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May 09 Pumpkins in October!

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Welcome to October!
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From the Sept thread:

Originally Posted by cheryllynn View Post
I'm trying to figure out sizes. She's in 18 month clothes now. How old/big do kids have to be for 2T?
Depends on the kid... I've known a baby in 2T clothes at 9 months old (she is HUGE), and some don't get into 2T until they are two years old.

Em's in 2T right now, a couple things are 3T, a couple things are 18mo. Depends on the brand really, since sizes can be so variable with baby clothes.
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Laine is still wearing mostly 12 month bottoms because of how skinny her waist is but she's 18 months in tops. She can wear a size 80 in Hanna Andersson which I think is considered a 2T. She fits mostly everything true to size. Liam started wearing 2T around 12 months and has usually always been a year ahead in clothing sizes for age.
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Anybody dressing their babes up for Halloween? I'm still trying to figure out what Liam and Laine will be. Liam suggested they both be puppies and I thought that was cute but his costume idea changes daily
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Hi all! I've been looking for this thread!

About the 2T thing... what is the difference between 24 months size and 2T? Olivia is in 18 months, but when looking to buy the next size up I find it oddly confusing! Some brands/stores have 24 months, some go straight to 2T, some seem to have both...

I'm still trying to figure out Halloween! DH, myself and Olivia are running a Halloween 5K, so I'd like to be able to dress us all up in some kind of theme, and even be able to decorate Olivia's jogging stroller! I'm falling short on ideas though... since it has to be something we can run in!

We're still having some success with the potty here, all led by Olivia. She absolutely hates being in a diaper (or clothed at all, for that matter) when we're at home. She's usually in jammies or naked!

She's just turned 16 months, and seems like she began really mimicking sounds and words at that point on. It's funny, from the time I got pregnant I thought of myself as "mama", but it turns out, I'm "mum"! It's very cute the way she says it. She yells, "Mum! Mum! Mmmmmmmum!"
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Someone told me that the difference is 24 is like "up to" and sort of puts a cap on that age for that size whereas 2T is supposed to fit all through the year of 2. Of course this is general and each child is different so I'm guessing that the 2T is supposed to be bigger. My mother inlaw tried to say it's because 24 months has more room in the diaper area than 2T because "two year olds don't wear diapers" which at the time I was offended at, because our two year old was wearing diapers and didn't potty train until age 3.

My boy is in 18 months mostly, some 24 or the stores that carry the 18-24, that's a perfect size.

Haven't figured out his Halloween costume. I was going to make him a devil, because believe me, that just really suits him. But daughter overheard and has picked a devil as her own costume.
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Originally Posted by Babina's Mommy View Post
My mother inlaw tried to say it's because 24 months has more room in the diaper area than 2T because "two year olds don't wear diapers"
*blink* Really?

I didn't think I was even going to ATTEMPT potty training until close to 3 years old.

I'm dreading it so much. At this point I've decided that when she insists on using the toilet, she'll be ready to potty train, rotfl.

Not sure what to do for halloween. I need an infant costume and a toddler costume and I want them to be "themed" and go together. No idea what, though. I thought of doing Thing 1 and Thing 2, but I think I'll save that one for when Ozzy is running around as much as Emma is now.

Em is way into kisses now. She wouldn't kiss for the longest time-- if I asked for a kiss, she'd incline her forehead towards my mouth so that *I* could kiss *her* (lol, that is her personality to a T). But now she has suddenly decided that kissing is fun and she wants to kiss every.thing. She kisses her baby brother every time he comes within kissing range. She kisses all of her stuffed animals. Then I have to kiss all the stuffed animals. Then her dad has to kiss all the stuffed animals. Then they all kiss each other (she'll put them mouth-to-mouth and make the kissing sound). All day long. ROTFL. It is pretty damn sweet.
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Oh, she also wants to walk around with her finger shoved up her nose. How do we break that habit.
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Oh kisses! Olivia loves giving kisses and hugs. It's how I've been able to redirect her from hitting (she often does it playfully, and I tell her "we don't hit, but we give hugs and kisses" and she'll kiss whatever she just hit). It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, as you said Kelly. When I have her in the backpack for a walk, she hugs my head and gives the back of my head kisses.

I had heard the same thing about "room in the diaper area" for 24 months clothes and not 2T, but I thought that sounded weird. I thought it was fairly normal for kids to potty train between 2 and 3-ish? We've only started with the potty because Olivia seems to like it, she grabs my hand and runs to the potty to go pee sometimes (other times, she grabs my hand and starts peeing ) and I figure if it happens, great! I don't really have any expectations for her to be potty trained any time soon though.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 sound cute Kelly! I get what you're saying though, it'd be great to see them running around together

Bambina's Mommy - I laughed when you said DD overheard you talking about making DS a devil and chose it for herself! I still haven't figured out halloween either... seems like the time is just going by so fast!
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I was looking for the September thread until I realized that...uh...it's not September anymore

Luke wears all kinds of sizes. Most of his 18 month stuff is a too short for him now, so he's in a combo of 24 month and 2T. The 2T pants are really long on him still, so we have to roll them up, but his (cloth) diapers are so huge that we've always had to size up on his pants so they'd fit over the diaper.

Kissing: he still doesn't kiss, although he does sometimes lean his head into whoever he's trying to kiss (usually the cat) and say "Mwah!" He is a big fan of giving hugs though. He says "Aww!" every time he hugs us--so cute!

Halloween: we bought his costume last year during the post-Halloween sales. He's going to be a monkey. I'm trying to convince DH that he wants to be a banana, but so far, no luck. But once you dress them up, what do you do with them? They still seem really young for trick-or-treating, don't they?
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Hi Everyone, I am relatively new here, but... I have a May 17, 09 baby boy named John James (JJ, Johnny, John at any given time.) I'm just gonna jump in here feet first.

Kisses: JJ sometimes gives them, sometimes not. He's stingy with his kisses but he's always got one for mama. He was headbutting instead of kissing for a long while. He seems to be getting off of that now, tho.

Talking: He's not much of a talker, but he's getting names down pretty well. He'll do Jade (the dog) Jesse (my bf) mama, sissy, nana, papa, nan, MA!!! and daddy. Once in a while he'll send some other word out there, today it was Ba and he indicated his bottle.

Halloween: I haven't the foggiest idea. I'll probably do something thematic with him and his sister, Lexi who is 5. So I am waiting on her to decide.

Sizes: My daughter was ALWAYS tall and thin...always! Nothing ever did nor does now, fit in the waist. The boy...he's big all around. 16 1/2 months old and 24 months nowhere near fit him. 2Ts are where we are heading now. He's just big all around, tall and a little on the chunky side. But mama loooves her some chunky baby boy.
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Originally Posted by mommy_to_2angels View Post
Hi Everyone, I am relatively new here, but... I have a May 17, 09 baby boy named John James (JJ, Johnny, John at any given time.) I'm just gonna jump in here feet first.

Stopping by for some October pics:

both my babies:

Em is going to make a fantastic teenager. Here she is trying to close me out of her room when she gets mad at me:

She completely set herself up like this.... she'll lay down on the pillows, pull the blankets up, and obsessively arrange her stuffed animals, rotfl:

Check out my duck:

watching winnie the pooh before bed:

She found the Fun Part of the cat:

Saving this to show her friends when she's in high school:
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Your pics are always a delight to watch Kelly. Emma seems like a big girl in comparison to her brother
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Originally Posted by mommy_to_2angels View Post
Hi Everyone, I am relatively new here, but... I have a May 17, 09 baby boy named John James (JJ, Johnny, John at any given time.) I'm just gonna jump in here feet first.
Hello! Always good to have a new mama jump in!

Just a quick post before I go to bed... It's sort of funny, from the time I got pregnant I assumed I'd be called "mama" but it turns out, I'm "mum"! Olivia gets the biggest kick out of calling me "mum", her favorite thing is for me to respond "Olivia!" and we go back and forth "mum!" "Olivia!" "mum!" etc etc!

The funny thing is, my step dad has teased my sister and I for as long as I can remember for calling our mom "mum" when we call on the phone. He has a funny voice and everything for it. So it's just funny to me that that's what Olivia has picked up on. Step-dad thinks it's a riot, and told me not to try to correct it at all, he likes it in an endearing sort of way.

Anyhow, I'm sure that's much funnier to me than it'll translate to this post, but I've been laughing about it
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Kelly, those are cheeks you just want to *nom nom* on! They are both so cute!

I am very busy these days as you can tell from my signature/title. Laine has been talking up a storm lately, she's learned "don't know" "okay?" and "what?" I'm also finding that she talks in her baby gibberish language far more than Liam ever did, it seems like she's talking all day long from sun up to sun down.
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Right now Em is saying "sock" and "eyes". That's it.

She'll also make a "sshhhh" sound for "shoe."

She points at all of the eyes on her stuffed animals: "eyes" "eyes" "eyes". Of course she likes to "eyes" "eyes" her baby brother, too, we often have to explain that the baby does not like having his eyes poked.
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Thanks for the kind welcomes! Yea, JJ loves to baby-blabber! He'll run around babbling and randomly you'll hear Jesse, Jade, Ma! MA!! MAAAA!!!! Sister and Nana. Lol My favorite is when we are driving. Inevitably he will start going "Ma.... ma....mama.... MA!" I'll go "What?" And he'll reply "Ma.....what?... Ma!" and we go back and forth over and over. It's fun and really cute. Then his sister joins and I wouldn't want to subject anyone else, cuz it gets loud, but we're giggling like crazy people. Lol
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Let me see ....Mama, Ball, Balloooooooooooooooon, no, gone(for all done), Go(for walks), bow (for dog), ba (for bye, bird), Hello, Yellow and plaaaaaaane

She blabbers a whole lot but I think these are her major words nowadays. I know I am forgetting some.

She accurately makes these animal sounds... when we ask her what does a dog say she goes bow (she also calls dogs bow)
Likewise : bow, meow, baa, moo, qqhh (for quack) and a kiss for birds because we make a sort of a kissing sound for the bird chirps.

ETA: she makes a half-grunt, half-roar for "what does a Lion say?"
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Wow, lots of kids with lots of words! My poor little guy can't get a word in edgewise with his sister rambling on all day. She's a typical 3 1/2yr old girl and talks NON-STOP all day long. So, so far all he says is: up, out and YEP! (so nice to have a positive child, I'm sure k's first word was NO) and yesterday he said milk ("mek"). He signs though, down, more, please... a few others, and can definitely get his point across!

We've just moved into 18 month clothing. We almost exclusively shop at Carters, just because it's convenient and cheap(ish) and they tend to be a decent quality. DS has just broken the 21lb mark on the scales and is a full 2" shorter now than his sister was at the same age. Hopefully he'll sprout up soon, but she's always been in the 99%ile for height so maybe he's just going to be average! The docs are still worried about his weight, I am avoiding making another appointment until they call us.

No kisses here but lots and lots of hugs. My favorite is when we're headed out the door to go somewhere and he waits for me to get to the third or fourth step from the top and I turn and he launches himself with a delighted shriek into my arms and gives me a big hug and grins like it's the best time of his life. I'm pretty sure he's going to launch himself when I'm not ready one of these days, but so far so good!
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Originally Posted by j_p_i View Post

Just a quick post before I go to bed... It's sort of funny, from the time I got pregnant I assumed I'd be called "mama" but it turns out, I'm "mum"! Olivia gets the biggest kick out of calling me "mum", her favorite thing is for me to respond "Olivia!" and we go back and forth "mum!" "Olivia!" "mum!" etc etc!
Sophia does this too! But she calls me MAMAAA! I love when she does that.

And hello everybody , I rarely come here, but sometimes come and read. I think I said before that I'm now working at a doctor's practice, it's fun, but very stressful. Sophia has finally adapted to her daycare and has friends. She is talking a lot more too. She has also learn a few things like hugging a toy and saying "MINE!" and is now tantrumy. I hate when she throws herself on the floor. Any other tantrum throwing babies here?

I think Sophia and I are going to be bumble bees for Halloween. I'm not sure yet and I thought of going trick or treating. We did last year, she just had no candy haha.

Finding clothes that fit is hard. Pants that fit her on the waist are 12M, but those are too short. 18M Fit her well, but fall of her waist a bit. She has some 24M and 2T shirts. I'm right now on the search for a wool peacoat for her. I've only seen one at Old Navy, but was wondering if anyone has seen any around?

We spent the weekend babysitting for DP's siblings. It was fun, but I got so mad. MY MIL didn't ask me, she came to tell me that they were coming on Sat because they were going to a wedding in New York. That I needed to vacuum and lock the cat somewhere because Caroline who has asthma suffered a lot after she came over the other day. It's funny because she doesn't care enough as to not smoke while she's in the car. Then she filled my house with junk food and deposited 3 kids, two that were sick, one with strep throat and one with a fever of 103.4.

I love the baby pictures
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