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Cece's mama: Love the pics! She is adorable!
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I am writing from memory of the thread, so (of course) I have forgotten half of what I wanted to reply to.

Sandcastle: I am so sorry. I just finished Falling Apart in One Piece(divorce memoir), and I thought it was really interesting. I don't know if that kind of thing would seem comforting or gratuitous right now, but I thought I'd through it out there.

Rhi and Ericka, thanks for the breast-pump advice! I'm planning on trying the Medela Swing. Should be fun.

P&H: I'm so glad the DtaP was uneventful; it sounds like you have a supportive, nice pediatrician. Hooray for that.

AFM: DS is almost crawling. He does the “bridge” thing and lurches back and forth, and he can move himself around pretty well even without crawling. His greatest desire is to eat paper, which works well with DD's latest passion-- finding any paper she can and cutting it into bits. They are already conspiring against me

DS's poop is still very mucousy and liquid, even post-teeth. I am thinking of eliminating dairy. I am really not wanting to, though. DS seems so happy-- but I keep reading that his poop/gassiness is not normal. Sometimes there is nothing solid in it at all. Sigh. But it will probably be good for me, anyway-- I eat way too much dairy, anyway.
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We fell off the first page!

Anyway. Rough night over here. Sprout was really gassy, which is odd. He tried peas last night, so I wonder if it might be connected.... but I'm pretty sure he actually INGESTED little to none. So....
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Rough night for us too - extra rough, that is. She cried off and on allll night long, and I have no idea what the problem was. Gas? Bad dreams? Teeth don't seem imminent.
Stupid mental leaps . Is 6 months too young for boarding school? Sigh.
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forgot to bookmark this thread! oops!

my supply is a bit down, but going to make lots of oatmeal stuff this weekend. i am pumping forever today .... ugh. but at least that ghave me time to catch up on the whole thread.

pak, excuse typos

jess, dd does the cry in sleep thing when he has a gas bubble. i have to put her on my belly and burp her.

dds fav game for a long time has been peekaboo. she does it w/everything, bibs, dresses, shirts. its so cute! she is smaller than ds. ds was her weight at 3 mo old, but she is taller i think. ds was a big rolly polly baby lol.

we are experimenting w/playing w/food, but only bananas & applesauce so far. next squash since i have so much!
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rough night here too
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liz, s. we don't like tummy time over here either, and charlie isn't rolling yet (well, he did twice about 2 weeks ago ). i'd suggest several layers of towels and a blanket on that for some floor time. we have hardwoods too. i do think that the bed is ok, but at the same time, as yeilding as as surface is, it seems like it's harder to roll/push up, like walking in loose sand for us... sounds like you really need some IRL support to get a break - any resources at all near you?? i hope i'm not coming across as too advice-y, but i wonder if you've put him in a carrier during the day sometimes? that way maybe you could get some stuff done, or take a walk at least, and still feel like you're giving him some closeness to you? eta: oops, just read your post SO glad you had a better day!

ivy, . i am so glad you are getting the testing and seeing specialists, and hope something makes sense really soon. could the way your body responds to pregnancy be another "symptom?"

sewcrafty, what do you mean "strange" play? sorry sleep is so illusive during the day

aw, rhi, i missed it . do you remember the product name?

jsh, if you are there and comforting her other ways, like holding and/or patting her, you are comforting her even if it's not what she wants. and maybe it will work!?

jenfl, congrats on your decision!

mpp, lol the paper. wow, i wonder how much gassiness is normal... charlie definitely is, and sometiems it seems to be bothering him in his sleep.

carita, peekaboo over here too

ericka, . i'm glad you have experience w/ a small baby and feel confident. since your Ped isn't worried, you should talk to him about your CPS fears, and have him prepared to defend you.

afm, enjoying the nice weather here. charlie is getting into a whining phase (i hope a phase). if something bothers him, he wines and fusses. what happened to my layed back baby? and, he's freaking out in the car and we're about to take an 8 hr drive in 3 weeks. omg...
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P&H- it was these

But they were 50% off. I would have pmed you but I was sure you'd see the thread!
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P&h, playing strange for us is being shy/crying for people she doesnt know.
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OK, I finallllly ordered "Wonder Weeks". I have a whole stack of books on baby sleep (most loaned, thank goodness) that I just want to throw away. If I can't help her (us!) get better rest, I can at least get a window into what is going on in there, right? She definitely is going through something - fussy, AWAKE, chewing her tongue (no teeth signs though), new vocalizations, wanting to nurse 24/7, etc etc. So, we'll see... I hope it goes back to being awful sleep but less awful than this very soon

Yesterday my MIL came over and was complaining about how tired she was because she was out late at a concert the night before . She also was just hanging out, seeming like S and I should entertain her, and claimed she was "too busy" to watch S while I rested but then stayed forever. She also said something along the lines of how DH was a worse sleeper, and then sort of teased me about loving sleep. It really, really sucked, and at DH's encouraging I sent her an email telling her how much it upset me later. She apologized but I still feel cruddy about the whole thing... like she was trying to one up me and tell me I'm not doing better with the sleep dep thing (which is something I tell myself daily!).
Can't wait for Sunday... tomorrow's my last wedding to shoot for a lonnnng time. I'm going to get a big coffee since I have to pump and dump all day anyway!
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I'm kind of in a funk right now. It might be sliding towards PPD but I don't know yet. I'm just in the feeling like nobody likes me thing, while simultaneously knowing that's not the case and is a dumb thought.

So, hrm.
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Originally Posted by loveneverfails View Post
I'm kind of in a funk right now. It might be sliding towards PPD but I don't know yet. I'm just in the feeling like nobody likes me thing, while simultaneously knowing that's not the case and is a dumb thought.

So, hrm.
Aww. No!
Could it just be sleep deprivation? (and when I say "just", you know I don't mean it's simple). I know your DH was gone, and then Mercy's been sleeping funky, right?
I hope you're not going that way. But I totally know and can relate to the nobody likes me and I suck feeling.
It's so frustrating that you can know, logically, how silly and unhelpful and untrue that is - but not feel it. I fully get that.
I hope you find that some R&R gets you back to yourself. If not, we're here for you!
I think something weird is in the air... transition to autumn, maybe? Does anyone here feel like they actually experienced spring and summer? Maybe new-baby-years are always this crazy...
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Originally Posted by loveneverfails View Post
I'm kind of in a funk right now. It might be sliding towards PPD but I don't know yet. I'm just in the feeling like nobody likes me thing, while simultaneously knowing that's not the case and is a dumb thought.

So, hrm.
We luuuurve you
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Aw, LNF. I'm so sorry. We all like you! I hope you can get support or a break or whatever you need for a little boost.

Jess -- If you're looking for books, have you seen "Bed Timing"? (http://www.amazon.com/Bed-Timing-Whe...6584737&sr=8-2)

ETA: I haven't read the book, but Ask Moxie liked it and they had a neat chart in a magazine that showed when your baby was more likely to have sleep trouble and when things are more likely to go smoothly.

AFM -- DH didn't get a Daddy Daughter Day this week, so he took Nugget and Sprout out for errands and lunch. I used that time.... and some time before dinner.... and some time after the kids went to bed.... to make Alton Brown's Coconut Cake for my dad's birthday. I had to buy 2 coconuts, drill them, split them, make coconut milk and coconut cream.... I really hope it's going to be amazing!
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LNF: and .

Thanks all for kind words about my health stuff. Last week it was my left hand swelling, which was okay, but now my pointer finger on my right hand is turning into a sausage, which makes .. everything.. complicated. typing, cutting veggies, folding laundry... boooo for sausage fingers!

Jess: I have friends* who "one up" constantly, and honestly, the * there is because that's not friendship. I'm sorry you had to deal with that from your MIL. Not cool.

Okay, going to go ice my purple finger of dooooooom. More replies eventually. xo
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Thanks for all the support. Nothing has been decided yet regarding divorce, but it looks like things are headed that way. It seems it's always something with him and I am just tired of dealing with all the crap. He got laid off at the end of August and I think that's the final straw. Not that it was his fault or that I would divorce him over that, but its probably the event that causes me to draw the line. He's never treated me or the kids badly, but I'm just tired of all the crap. Of course this means my financial situation is going to from bad to worse. Tax refund time can't come soon enough. I'd love to be able to include the birth fee from my midwife on taxes, but she won't answer my emails or give me the documentation I need. I should have seen that one coming. I so wish I'd have hired a different midwife this time around so I didn't have to deal with her crap. It so ticks me off that her name is on the birth certificate and she wasn't even there! She went ahead and signed it so that we wouldn't have to file it, but I wish I'd said I'd just do it myself.

Anyway, I don't get a lot of chance to read, but hugs to all those having difficulties and yay to all those who have good things happening. I am on Facebook more often and I think I only have GTG and Ericka on my list right now. I'd love more and let me know if you want to add me. I'd love to keep up more, but time doesn't allow it right now.
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Originally Posted by loveneverfails View Post
Where the heck is SilverSpook, my Pachydermic Pal!? Someone else in here needs to have an actual baby instead of these gigantic, sitting, tooth sporting and solid food eating preschoolers.
I'm living life!

Lately, I've spending a lot of time helping a close single mama friend through her back to work nursing struggles. Regardless of that, I find that it's hard to find time to do anything but the necessities during the day. It's a huge accomplishment if, in a single day, I can: empty the sink of dishes, do more than 1 load of laundry, sit down with DS1 for at least 15 minutes of dedicated play time, and get DS2 to nap more than 30 minutes. If I can accomplish all that, it's been a gold star kind of day! Maybe my kids are just really high needs? I can only check facebook a couple times a day, and that's on my phone while I'm nursing DS2 to sleep. How do you mamas find time to read and post on here all the time? Am I missing something?

Oh, and...no solids here, but DS1 wasn't interested until about a year, so I'm not even close to thinking about that yet. We do have teeth though! Two bottom ones to be exact. His 4 mo measurements are 18 lbs & 27 1/2 in!
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quick (serial) post to say:

Jen - thanks for the great recommendation! I will check it out. Also saw the author's blog mentioned in the reviews and came up with this GREAT post re: cruddy 4-5.5 month sleep:

Sandcastle - so sorry about your situation. You said the word "crap" many times in your post, so I imagine you have had your fill of it lately! I hope you get some balance and simplicity (and money!) and progress soon

silverspook - you sound busy busy! I am here serial posting away and checking FB and all of that because 1. I only have one child, and she's very easy during the day 2. I'm too tired (because she's NOT easy at night)/ lazy to do much, and am giving myself a lot of down time, 3. I work from home so even when I have a babysitter I find myself on the computer many hours a day and 4. I am addicted to the internet So there's my confession!
I hope you get some more "you" time, but definitely reward yourself for the stuff you get done. I haven't cleaned my house in oh-so long, dinner is still pretty haphazard, and I wore sweats all day today
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Thanks, guys. I'm wondering how much could be hormones, because my body looks like it might be ovulating, and I got my TDaP and flu vax on Tuesday so I've been feeling kind of cruddy and tired all week. Wasn't planning on the flu vax, but decided to take it for me and skip it for Mercy. We normally vax, but something is telling me to not do the flu vax for her, so I'm not doing it for her. All the other vaccines I haven't had that gut feeling with, but this one I have it, so not doing it.

Ivy, I'm sorry about your medical junk. That's really frustrating. I wonder how the GDM you have during pregnancy would factor into the overall autoimmune picture.

Jess, is your MIL always that unhelpful. Just, UGH!
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