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October should be spent chasing the Naughty Dingos

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This is the thread for all interested in forward motion, from very beginning runners to Boston qualifiers, and all in between. We love to chat, running and otherwise, so be prepared to jump in and move fast if you're new! Some of us have met each other IRL, others are just online people. New people are welcome all the time.

Usually DrJen maintains a race list....

Since some of us have met in real life, and that necessitates exchange of personal information, we sometimes communicate via a yahoo group to coordinate addresses, etc. that we might not want to post out for the whole world to see. We still use that yahoo group, we let new members in (fairly freely), but keep it private. If you want into the group you basically have to PM me or mamabeth (or whoever the third moderator is, I forget) and you're in. There's not a whole lot of traffic on that, but you will see us occasionally refer to the yahoo site/email/group).

Someone suggested I wrote this. I'm sure it is not all mine:

Dingo n. An MDC mama (or soon-to-be mama, or mama in her heart) with the desire to move forward at a run or walk. She supports her fellow dingo in each dingo's quest to find balance and reason in her life.

Requirements to become a dingo: Posting on this thread goals for the day, week, month, year, or decade. OK if starting couch to 5k or running and ultra marathon.

Identifying features of a dingo: Posts often here, facebook, daily mile. Starts to get antsy during extended time off for injury or sickness. Found on the road, on the dreadmill, in the pool, or on a bike.

origin of the term: Naughty Dingos on Tour
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Kerc's the grown-up.
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Thanks for the new thread; it's excellent so far!
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Wimp Nicka here, check.

Awesome 11 miler this morning...body went to autopilot and I was able to enjoy the scenery and the gorgeous early morning weather.

Only downside...the Gu I have been using for over a year without problems is all of a sudden making me gag when I use it. Which is a problem because I don't know what else to use. Sigh.

Off to a cool birthday party at the seabird rescue center at Mote Marine Aquarium. That is one awesome mama to think of that! Her son is totally obsessed by birds, etc. and so we are going to a party and having a tour of the facilities, crafts, and learning about seabird rescue. In lieu of presents we're to bring supplies they need at the rescue center.
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Hey Dingos, . I thought I'd try again to keep up with y'all. I'm not running much - except for the memory run - but I am doing Tae Kwon Do, off-road biking, and teachjng yoga twice a week. The pace of activities is just right since I do lots of outdoor work and homeschool. So even though I'm not running, I'd still love to re-connect with you Dingo babes!

So questions:

1) I think I pulled something in my groin/right hip area this past summer while either attempting Lotus, water-skiing, or ahem, cross-training. Of course, I've done nothing waiting for it to go away and guess what? It's worse! :doh. I went to deep into a yoga pose again. Then in TKD, I over-extended my leg in a high kick and couldn't sit cross-legged afterwards (and still can't w/o modification) and then when I ran, the pain crept down the back of my butt, outside of my thigh, crossed my knee, continues down my shin, and is now in the outside of my foot/arch. Now I can feel myself walking funny to compensate for the pain. I went for a massage and she felt it and worked all around it but not really on the muscle itself or the area. Maybe she wasn't comfortable with that area or that just wasn't her type of massage. So Friday, I took the kids mountain biking thinking that would be a different motion that wouldn't affect it but I think it did a little. I now find myself starting to limp just doing normal activities around the house & yard. So this brings me to you. Would you ice it? Would you leave it? Massage again? Stay totally off it?

Mandy, I thought of to constantly while biking. I was so scared! It was nothing but moguls and pine trees along a narrow path of packed dirt and roots. Mostly I was terrified the boys would careen down a hill right I to a tree. Isn't this what you do? It's crazy!! So his was the easy loop for kids. The professional loops have huge climbs and drops. I can't even imagine! Does K bike, too? This is a newly-opened and just-certified bike course near me. There's a $5000 purse if I can tempt you. When I saw that, I thought, "Hey I can do that!" but after my pathetic crawl around the junior loop, i think out. If it sounds tempting, check out Cypress Bend Resort "Battle at the Bend."

That's all, folks. Miss y'all. . Hope you are all well.
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Thank you kerc! I don't feel responsible enough to make an entire new thread!

Last night, I had a grown up night! The kids all went to spend the night with a friend, and DH and I went down into the city where a co-worker of his was having a housewarming party. There was dancing, drinks, snacks. It was a ton of fun!
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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post
Thanks for the new thread; it's excellent so far!

Lofty, I did this one fall and it took about 3 months, IIRC, to heal. With a lot of rest and I think maybe just short runs, paying close attention to form and all that. I saw a doc; he thought it was some sort of strained something. I think I occasionally iced (uncomfortable). I have not been able to sit cross-legged since I was a child. I am sure this is a skill I could develop, but ow.

I am about to lace up and head out to the trail. Going to drive out, run/walk and drive back...I may also take the kids to the Y this afternoon for some swim time if I can handle it. I have work that needs doing, and that's not even bringing the farm into the equation. I decided one of my lambs is very wormy this AM--looking thin, some edema under the jaw, pale gums--so I had to catch and deworm, and that put me behind schedule with everything else. Ah, well. So I dropped kids 45min late at Sunday school, dd doing the crying thing to try and get out of it, and now I get my wee bit of just me time. Yesterday was great--workout, lunch with my sister, swim time, rummage sales, cookie baking and then an evening with friends--but I am starting to feel anxious about deadlines.

And now this with the travel warning in Europe. Dh says police are all over the place. Of course he's working near military bases. Sigh.

So. Off to the trail.
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Morning, Dingos!

Nic- that sounds like a great birthday party!

Jo- You are so busy. How is your eye?

RR- today I am suppose to do 3. I don't think it will happen, but that's ok. I am going to attempt 3, with some walk breaks. So far, I've been working my way up from 2 and keeping my walk breaks to about a minute. I feel good about this, since I have had such a hard time getting in any running at all the past couple of months.

Both of my bikes are broken right now and I don't have the money to get them fixed, so I haven't been doing a lot of FM.

I am going to have to be the responsible adult here and give up on my Marquette trip idea. I was hoping to pull it off, but things have come up.

On a happier note, we went to a Zombie Music Festival last night and it was a lot of fun! The girls made it into the final round of the zombie costume contest. Round 1: show off your Zombie Walk. Round 2: Make your best Zombie Groan Round 3: Your favorite Zombie movie and why.
It was fun, and there were a lot of families there.
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nice thread, Kerc


Lofty. so nice to see you. I have dealt with similar issues and it was almost always related to very tight hips. How do hip stretches feel? Feel better, mama

A quick note to say that ds basically slept through the night. We do as we always do and put him down to sleep in our bed (nursing and then DH lies with him), put him in his crib when asleep, but instead of waking up an hour or three later, like usual, he slept through until 4:45am. Of course the silly dogs woke me up a couple of times barking like lunatics, but, oh, wow, yee haw, it felt good. DS came in for a cuddle and milks at 4:45 and slept a while longer basically lying on top of me... First time this has happened in 15 months.. as ds is, well, 15 months.


A lovely morning run with ds and dh this morning, too, taking turns to push the stroller we managed 6 miles in just over 48 minutes. Very fast for me given I pushed a stroller for 3 miles. Must be all that sleep
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One sweet hour on the trail doing sloppy intervals and dodging horse apples. I'd like to thank my boys Mr. Timberlake, Mr. Vedder, Mr. Matthews and that Indian fellow who sings Jai Ho for the inspiration. Oh, them and the One responsible for the incredible shade of blue sky, the blaze on the leaves, the perfect temp, and the breezy wind carrying the scents of autumn across the trail.
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Hey Zub, yes I think tight hips have a lot to do with it. Pigeon pose in yoga (hip opener) just about kills me. Glad you got in a lovely run!

Jo, you sound as busy as ever. Yay for the "you" time. Thinking of your du during this travel advisory.

Hi bec, lalala, kern, nemesis, nick, Penelope.
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Hey Zub, yes I think tight hips have a lot to do with it. Pigeon pose in yoga (hip opener) just about kills me. Glad you got in a lovely run!

Jo, you sound as busy as ever. Yay for the "you" time. Thinking of your du during this travel advisory.

Hi bec, lalala, kern, nemesis, nick, Penelope.
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Just subbing in.

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subbing in with a funny story on exercise accountability...

me to ds2: I'm getting in the shower. You can do your puzzle, okay?
ds2: NOOOooo! We haven't gone for our run yet! You need to put your shoes on right now. I'll ride in the stroller and I'll need my quilt. It's chilly out.

I am not feeling quite so low. I keep waiting to feel better but I think I'll take this; I just hope I stay on the path.

lofty and penelope are encouraging me to get back to my yoga practice in addition to Linus keeping track of my runs. At least he hasn't been hanging around with tjsmama's ds - so far my pace keeps him quiet enough about it.
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Hi everyone, especially you, Loftmama!!! I get a tight spot in my right groin (iliopsoas, I think it is). If I do a modified lunge with my rear knee on the ground, it opens it up some and releases the pain.

Zub ~ for a night of sleeping!!!!!

Nic ~ that sounds like a fun party

Jooj ~ awesome run, in spite of the horse droppings!

DH is gearing up to go back to Illinois in the next hour, so I'm busy making him a lasagna , ironing his shirts and making sure all his stuff is packed. Sometimes I think I'm too much Mommy and not enough Wife with him . DD1 was at a sleepover last night and came home a total basket case. Turns out her friend said she saw a ghost in the basement and Kay was too terrified to sleep. Poor babe. She's upstairs conked out right now. No FM this weekend, but I'm starting Week 6 of C25K tomorrow morning .
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trying to talk myself into a run today...or work out of any kind.
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Here's the race list for the October thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

doctorjen - Canal Connection 10K - November 7
kangamitroo - Philadelphia Half Marathon - November 21
Nickarolaberry - Women's Half Marathon St. Petersburg - November 21
eksmom -Atlanta Half Marathon - November 25
eksmom - Walt Disney World Half Marathon - January 8
babybugmama - Walt Disney World Half Marathon - January 8 (1/2 of Goofy challenge)
babybugmama - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9 (Completion of Goofy Challenge)
Nickarolaberry - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9
Plady - Orcas Island Fat Ass 25K - February 5
modmom - Disney Princess Half Marathon - February 27
Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Half Marathon - March 13
tjsmama - Colfax Marathon - May 15

The Preggo Dingo List

Realrellim - It's a girl! Welcome baby Julia!
VeganCupcake - It's a , welcome Li'l Cupcake!
Jenlove - It's a girl! Welcome baby Valentine!

Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post
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Dingos 2010 Race Results List
Running Mamas Do Amazing Things!

mommajb - Hang Over Classic 10 miler - January 1 - 1:23
tjsmama - PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll Arizona Marathon - 4:53:54 (very first marathon!) - January 17
tjsmama - Chilly Cheeks Winter Duathlon - 1:21:03 - January 23
grnmtnmama - Singlespeed USA - February 6- Women's Champion!
cornflakegirl - Surf City Half Marathon - February 7 - 1:47:07
Nemesis - Frozen Feat 5K - February 13
ashcav - Hyannis Half Marathon - February 28-1:49:02
bec - Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathon - March 7
Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Half Marathon - March 14 - 2:18:57 (PR!)
Eaglevoice - Newport Spirit 10K Run - March 21 - 1:01:38
doctorjen - Spring Valley Walleye Club 5K - March 27 - 30:33
doctorjen's ds2 - Spring Valley Walleye Club 5K - March 27-39:54
bec - Des Plaines River Half Marathon - March 27 - 2:23:ish
poppywise - Oakland Half Marathon - March 28 - 2:49 (PR!)
zubeldia - Run for the Border Half Marathon - March 28 - 1:58
bec and bec's dh (very first!) - Reach Out and Run 5K - April 10 - bec 35:10, dh 35:04
eksmom - Komen Race for the Cure 5K - April 10 - 33:05
Plady - Whidbey Island Half Marathon - April 11
mommajb - Flying Pig Half Marathon - May 2-1:55
ashcav - Marine Corps Honor Run 5K - May 8 - 22:53 (PR!) (and ashcav's mom's first 5K - 32:30!!)
memiles - NARAL Run for Your Rights 5K - May 8 - 28:21
cornflakegirl - Palos Verdes Marathon - May 15- 3:58:40
Penelope - Papillion Half Marathon - May 16 - 2:13:26
ashcav - KeyBank Vermont City Marathon - May 30 - 4:10:47 - 1st Marathon!
tjsmama - Bolder Boulder 10K - May 31 - 56:52 (PR!)
doctorjen and ds2
- Streator YMCA Memorial Day 5K - May 31 - 31:20- 41:05
Geofizz - UACA 5 Miler - May 31 - 44:50-(PR!)
bec - Naperville Women's Triathlon - June 13 - 1:50:18 (recovering from stress fracture and required to walk the run!)
doctorjen - Steamboat Classic 15K - June 19 - 1:38:34 (automatic PR, because first time racing this distance!)
kerc - Grandma's Half Marathon - June 19
Realrellim - Habitat Hobble - June 19 - 42:13 (pushing a double jogger on a trail!)
tjsmama - 5430 Sprint Triathlon - June 20 - 1:49:46
tjsmama - Slacker Half Marathon - June 26 - 2:12:48
doctorjen - Toluca Double Diamond Dash 5K - June 26 - 29:28
CathToria - Aflac Irongirl Atlanta Triathlon - June 27
doctorjen - Streator Run for Glory 5K - July 3 - 28:03 (course was probably a little short)
bec, dh, and dd1 - Freedom Classic 5K - July 3Realrellim - Rendezvous Run for Independence 5 miler - July 3 - 51:11 (pushing the double jogger!)
Plady -Firecracker Run 5K - July 4 - 29:30 (PR!)
tjsmama - Boulder Peak Triathlon - July 11 - 3:27:04 (PR!)
Penelope - Missoula Half Marathon - July 11 - 2:17
tjsmama - Ironman 70.3 Boulder - August 8 - 6:51:31 (PR!)
doctorjen and ds2 - Mr. C's Run for Your Life 5K - August 13 - 32:27
doctorjen - Boo Milby 5K - August 14 - 30:05 (running with beginner group)
tjsmama - Highlands Splash Mash Dash Triathlon - August 21 - 1:27:38 (3rd in age group!)
Penelope and family - Strides 5K - August 21 - Fundraising walk
Penelope - Ultra Mud Run - August 28
zubeldia - Pumpkinman Triathlon - September 11 - 1:27:28
doctorjen - Chicago Half Marathon - September 12 - 2:07:27 (PR!)
Many Dingos and friends - Griffin Patrick Run - September 24 (chose our own distance, location, date and ran to honor beloved baby Griffin born silently, and all babies loved and lost)
Realrellim - Panerathon 10K - September 26 - 1:06:30 (with the double jogger!)
Penelope - Omaha Half Marathon - September 26 - 2:35 (injured)
doctorjen - AAFP 5K, Denver - October 2 - 28:55
tjsmama - Donor Memorial 5K - October 9 - 29:45 (1 week before a marathon!)tjsmama - Denver Rock and Roll Marathon - October 17 - 4:57:39
JayGee - Jill Behrman 5K - October 23 - 24:09 (1st in age group!)
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And for kerc being the grown-up!
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P.S. In Praise of Modern Medicine

Only eye soreness seems to be comparable to that of an old bruise, like old trauma as opposed to infection! I can see, I think almost normally, with both eyes! Both eyes wide open! Only one lingering, nasty-looking remnant of yuck on one eye. Everyone who sees me comments on how relatively fantastic my eyes look! Hoping the lumps disappear on their own in short order.
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