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Happy weekend to my fellow overduers! I'm anxious to hear how things are going for corban's mum, SouthernBette, and APBTlover. Send some contractions this way if you have any to spare!

40w6d today and still no labor signs. I think this must be what happens when procrastinators have babies.
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Outlier I'm right there with you on the procrastinator thing

Had some more plug come out today, a little back pressure, took some B&B cohosh again this morning at 8, mw gave me an enema to try... still debating... its sort of set up.. but a little nervous.. but I think im going to try being im having some back pressure now, maybe it will trigger something ... please wish me luck.. im so nervous! :/
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I get to leave the club. Jacob was born 10/8 at 1:53am. Labor was good, delivery short. I love him.
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Yay PieKat .

Is anyone else gettting a little depressed? I couldn't sleep last night and was so sad and I felt so alone. Although I wasn't cause I have this sweet little baby kicking like mad inside of me. But with absolutely no signs of labour and me hitting 41 weeks tomorrow, I'm just having a rough time. My due date was the third and I was all stressed when my dh was gone to pick his mom up at the airport on the 1st, because he is gone for about 11 hours. He has to drive her back on the 15th. I will be a wreck going to hospital w/o him if I have this baby while he is taking her back to the airport. My sister is here and she can go with me, but I need my dh yk? Hopefully it becomes a non-issue and this baby comes SOON!!!
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Originally Posted by Magali View Post
But with absolutely no signs of labour and me hitting 41 weeks tomorrow, I'm just having a rough time.
Don't lose heart! I felt the same way... and woke up to my 41st week with bloody show.

That was yesterday. It wasn't a lot of show and I got nothing else all day until about nightfall. Then, lots of pressure, mild contractions, more show. Now I've had all of that all day today, and again here right at nightfall these contractions are starting to inch up the scale. Yay! I'm not sure if it will be tonight, but I definitely feel like we're making progress. I'm so ready to meet this baby, mamas!
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I'm another one who is 41 weeks tomorrow (due date was Oct 3). I now look at the week ahead and just assume that I'll be at all my commitments, etc. cause it feels like this baby will never come!

I've had some contractions on and off the last few nights -- they only come when I lie down to go to sleep, but they don't last. They are the kind that start in my back and spread to my front too. This morning they started when I woke up and I started to feel sick and like I needed to go to the bathroom, but as soon as I walked around they stopped. So frustrating!!

I had an ultrasound on Friday to check on the baby. I don't think it was totally necessary, but my midwives offered it as an option and it felt better to know all was well in there.

Anyway, hoping we all have our babies soon!
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Originally Posted by APBTlover View Post
Don't lose heart! I felt the same way... and woke up to my 41st week with bloody show.
Well it's 1am here, so I'm officially 41 weeks. I've been having period like cramps for a few hours and a teeny tiny bit of brown/redish spotting...that I wouldn't have noticed unless I was obsessed . But it's a sign and will keep me going for a bit now . Off to bed to hopefully get some sleep. Good nite and good luck everyone!
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I think I'm finally starting to get some contractions! They're so mild I wouldn't even describe them as uncomfortable, but hey, I'll take anything at this point!
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Congrats PieKat! Welcome baby Jacob
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I'm now officially in the club. At least I get the bragging rights of being late though! Today I am 40+1. I hope people ask me when I'm due so I can say "yesterday".

I really, truly, thought I was in labor yesterday. I had cramping all morning that caused me to dilate from 2cm to 4cm but then it all stopped when I took a nap in the afternoon. It's 8am here and I've had a few contractions, but they were only painful when I was lying down. I feel bad having my mom be on call all the time and I really wish I just knew when this baby was coming. I don't even mind waiting another week, as long as I KNOW!
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Congratulations, Pie Kat!

I'm officially in the club now, too 40w1d! I see the OB tomorrow, so we'll see how much longer I'm going to be pregnant. My bp is getting higher when laying down, so that's not good :/
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I'm officially in this club as well ~ was due 10/7 and still no sign of this baby. We shall see!!!
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Just checking in... congrats, Pie Kat! I'm glad you're no longer in "the club."

I'll be 41w tomorrow, but my mama's coming into town this evening, so I'm psyched. She was coming to "help with the baby" (ha!) but now, hopefully she'll be here for the birth. Maybe that's what the baby/my body has been waiting for. A girl needs her mama.
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DDCC - Come on babies! 10/10/10 is an awesome day to be born!
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Originally Posted by WifeofAnt View Post
DDCC - Come on babies! 10/10/10 is an awesome day to be born!
I know! Unfortunately this babe seems to have other ideas. I'm very jealous of the mamas who deliver today.
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I know, I was really hoping for today! What a cool birthday
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I'm not officially in the club yet (due this Tuesday), but I've been walking around dilated to 3 cm and 80% effaced for two weeks now. I'm having light, almost pleasant contractions every night for a couple of hours. They're working on my cervix apparently, but never kick into high gear.

I thought for sure she'd come by my due date. My doctor is surprised I'm still here. I'm so uncomfortable and getting discouraged.
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When do you start to worry?

And what do you do about it? I can feel that something is going on in my body. Period-like cramps, a bit of brown blood...the very rare slight contraction. No definate signs of labor. My due date was he 3rd. Now, that is based on a 28 day cycle. My cycle is ALWAYS at least 34 days and often as long as 38 days. I had an ultrasound at about 18 weeks that put me due on the 10th. I do most of my own prenatal care, don't have a Dr. or Midwife, and never really gave much thought to being overdue. I hear a strong heartbeat, lots of movement. I have no reason to think that something is wrong. Should I head to the hospital to have my baby checked out? I was thinking of going on the 13th if baby is not here by then. That puts me at 10 days past the standard due date, and 3 days past the US/longer cycle date. I know it's not post dates until I hit 42 weeks, but I'm not sure how to proceed right now . WWYD?
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Magali: It sounds to me from your cycles and U/S that your due date probably IS closer to the 10th. That would make your real due date yesterday... So you're barely overdue at all. However, I am usually an ere on the side of caution person. So if you can go into the hospital to get a NST to ensure that everything is fine with the baby, and refuse to be pressured into induction based on the 3rd EDD, than I say go for it. It might make you feel better.
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Magali: I agree with sheashea that it sounds like your due date is really later than Oct. 3. I know when I ovulated and am sure I'm 41 weeks now, and I'm not worried yet. I'm checking baby's heartrate several times a day and paying closer attention to active periods in order to be slightly more proactive, but everything seems totally normal. Even then, the mw has talked me into getting a NST this week to double-check things.

I think if you're not comfortable going with the later due date and it's going to make you worry, then maybe getting checked out would be the best option. Worry won't help you go into labor.
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