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Originally Posted by gumblossom View Post

Maritimegirl, I also used pre-seed. I don't have much fertile mucus,so felt it necessary. I used it last time I conceived at 41, too. Litmama, your diet sounds amazing.Well done. I'm sure all those fabulous supplements helped me, and they are certainly worth a try aren't they? I'm feeling super tired and already nauseous, but I see that as good signs of a baby that is going to stay inside for 9 months! I'm going to see a naturopath in a couple of weeks to talk about improving my diet.Already craving salty carbs to stave off the nausea, but I know it isn't good for me. I don't want to pile on the weight in the first trimester because it will make later pregnancy harder. Bookworm, I took a B complex throughout my cycle.I believe B6 is better absorbed with other B vitamins. I can't see it being harmful in the 2ww.I'm still taking it as B12 is supposed to help with morning sickness. Good luck Mamas!

I had purchased some pre-seed to use but never got to use it. What I did do to get 6 days of EWCM was: Maca, EPO, L arginine, grapefruit juice, dong qaui and acupuncture. Prior to that I had nill CM.


I still take B 6 complex as it's supposed to stave off nausea but I have the worst morning sickness I've ever had, I can imagine it might be worse without it but this is awful.

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CD2 here... in the middle of another whacked out AF. I am such a whiner, I cannot believe this is what many women deal with month in and month out. Where did my nice little mini periods go? I am flooding again, I may have to start sleeping with maxi pads. My milk supply is in the tank and I've got cramps. Does anybody have a little violin?mecry.gif

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Hi everyone!


Litmama, I also am very impressed by your diet. I am so glad you are feeling so well. That does seem to bode very well for fertility. And it's so cool that the good eating is spreading in your family. Will you post the ingredients of your smoothie? I'm curious if it is your own creation from everything that you have learned or a recipe from someone else.


Kristin, sorry about the whacko cycle. It seems to me there's a good chance it is a one time thing. I hope the appt today helped physcially and with your spirit. You caring for yourself is a support to your dd, as you probably know but maybe it helps to hear.


AFM, I think my worries about my short luteal phase last month were unfounded. Last month was my first time temping in a couple months (since our move). It took me a while to remember to temp. Now that I see the temps this month, I think I had already ovulated by the time I started temping. So it was a short cycle but not a short luteal phase. The luteal phase was at least 14 days. That is a relief! My TCM practioner concurs. I'm back on the chinese herbs and having ovary twinges. Hopingpraying that this is our month.

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We were posting at the same time, BuzzerBeater. A big hug to you. With mama hormones and AF hormone AND caring for a tiny person, you've got a lot going on. May the size of that flow represent the size of your fertility! And yes, a break from it is nice. Welcome back.

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Hello Mamas!


Thank you all for your kind words on my new diet. I finally found a few minutes to sit down and catch up with you all, which feels delicious. So much excitement and juicy information right now!


Gumblossom, I realize this was a few pages ago, but thank you so much for posting the results of your chart analysis, I'm loving all the hope in that. I agree, 14 months does not seem like too long a wait for something so special. How are you feeling? Are you finding a way to stave off the nausea and the salty carb cravings that come with it? I had those as well with DD. I hope when my time comes round again I'll be able to find a healthier coping mechanism.


Maeryn Pearl, Welcome and thank you for your hopeful family stories!


Maritimegirl, I think I missed your BFP last time I was here! Welcome and BIG congrats to you! I'm sorry about your past losses, and am wishing you a super sticky bean this time! DH and I also use Pre-Seed (because I have zero EWCM in the past couple of years... instead, I get what FF calls "watery" CM). We've conceived using it (and not using it), but what we dislike about it is the inconvenient tube format -- it's kind of a buzzkill to have to fumble with the cap when you are in the moment. I did hear that Slippery Stuff has the same chemical composition and is equally sperm-friendly so we may try that. It comes in a bottle with a flip-top cap, much easier.


ContactMaya, so interesting regarding your ferning pattern! Have you tested yet? This makes me want to go out and buy a ferning microscope. Are they very spendy? Have you found the extra info you get each month to be worth the investment?


Saoirse, I'm sorry the BFNs are getting you down. hug.gif I hope the next cycle brings a welcome fresh start.


Halifax, It's good to see you back! I'm so sorry for all your losses hug.gif I hear you about the ache and emptiness. Your trip does sound wonderful, despite having to deal with yet another loss while you were there. Others were mentioning testing to you... because I also had 3 m/c in a row (all before 6 weeks), my RE ordered that set of tests for me. They tested me for auto-immune disorders, thyroid conditions, clotting disorders, and lots of genetic markers that would indicate increased chances of m/c. All came back negative, but it was helpful info for us to have.



BuzzerBeater, sorry that AF flooded your house this month! I had the same thing happen this month, kind of a new phenomenon and a bit overwhelming, I was caught off guard a few times. I'm hoping it's a kind of cleanse and my uterus is getting rid of stagnant blood. Thanks for asking what our names mean, it's been fun to read everyone's stories! Mine is a bit like Bookwormommy's. I'm LitMama because I'm a lit-head... I studied literature in college, read a LOT, and also write. 


Bookwormommy, hello to a fellow book-eater! I hear you about not being ready to give up the mac 'n cheese. Some things have been easy for me because I was raised on a pretty crunchy whole foods diet (my parents actually made their own tofu) and so it's my childhood comfort food. But other acquired tastes have been difficult to give up... I just returned from a baby shower, where it was heartbreaking to say no to the most beautiful chocolate cupcakes I have ever seen! Fortunately, DH ate enough of them for both of us. :wink B-vitamins... I've been taking a B-complex throughout my cycle. I believe it's supposed to lengthen your LP (my LP is already 16 days, so not an issue for me) and generally support fertility. But one caution: a friend told me the "warm flashes" or "flushing" I was feeling throughout my body meant I had too much niacin in my system (there was probably already enough in my prenatals). I stopped taking the B-complex and the warm flashes disappeared.


Kristin, I'm sorry you've been feeling sad and stressed out! hug.gif I can relate. I'm so glad to hear though, that you've found a wonderful healthy way of supporting yourself through swimming. I always find exercise (and water) to be very healing, too. It sort of takes me off my TTC grid so I can regain a larger perspective of myself as a whole person.



WaturMama, so glad your LP turned out to be just fine! You know, getting back to your ovarian-twinge question many pages ago... for what it's worth, I noticed that my ovarian twinges have lessened as I've spent more time with acupuncture and TCM. I read somewhere that there is a connection, I wonder if that's happening for you, too? Thanks for asking about the smoothies, I will post some recipes in a separate post since this one is getting sooooo loooooong.


GreenMama, thanks for sharing info on your diet and supplements! It sounds like you were on a regimen similar to mine, so I'm feeling hopeful I too may end up with a BFP! My diet is definitely not primal/paleo, but I see other similarities. Can you please tell me about PABA, emulsified D, fermented cod liver oil? Also, do you know what the advantage is to taking fresh (vs. freeze-dried) royal jelly and wheatgrass? I'm having trouble sourcing fresh royal jelly (not in any of my local co-ops, although I know I could order it online) and there's wheatgrass in my ultra-greens powder so I hadn't been taking it separately. But if it would make a difference, I'd seek out fresh versions of both. 



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Hi WaturMama,


You asked about the smoothies I'm drinking every day... I have been making the recipes up myself, based on what I've read here and there. For me, the smoothies are a good way to try to get a lot of nutrition and supplements down quickly in the morning when I'm rushing around. They also do a nice job of covering the strong flavor of my ultra-greens powder. But, there are lots of official fertility smoothie recipes out there on the web. I believe the Natural Fertility Info website has some... an e-book you can purchase and download, and a "challenge" you can subscribe to that sends you fertility smoothie recipes daily. I didn't get either of these, but I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has. Other good sources I found for smoothie recipes came not from fertility websites, but from the websites of companies that sell detox stuff, here's an example: http://www.elevenelevenwellness.com/resources/revive-recipes-smoothies


So here's my basic recipe:


1/2 cup frozen fruit of some sort

1 scoop of organic no-hormones whey powder

1 scoop of greens powder

2 Tablespoons hemp seeds

All of my supplements that come in powder form (I open the capsules and pour them in -- in my case, this is Maca, L-Arginine, DHEA and sometimes Royal Jelly)

Enough liquid to cover everything -- I usually use organic, non-homegenized whole milk (Strauss) or organic coconut water




Sometimes instead of fruit, I use avocado, which is yummy!

For the greens powder, I've been using the relatively mild-flavored Super Green Drink from Trader Joe's, but adding a little bit more of Garden of Life Super Food each day, to get my taste buds adjusted to the strong flavor.

Sometimes I leave out the whey powder and get my protein from a hard-cooked egg on the side instead


Here are two I've been enjoying quite a bit lately:


For Breakfast:


1 packet frozen Acai berry puree (which I'm feeling unsure of, because it has a tiny bit of soy lecithin in it)

1/4 cup frozen organic blueberries

1 small frozen organic banana, cut into chunks

1 scoop of organic no-hormones whey powder

1 scoop of Super Green Drink plus 1/4 scoop Super Food

2 Tablespoons hemp seeds

Enough Strauss whole milk or organic coconut water to cover

Maca, L-Arginine, DHEA



For Dessert!


2 Tablespoons Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate

2 Tablespoons raw organic cocoa powder

2 Tablespoons raw almond butter

1/2 frozen organic banana, cut into chunks

1 scoop of organic no-hormones whey powder

1 scoop of Super Green Drink plus 1/4 scoop Super Food

2 Tablespoons hemp seeds

Enough Strauss whole milk or organic coconut water to cover

Maca, L-Arginine, DHEA


These are SO filling that I can barely eat my next meal... sometimes I leave out either the whey powder (which is not a whole food, so I feel ambivalent about it anyway) or the milk or the hemp seeds or the banana, all of which seem to make the smoothie more filling. If you want it to be MORE filling, you can also add cooked quinoa or raw whole oats.



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GreenMama and any other mamas who have done a fertility diet...


Did you do a detox or cleanse first? I've read many references online from other women who have done a liver cleanse first, before embarking on a nutrient-dense fertility diet. I skipped this step and am wondering if this was the right thing to do? I don't know if I necessarily needed a cleanse, but I also worry that by skipping this, I may have left toxins hanging around in my system that could be damaging my eggs.


Just curious... thanks for any feedback!

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After reading Litmama's smoothies if occurred to me that we are probably some of the healthiest  40+ year olds around that and we all spend a boatload on supplements ;)


So I am at CD26 with no clear indication of ovulation. I had a kind of shift around CD15 but not sustained and no other signs eg. CM or cervical position etc. I woke up this am with a uterine twinge and thought hmm looks like AF today and sure enough I had a bit of spotting this am. It's amazing to me how much I know about my body and can read it's signs and yet there is such a vast amount I don't know like HOW TO GET A GOOD EGG????!!!!!!  I had been hoping I was just going to o late this cycle but I am okay with this being an annovulatory cycle I am just ready to move on and start a new cycle. I was hoping to do some CD3 blood work but I think I'll wait now as I don't want to do it after an annovulatory cycle if this is indeed what just happened. That may not make sense but I would prefer to do the blood tests after a perfect cycle so I get only good news LOL


I hope everyone is enjoying this week and are able to reflect and be thankful for all we do have. I am thankful for my awesome daughter, I am thankful for the ability to stay home and teach her and to work only part-time, I am thankful my 88 year old dad is healthy and hope that we have the ability to visit him soon. I am thankful my dh and I are healthy and that I still have the promise of a possibility at a new life. I hope you all have an awesome day. I am headed off to go for a swim and then come home and clean my house so I can prepare for tomorrows fest. 

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Originally Posted by LitMama View Post

GreenMama, thanks for sharing info on your diet and supplements! It sounds like you were on a regimen similar to mine, so I'm feeling hopeful I too may end up with a BFP! My diet is definitely not primal/paleo, but I see other similarities. Can you please tell me about PABA, emulsified D, fermented cod liver oil? Also, do you know what the advantage is to taking fresh (vs. freeze-dried) royal jelly and wheatgrass? I'm having trouble sourcing fresh royal jelly (not in any of my local co-ops, although I know I could order it online) and there's wheatgrass in my ultra-greens powder so I hadn't been taking it separately. But if it would make a difference, I'd seek out fresh versions of both. 



PABA is supposed to  be helpful for fertility so I threw that in. The emulsified D and fermented CLO are just something I normally use so I listed them. I believe fresh wheatgrass is supposed to be the best but I used both- fresh in morning and Amazing Grass- powdered wheatgrass at night. Fresh royal jelly- also supposed to be superior over dried and most fertility acus will tell you don't bother with dried. Again it is something I ate for years and I've always ordered it online so I can get enough at a  better price (it is expensive).


I didn't do a cleanse per se because I spent the last 5 years cleansing colon, liver, kidney's, heavy metals etc; and felt I had done enough. I do like to cleanse anyhow once per year and it takes me half the year to get through each cleanse.

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 Wow people, these recipes soun so healthy and delicious! Thanks for posting.


Im wondering though, how long should you expect to be on this diet before seeing  results as far as fertiliity is concerned?

To answer your question about the ferning microscopes litmama, the maybebaby brand costs about $60. Its a very well designed contraption.

Otherwise, you could just get an ordinary microscope. I dont know how much they cost, maybe less....


I dont think its all that reliable though. I think the opks are more reliable for predicting ovulation.


Happy thanksgiving everyone! (if you are celebrating it :-) )

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Hi Ladies, and Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm glad to see that there are more women who've become pregnant since I last dropped by!  Congratulations! 

I've been away for months....but I think of you often. 

Quick update on me...I moved back to my home state (Maine), am still "looking for work", but recently decided to launch my own HR Consulting practice and continue marketing Prepaid Legal Services (family legal plans, like health and dental insurance).  Just watched The Secret, and am focusing my thoughts on what I want in my life, rather than what I don't have, or the struggles of daily life.  Speaking of which, at this point in time, I'm not focusing at all on TTC.  After being laid off last winter, and having endured a failed IVF DE cycle, my hormones went wild and mood swings were worse than ever during "that time of the month", and I just wasn't feeling all giddy about going for another IVF round, complete with the hormonal OD regimen.  I have frozen embryos in storage, so I have the opportunity to try again, but now, at 46, almost 47, (and single), it just doesn't feel like the right path at the moment.  I am enjoying life more fully being home, spending my time networking, making friends, working toward building a business (or 2), and spending time with my family.  Maybe a big part of my contentment is due to not being in a big city anymore, or maybe it's because I'm able to spend more time w/family (and live in my own house, rather than renting).  Perhaps it's just because I'm taking control of my future, not letting others control it.  Regardless, I feel like I'm in a better place than I've been in a while. 


Sorry to ramble on....


Litmama, I sometimes make shakes like the ones you're making!  I love them, and they are so healthy!   Thanks for sharing your recipes.


Wishing you all well.  May all of your hopes and dreams be fulfilled!

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Oh...I meant to ask you all something.  I'm trying to write a book about issues affecting fertility.  Would you mind listing the medical conditions you've had (or are aware of) that impact fertility?  For example:  PCOS, Advanced Maternal Age, High FSH, etc?



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msgoodbuns! hola chica!  wave.gif


Sounds like you have has some huge changes lately, and you are making it all for the better... I am so glad you are feeling content and spending time with your family. I think that's so important, especially this time of year. Thanks for stopping in to update us.



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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Litmama, thank you for the recipe.


msgoodbuns, thank you for stopping by. I love hearing from you and am so glad you are feeling the joy (that's how it came across to me) of making choices for yourself. No issues I know of that would effect my fertility other than age.


AFM, I am 4 dpo--at least that is my best guess after getting woken up by ds between 4 and 4:30 3 days in a row during key days. I am so glad I took that early morning temp those days realizing that it might be all I had. It went from about 97.0 and less than 97 the first 2 days to 97.4+ the 3rd day. I was pretty sure that was ovulation and sure enough once I got back to my more normal wake up time my temp was up. We had good BD timing this month. My fingers and toes are crossed. My prayers are going out. And I am reminding myself that babies come at just the right time.

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Finally, I have been trying to post since yesterday and could not get to the reply box. Weird.


Anyway, good to see you MsGoodbuns I have been wondering what you have been doing. I wish you great success with your new business venture. It does sound like you are in a very good place emotionally. Thanks for stopping by.


As for your question I think the only issue I have is my age. I think my TCM provider and the one I saw the other day both think I am a bit of a medical mystery. I get the distinct impression that they really have no clue why I am not getting pregnant.


As far as this month goes I an totally out of whack. I did not get AF the other day like I thought so here I am CD30 no sign of AF and no sign of ovulation. Surprisingly, I remain optimistic that this is just a fluke and I will eventually return to normal and continue my quest for another child. This week I am focused on being thankful for all I have and appreciating my husband, which I don't always do.

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So I went to a Fertl Hrt workshop with J. Indich. a few weeks ago. (I am abbreviating because I don't want this post to show up in a Google search.  If you want to know more PM me.) It was actually pretty good -- very good for helping you release fears and anxiety and sadness surrounding the process, and to feel good about whatever might happen next.  I'd give it a solid B or B+.


She did seem a bit frayed at the edges (maybe she was having a stressful day for reasons we didn't know about), and there was basically no time at all for much input from the participants beyond the workshop exercises (and I for one would have loved to hear other people's stories).  She talked for pretty much a solid 6 hours.  She did give us an opportunity to tell stories but then after only 2 people she cut it off because of a lack of time.  There was also a sort of weird moment in the middle of the day when she started going off on "all the people who I've helped who have given nothing back!"  And of course she had imagery CDs and supplements to sell, albeit not with an overly oppressive sales pitch. 


Still, I had never done anything like that before and both my partner and I found it quite moving and helpful emotionally and psychologically.  I think she really does want to help people, and I definitely think there is almost no one out there offering a real alternative to the frantic, medicalized, age-obsessed infertility world.  (I really think that now that pregnancy, birth, and baby care have been totally medicalized and technology-ized, with women being given the message constantly that we are all incompetent at all of these without the help of Experts, now we are doing the same with conception.) 


I have felt really good about this whole journey since then.  Everything about it was definitely applicable to other kinds of creativity too, or for anyone whose creativity feels blocked or stymied somehow by external forces or negative inner voices -- and I have felt much better about my own creative work since then, along with the baby-making part of course.


She said that many people get pregnant within 3 months of taking the workshop, so I will keep you posted...

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Very interesting Fuller2. I hope the 3 month window works for you. Some extra baby dust and to all of us: dust.gif (Is the dust more star-y than it used to be?)

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fuller2 - that workshop sounds really interesting.  I love that it is applicable to other creative ventures, in addition to babies.  I'll have to see if there's one in my area. 


WaturMama - crossing my fingers for you also, that this is the right time for your baby to come.


 msgoodbuns  - it's wonderful that you're in a good place.  That's helpful to hear - I've been thinking about what I want my life to look like if a new baby is not in my future. 

I don't have any fertility issues that I'm aware of other than being older, and having to use donor sperm. 


Kristin0105 - I hope your cycle sorts itself out.  Thanks for the reminder to appreciate my partner!


I'm 13dpo.  I started the progesterone cream this cycle, and it really did a number on me the first week.  The side effects eased this week, so I'm hoping that means everything is more balanced now.  I didn't wait to test, and POAS yesterday - BFN.  Of course I have high temps and a few pg symptoms, which I'm attributing to the progesterone.  For you ladies who have used it, do I just stop it if/when AF comes, or do I taper off of it?  I've read different things, and that some people just stop at 14dpo, but that seems like a bad idea just in case there is a little somebody trying to stick.  What have you all done?  Also, does using the cream change your cervical position and hardness?  I'm assuming it does, but haven't found anything online to confirm this. 


We put our Christmas tree up and this morning we're hanging ribbons and extra lights.  I love this time of year!

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Disregard my progesterone questions from yesterday.  I'm just going to keep on using it - for the next few months!!!!!!!!!!





Please pray that this little one is very sticky. 

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