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Originally Posted by Pepper44 View Post
Oh and finger sucking: Ada sometimes sucks her thumb, but she wouldn't do it in place of comfort nursing. She's not a huge comfort sucker like my first dd though. DD1 also sucked our fingers and only our fingers, but I was able to replace them with a pacifier at 4-5 months. It was a huge relief! I tried giving Ada a pacifier and she just gagged, spit it out, and looked at me like "WTF mom??"
THIS is JR! I so wish he'd take a pacifier. He still comfort nurses to the point of puking but touch his tongue with a pacifier (any brand) and he'll gag. AAAHHHH

Jess: Lack of sleep brings out the monster in me. Most of the time now, if I'm super crabby, I'll stop and think and it's always a lack of sleep. It is dreadfully hard on you.

Pepper: I'm sorry you're so sick. I had something similar 2 weeks ago (I'm still on antibiotics cause it went to my sinuses) that had the diarrhea and I got dehydrated. It's scary when you have an infant you're trying to supply but my stomach hurt too bad to drink. I hope you start feeling better soon and that Ada gets everything she needs from you but not the sickness.

Thanks for the reassurances about the crazy in bed rooting. He's just so dramatic!
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We don't have any "Ba ba" here, but we have so many happy "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh"s. It's adorable. She strokes our faces and says "Ohhhhhhhh" in such a way that it's impossible to think it means anything other than "oh i adore you. Ohhhhh i love you so".

Finger sucking: Becky is still a thumb sucker, though thankfully only when she is sleepy. It's a good visual signal that she's ready for sleep, since the "putting her down and hoping" method is frustrating.

Rooting: Oh yes. When becky is ready to nurse, she will latch on to anything within mouth's reach. OM NOM NOM.

diarrhea: That was me a few weeks ago, and it was horrible. I think it was food poisoning, since (thank god) no one else got it, but it had me in the bathroom for 3 days. It was horrific. I hope you feel better soon Pepper. Don't hesitate to go in and get a liter of fluid if you are really struggling - my local ER is pretty painless that way, and it makes a HUGE difference in how quickly you bounce back from an illness.

jess - Remind me again, does your DH take any of the night time parenting? Will she take a pumped bottle? *feeling like we've probably been over this, but can't remember, hello sleep deprivation!* My first two were such horrible sleepers (they still are, though they are finally at an age where they can at least tell em WHAT is going on), and I wish i had put more of the night time parenting on DH. I felt like I had to shield him from it, because he worked but my mood became the house mood, and my being exhausted did not help anyone.

ARG my ghetto neighbors just woke up DD2 from a (much needed) nap. I'm a jerk for saying so, but this is a nice area, and they are uber-trashy, only living here because their elderly mom needs help. Right now they have their bass up enough that our windows are rattling - poor neighbor lady, I can't imagine that is good for her. Their kids are rude, their rat-dog poops in my yard, and i am 92% certain they are selling weed our the back ally. Annoyed!
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Serial posting to say: I'm getting fed up with my postbaby body. I mean, I know it's only been six months since my body did THIS, and yay for it and all, but I just want to fit into clothes without being self-conscious. My diastasis is bugging me (I feel like I look 3 months pregnant), so I think i will start working some of these exercises into my daily yoga.

I'm just feeling frumpy and flappy. I'm ready to feel sexy again... but not for the darwin stool, so maybe being a little flabby is okay.
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Ivy -- I forgot how huge your baby belly got! I can't believe we all had baby bellies just a few months ago. I'm also starting to get a bit frustrated with my body, and the weather is cooling off, so I should start to think about picking up running or something. I hate running, but it's quick. (My DH is training to run a 100 miler this spring .... I'll be lucky if I can work up to 5k in a few months.)

Babbling -- None here. Sometimes we get a "haaaaaai !" which is so cute.

Fussy baby day today. It was frustrating -- I just couldn't figure anything out to make him happy. Luckily he took more naps than usual (close to 3 hours over 3 naps) and went to bed happily at 7pm. Wonder if he's working on a leap?

Gratuitous cute baby picture!
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back from our trip, I've been reading and need to post more but I've been meaning to ask this for a while....flu vax or no flu vax?
The pedi asked me at DD2's 4 and 5 month appts and her 6 month is Thursday and I need to come up with an answer....

I know some here vax, some don't, so I'm looking for advice from everyone. We do vax but on a delayed/selective schedule. With DD1 I did the flu vax when she was an infant but not since. I did fall prey to the H1N1 hype last year and had her vaxed for that (I was really paranoid being pregnant). I never get the flu vax, I rarely get sick. DH gets sick if a germ looks at him, plus he works on a college campus so he gets it every year.

Part of me wants to get it for both kids - DD1 is in preschool this year and has already been sick a couple of times, and DD2 is a baby so she's at a higher risk of serious complications.

Part of me says I'm nuts for considering it, the shot itself is a shot in the dark and the risk of another vaccine on her little system is there as well. And she is a healthy breastfed, robust 6 month old with no problems.

What do you do for your family? And does anyone know of a website where I can find info on how many infants were hospitalized/died from flu?
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Ivy- Man, I'd forgotten how huge your belly was! I also can't believe that we were all pregnant six months ago! And, in our elephantine friends' cases more like four months ago.

My post-baby (post first baby, is the big thing to keep in mind) body is okay. My stomach is a bit flabbier than before I was pregnant, but not too much. I can fit into my bigger pre pregnancy clothes. My shirts are mostly too short because of my boobs.

But my boobs are my issue. Freakin' lopsided blah. My poor righty is just sad. I have to put four nursing pads in that side and only one thin one on the left side to make them look even. L hates nursing on the smaller side, too.
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snoopy -- We're definitely flu vax'ing DD; unsure about Sprout, but I wouldn't be surprised if we did.
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Momto4 - T is the same way with rooting. I was just thinking the other day that he ought to be able to "see" that it's the breast now instead of just blinding rooting. Glad to hear it's normal. At least for April 2010 babies :-D

Ivy - Seriously. My body is a mess. Here's what I looked like 2 days before T was born: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo...eat=directlink
None of my clothes fit because I'm a completely different shape. Same weight that I was before I lost the weight to be where I was when we conceived, but none of those clothes fit either. I've resisted going shopping, but ugh. I have diastasis, thank you so much for posting that article, I'm going ot do that. I am (was) a runner and will be getting back into it now that T is 6 months (next weekend) and we can use a jogging stroller.

Babbling - T can make bah noises, but rarely does. I'm not sure what constitutes actual babbling, so I don't know if we're there yet.

Jess - The sleep sounds so frustrating. I'm so sorry.

Vax: I've never gotten a flu vax and don't ever plan to (or for my kid(s)).

AFM - I just realized we're not going to be doing solids anytime soon. I read the readiness signs on Kellymom and we're nowhere close. I haven't tested the tongue-thrust reflex, but he can't sit on his own (though his sits very well in my lap) and has no pincer grasp. I don't mind, but I'm feeling pressure from others... I had a bunch of fun things to tell you guys, but Ive now forgotten them all. Oh -I canned a bunch of apple pie filling and I don't like it. There was some left over which I made a sort of apple crumble with and it was kind of gross. (Though DH really liked it. Probably because he didn't know what it was supposed to look/taste like) I had to substitute flour for some of the cornstarch and I obviously used too much.
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Originally Posted by ivymae View Post
Serial posting to say: I'm getting fed up with my postbaby body. I mean, I know it's only been six months since my body did THIS, and yay for it and all, but I just want to fit into clothes without being self-conscious. My diastasis is bugging me (I feel like I look 3 months pregnant), so I think i will start working some of these exercises into my daily yoga.

I'm just feeling frumpy and flappy. I'm ready to feel sexy again... but not for the darwin stool, so maybe being a little flabby is okay.
Oh Ivy, you had a beautifully big belly! And, you were just all belly, all out front. But, you, even with your big belly, still look small. I hope those exercises work for you. Thanks for posting the link. I'm having trouble fitting PT into my schedule so maybe I should start with those.

Okay, so Ivy's pic got me interested in a reminder of what we all did look like 6ish months ago. Would love to see everyone else's right-before-baby pics.

Here's mine. http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php...&id=1422268199
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So I just dropped one of my online aquaintances on FB. We met through baby loss and I supported her through a lot of her fears when she was pregnant, but since she's had her baby (a week before me) her ignorance is pissing me off. Solids in bottle, CIO, slamming her hubby publicly. Today's post about "letting her cry even if it's until 4am, she's not getting a bottle before then" was the last straw. I emailed her goodbye, suggesting she read NCSS and deleted her.

Anna loved pumpkin and apple pie today at thanksgiving dinner. She ate the veggies too, but nothing came back out when I fed her dessert. She's still mostly playing with food. Sometimes likng texture, sometimes liking smooth. I'm a bit nervous of giving her meat. Chicken was too dry when I ground it up with the stick blender.

We seem to be getting a fairly consistent 1 1/2 hour nap in the crib at 10am which is making me very happy. Now to just get the afternoon one routine!

Can someone link the lactation cookie recipe please?
One of my mommy friends is trying to re-lactate with her 4 month old. She had low supply and switched to just formula early on when he wasn't gaining but I think seeing all her mom friends nursing is inspiring her to try again and she's starting up the galacts again and her boy still latches, yay! She even noticed a difference in his poops. I've invited her over next week to make lactation cookies.

I have 2 months to work on putting Anna to bed more awake/take bottle/getting DH to be able to put her down sometimes, as I'm going to a Leonard Cohen concert in Dec.

Oh and Rhi, Anna is also getting good at lowering herself onto her tummy from sitting and she's rocking now too. My son started bum scooting at this age, so I wonder if she will.

How's everyone finding the babywearing? I'm getting sore in my back and neck. Thinking I need to get the stroller into the van soon. I am finding a limit to how long I can comfortably wear her now that she's 15 pounds or so.


I swear I've been ovulating several times since having Anna but no AF yet. Today I'm having lots of O pain and loads of EWCM. I guess I'll see in a couple weeks.

Baby belly:

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sew_crafty -- Here ya go: http://www.food.com/recipe/oatmeal-c...rujillo-192346

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Momto4- your link didn't work!

Sew- here's my lactation bar recipe, in case she wants a variety. http://redbeansandwhippedcream.wordp...actation-bars/

Pictures: I'm going to up the ante and show a fun progression

14 weeks

30 weeks

38 weeks (which is the last that I have)

Well, I was going to put a "now" shot, but I don't really have any good ones. Here's one from way back in July.
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momto4 -- Link didn't work for me, either.

I'm the photographer in my family, so there really aren't any pictures of me pregnant.
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Im nursing and typing 1 handed and I can' remember who said what, but:

sleep deprivation sucks. whoever you are you have my utter sympathy!

we dont vax and even if wedid i wouldnt do flu shots

solids havew gone from0 to 100 over the course of a week. I have a Munchkin hand grinder thingy....very easy to use and clean (no dishwasher here) and I just throw whatever we are having for dinner in there and grind it up, then add extra gravy or sauce to make it mushy enough. Alisa has a booster chair with tray so she can sit at the table with the rest of us and I just put the food and a couple spoons on her tray and she experiments while we eat. Occasionally if she is getting rustrated I will spoon feed her for a while and then she goes back to eating with her hands.
and being the proud mama of course I have to share a pic: http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php...552.1615667591

cosleeping is great but I was tired of having sex on the couch so we pulled out the toddler bed from the attic and set it up in ds' room. I redid everything in there and now the baby has a place to nap or play while I am in there putting laudnry away or palying with ds. Last night I put her to sleep there about 8 PM and then when she woke at 11 I nursed ehr and then laid down with her in our bed. so still cosleeping, But we had three whole hours of being able to turn on the lights and be in the room without distrubing her. I had forgotten what that was like!

this is the kids room now: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...&id=1615667591

PP body---yeah I too have stretch marks/gut up the wazoo. If anyone has any tips on how to gain weight without getting a gut, feel free to pass them along! I only weigh 105 lbs but I look 4 months pregnant. I look worse now than I did at 6 weeks pp.

babbling: dd says mama now!!!! I doubt it's in relation to me, but it is very cute and daddy is jealous which is funny. I don't think she will need to talk though because ds "translates" for her.

crawling: dd isn't crawling. or scooting really except maybe a little, mostly by accident, on her belly. I already have a DP with itchy feet, a preschooler and a dog, so this is fine with me. At least SOMEBODY stays where I put them.
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I forgot to say in my last post (drumroll please): DH was able to put T down for a nap this weekend!!

I went out to a consignment sale and left him a bottle knowing that I probably wouldn't make it back for his first nap. Apparently DH read him a story, swaddled him up and put him in bed in preparation for laying down next to him and T opened up his mouth and turned his head to the side just like he does for me. (It's really funny, actually) DH stuck the bottle in there and voila! Apparently it did take him a little while to adjust, and the nap wasn't stellar, but it worked! I see light at hte end of the tunnel! A good routine apparently is amazing. So there is hope, Sew_Crafty! Now we just need to see if it will work for bedtime and I might be able to occasionally do something in the evenings!
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Mercy Merce is 5 months old today!

Here's the last belly pic I have of myself. And ABS OF WIN!

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Sleep was much much better last night!! I don't know why, and am trying to just enjoy feeling fully rested for a change. I got in bed with her pretty early and I don't remember her waking me up more than once (though I may have slept through some, and I woke HER up when I went pee at 3ish). Phew!! I will hope and pray for a repeat but who knows; I'm just glad I got a break for once.

Here's my 41.5 week photo:
Wish I had the abs of win like LNF - that's amazing!! My abs have never been very strong, and now I'm really suffering because my back is forever in pain. Especially in the mornings, ouchie!
I am lucky, though, because most of the weight is gone and I am getting compliments on how I look like I didn't have a baby (although I'm tempted to show off my stretch marks and nursed out boobs and all of that - it's nice to feel better about myself). But I am really out of shape and lacking stamina and strength... I keep telling myself as soon as we are getting better sleep, I'll start exercising more. Hmm.

As for babywearing - it's been super duper hot here recently, so we've taken a break. I never really loved the Moby but do love the Ergo now for front or back carries . I was thinking we might use the sling or Moby for bigger baby side carries, but I think I might just give them away or sell them at this point. My SIL is due any day now so all of our baby stuff gets passed along pretty quickly.

How about newborn/ 6 month old baby pic comparisons, too? Here's mine:
I think I will never get tired of looking at pix of her:
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I've made a year in the life of L album, actually. here it is!
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I would just like to thank thank THANK Sprout for waiting until we were home and he was on the potty before unleashing the 3 day overdue poop.
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charlie is stirring from a 2 hr nap, wait... 2 hrs? wow, anyway, i just read everything but can't post. hopefully i will find time tonight

mmmmmm, jenfl, can you fed-ex some of that cake??
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