stretchy so we DTD today. Hopefully I will be ovulating in the next couple of days. Looking back at my cycles, it looks to be around the 20th day IF I am ovulating. I just started tracking my temps this month so we will see!

Good luck ladies!
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Hard to believe it's been a year since my but the proof is sleeping in the moses basket beside me

Wishing all of you babies next summer!
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BHappy -
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Karen so glad to see you pop in here, just yesterday I was wondering how you were doing.

Looks like I am out. Not going to complain about a 13 day LP but finding it hard not to be discouraged. What do people do to keep optimistic? I try to focus on my daily and long term goals. Enjoy every minute of the day I have with my daughter. I think positive thoughts and try to be as open as possible to a new life. Enjoy nature. Exercise. And I occasionally remind myself that when I was younger and unsure I wanted children that I used to tell myself that I would rather wish I had a child than wish I didn't have one. I try not to think that saying that didn't jinx me somehow. Okay, I know that sounds ridiculously superstitious. So what do you do? How do you keep optimistic?

Oh and I try to avoid threads that involve oooopps I looked at my partner last month and now we are pregnant.
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well, i am was planning to quit ttc for a while, but i can't help but try dtd around the time I should be ovulating!
I really need to get a job so that I can get mat lve!
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Happy Autumn Ladies! I'm on cycle day 2. Was bummed for a couple hours yesterday, but then felt OK about it. I was happy that I stuck to my resolve not to test early. I think that helped with the hope/discouragement cycle.

Kristin0105 - I'm searching for answers to those same questions. You're not alone!
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Hi Everyone

Kristin, that is a very good question. And bookwormommy, I love the term you coined, the hope/discouragement cycle! Sounds like a psychoanalytic theory in the making! I'm struggling with that myself, as I'm sure many of us are. It really seems to come and go in waves for me. There are a few things that seem to help when I'm feeling discouraged... maybe I'll turn this into a Top 10 list:
  1. Spending time with my daughter and family and close friends and in nature helps.
  2. Exercise helps, but I'm not really doing that right now. Yoga and running are the best for me because they're spiritual and meditative (for me).
  3. Focusing on another project or goal helps (recently, that goal has been nutrition for me).
  4. I avoid making any comparisons, and I avoid the statistics.
  5. I stopped doing early testing... AF is much kinder than a BFN.
  6. I often think of the words my former therapist shared with me when I was going through my divorce, "This is when you get to prove what you're made of" (emphasis on get to), sounds a bit trite and somehow John Wayne-ish, but it really works for me and I like the focus on gratitude and opportunity.
  7. I also remember the words that my former yoga teacher shared with me during the same tough period, "Everything that you need, you already have inside you."
  8. Positive visualizations are great: I sometimes imagine myself as a strong vessel with an endless, bottomless capacity. I can contain, hold, and keep safe whatever I need to.
  9. I try to practice gratitude and transcend to a place of grace. DH and I look at each sometimes and just say, "Transcend, transcend, transcend."
  10. I try to practice tikkun (to heal the world)... I work in a service-oriented profession, and helping other people and practicing compassion while doing that is PROFOUNDLY helpful to me. It's what helps me transcend and really saves me.
  11. I imagine my life is a novel or a movie, and I'm the interesting character. Sometimes this includes a soundtrack (my favorite music).
  12. Other times, a little humor works... the other day when I was feeling discouraged, an image of Obi Wan Kenobi spontaneously came to me. He said, "LitMama, the forces of darkness are strong today..." It cheered me up and cracked me up. I'm such a dork.

Other mamas, what helps you feel less discouraged?

AFM, I'm now 5dpo, or would that be 5dpIUI? The process feels different this time. The IUI made me crampy for 48 hours (maybe some prostaglandins slipped in there... they're supposed to get washed out during the sperm washing). The progesterone is making me tired, bloated, achey, irritable, and weepy. Every time I drop DD off at school, I cry in the car all the way to work (of course, that's partly circumstantial... still battling with her father). But today I started to feel something... twinges on not one but two sides! And tingly boobs. Of course, I don't trust my own body now that I'm all drugged up. Still, hope comes creeping in... I sent an email to DH in the middle of the day entitled "Symptoms!" Does anyone have any experience with progesterone symptoms versus actual implantation symptoms? Does progesterone give you twinges and make your boobs go senso?

to you all, and to all a good night!
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Kristin, I think ive come to enjoy observing my body, learning more, scheming for new solutions the next cycle if this one doesnt work. Right now, i am so discouraged about there being little ewcm, and that seems like a bad sign. I wish i could figure out what happened. But the benefit is, i get to scheme about next month, what will i try this time? Will i up my dose of epo? Im like my own experiment.
Part of me is resigned to not having another baby, so it becomes a kind of game. A few months ago, being pregnant, and giving birth felt normal, and the continue bfn's drove me crazy-that cant be true!!! Wheres my bfp!!!
Now, im like, whatever, so im not having another baby, ok, life is much easier like this..... (sure, i ve spent alot of time crying in between, and feeling heartbroken)

I had my first dream last night-someone gave me a baby, and said 'this is your baby'. It was a girl, and kind of small. I didnt remember giving birth to her, i said, are you sure this is my baby? The woman said (she was a doctor go figure), 'yes, you gave birth to her, she is your baby'

My first dream about having a baby

Im just committed, keep going. At this rate, ill be surprised when i do get pregnant, i'll be like-'is that a bfp, cant be... no, im dreaming...'

My donor is really encouraging, and says not getting pregnant after 6 months is competely normal, and that i was just lucky that last two times when i got them on try 1, an try2.

Litmama, the progesterone drives me crazy because it causes pregnancy symptoms. Thats the main reason i hate it.

I even got the telltale tightness in the ovary feeling,(it feels like implantation) Ive only ever had this when pregnant. I remember when i was 25, and got pregnant accidentally, and this feeling was so strong. At the time, i cried, because i didnt understand what was happening.

Now, i know...a stupid progesterone side effect. Great if you have it without the progesterone tho...

I hope that doesnt sound discouraging. I have my fingers crossed for you. Maybe those progesterone induced signs, are coming from some of your own pregnancy progesterone.

Baby dust everyone!!
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Hi Ladies! I am now on CD22 and yesterday, I got a positive OPK and a peak on my Clearblue Fertility monitor. My BBT was up higher then it has been this morning. So we DTD yesterday and plan to again today. Keeping my fingers crossed. Now on to the 2WW. I do have an appointment with Kaiser's fertility clinic on the 19th. Feeling happy though because it at least appears I am ovulating, which I wasn't sure I was. One hurdle down!

Good luck to all!
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That is a beautiful dream Contactmaya. Have you read "spirit Babies"by Walter Makichen? http://www.waltermakichen.com/wordpress/?page_id=36

He would say that your spirit baby was letting you know that s/he is coming! I loved the book. So uplifting.

Litmama, I love what you wrote.It is beautiful! I am always trying to find ways to stay positive and be thankful.It isn't always easy. Sometimes I feel really despondent about the stats, but then I tell myself that I am a person, not a number. Besides I managed to get pregnant and deliver a healthy boy (now 2) only 3 months from my 42nd birthday.
I have decided to get a project going during every tww so that I can be less focussed on the tww. I used to spend way too much time looking at charts etc on the net! Last tww I spent hours in the garden,and felt much better. This time (I'm 4dpo) I'm concentrating on spring cleaning (I'm in the southern hemisphere).

Can someone tell me why FF didn't want to put in my ovulation and coverline? I ended up doing an over ride, but can't really understand why it didn't come up automatically. I'm guessing it is because of high temps during AF?Here is my chart:http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/186327

Any ideas? I am quite sure I ovulated-I had a + opk and O pain and then a temp rise.

Big Congratulations to BHappy. I haven't been here in ages, so it's great to see some good news.
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Hi, not much to say here except I'm grateful to read these wonderful posts.

LitMama, your list is awesome. Contactmaya, your dream is pretty neat. I've never had a dream like that and would definitely take it as a sign. Kristin, I'm not sure how people remain optimistic. I just try to live in the moment and am so grateful for absolutely everything I have.

Feeling a little down right now, the usual stuff. I think I'm just feeling older? I never really felt 'old' before, always felt like I was 23 inside, but in the last year I've been feeling downright old, which is a pretty terrible feeling. Yuck.

Sadly, I don't think anything could cure this feeling, not a BFP or a million dollars. It just has to pass...or maybe I should try going to the gym

Anyhow, congrats BHappy, that is awesome news. It's nice to hear positive things! Hooray!

***btw, please update my age on the first page! I've been 42 for a little while now!!
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You're updated, kittyl!
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.....just dtd.... Now the wait begins......again af due by 23rd
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Gumblossom-your interpretation of my dream brought tears to my eyes. Thankyou.

Clutching at straws here, but i decided not to take progesterone this month, since last month my luteal phase was 13 days albiet with spotting. This cycle, i wasnt sure i ovulated either.

Sure enough, i got a temp shift, 2dpo from 96.9 to 97.4. This morning, 5dpo, i got a 2nd temp shift, up to 97.8 (and 98.2 on my other thermometer-i use two thermometers) so im excited about that. Also, no spotting. I have been having spotting starting today, on some of my my other cycles, even on progesterone.

Yep, clutching at straws, but excited still the same. :-)

Sorry to bore everyone with such intricate details :-)
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um, hi...

Hi mamas. I've been following this thread and a few others for a while now. Today I finally decided to show up and say hi. I posted in the "pleased to meet you" forum and then hopped right over here. I have a 12 year old son and a 3 year old step daughter. I am 41 today, and have been ttc #2 for 18 months now...Man it happened so easy last time; the month before we started trying. It never occurred to me it would take so long the second time. But I guess the whole age thing, and the different father thing are wild cards. I'm trying to be patient and Zen about it all, and reading your posts here over the past 6 months has helped me a lot (what a bunch of strong, wise women!) so now I decided to join the conversation, if I may...
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Welcome moona, and
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