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Alternatives to stitching?

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Hello ladies:
I have not visited the forum in quite awhile. I know when I was planning my HB with my dd who is now 16 months I did a lot of reading here. And I know there was info on the forum about ladies who used alternatives to stitching, but I've been having trouble locating the info.

Can anyone share alternatives that they used or will use?
I thought I recall dermabond? But It's been so long I can't remember if that's correct.

Thanks in advance for your input!
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My midwives can stitch but told me they prefer to use surgical glue because it's less invasive and seems to let tears heal faster. I had stitches last time (different midwife) and am hoping to avoid any tearing this time, but if it happens I'd be happy without the extra holes in my skin.

I'm not clear on whether they can use it on especially severe tears, but I know for minor ones they're all about the medical grade Super Glue.
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I will use glue on labial tears but for vaginal tears I'd rather either have mom keep knees together (for small tears) or suture (for larger or more complicated tears). I would hate for a mom to end up with a hematoma since glue is only used to approximate the outside edges of the tear.

Some midwives speak of using seaweed but most of my clients wouldn't want to have to mess with it TBH.
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I have heard of some using slippery elm bark. Also the super glue, & dermabond as previously mentioned.

The sutures were the worst part of healing for me, so I am researching alternatives as well.
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Like busy said, glue is only effective for the most superficial of tears.

One of the best things you can do now to prevent needing sutures is to eat a good diet with lots of high quality protein. Good skin integrity can go a long way towards not needing sutures or glue!
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Thanks everyone. I wish I had thought to try something other than stitching. My MW wanted to wait until the next day until swelling went down but I pressed her and said just do it now. In retrospect I wish I'd have waited. I only had three stitches but it was by far an agonizing part of the birth. She said she'd be willing to do the dermabond if I preferred it next time or some other alternative I preferred.

Thanks again for taking the time. I'm going to print this thread as I know I will lose this info should the time time that I will need it : ).
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