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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
I also roll my eyes at the The Good Lord Blessed Me with New Boobs
Why does he not bless me with new boobs?

1jooj--I totally hear you. It shouldn't be an issue for your kids to not participate, and I'm not sure why the school doesn't get that.

Plady--didn't mean to scare you! We don't usually start thinking about them until mid-December. But I wanted photos of J at 6 months and one of the girls together and then I had the "brilliant" idea that we could do holiday photo cards this year.

Next year, I'm taking a photo at home and ordering two sets of cards with specific religious wording and generic holiday wording. Or just doing the usual and pasting a poor-quality photo into the Christmas letter and calling it good. :P

tjsmama--you rocked that 5k.

cornflake-- a 20k in under 50 minutes? I am not worthy!

Squeezed in 6 today. It was so windy out (18-25 mph gusts) that I didn't want to take the jogger, but DH was still out with R so I made sure we had plenty of blankets and headed out. I put the rain cover down once we were running into the wind and it helped J, I think. The worst mile was the one where I was running into the wind, uphill, but at least coming down the hill with a tailwind was pretty sweet.

Off to work on grading and R's Halloween costume.
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post
Why does he not bless me with new boobs?
Yeah! Why not?????

We took all three kids to the rock climbing gym yesterday afternoon and spent two fun hours belaying the Jacob and Kay and watching Kirsten free-climb in the boulder room. Kay climbed all the way to the ceiling and Kirsten is such a careful climber, finding just the right spot for each hand and foot. Awesome stuff! This afternoon we're going to a new state park to hike and explore. Sometimes these weekends with John home feel more like a vacation than being at home! Only 9 more weeks to go!

tjsmama ~ your friend ROCKED Kona! Amazing time and incredible run, especially after all that biking and swimming . Watching Ironman always makes me want to do one.... If I can get my leg issue figured out by next summer, I think I'll sign up for Muncie 70.3 (half-Ironman). It's a start!
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
Righty- she's holding a race medal! That looks like a stethoscope - ha! I was going to make that better along with her other hand ..maybe she should be looking at her garmin? She also wears running shoes.
LOL. I thought it was a stethoscope too.

Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Gaye, you are living my nanny nightmare. Silver lining: she gave you the weekend and told you she quit. I've seen worse. (Not that what she did was appropriate...) So far so good here, though we do find that things we consider obvious are not to her. I feel like I'm teaching her to be an adult at times... The kids love her, and she seems to show up daily.
When I flash back to myself as a college student I just shudder at some of my expectations/experiences. Whoa. There's a whole lot of learning that went on for me from age 20-25. I recently learned that our average brains aren't done developing until age 25 and it was a serious lightbulb moment for me (recently = last 2 years).

I did cardio boot camp yesterday. (a). I knew no one in the class, (b) the teacher sucked because she asked who was new to the class and then proceeded to ask us to all line up as if we knew WTF we were doing. Nevertheless, I persisted and made it through. However I am sore in all kinds of places that just running forward doesn't catch.

Holiday pagents. Blech. Here's my other beef with them (accidentally typed beer, perhaps better with beer?).....could we schedule them now and then tell the parents when they will be so that working parents can come? I mean our nursery school gave us a full 2 month notice of a 15 minute parade during school time (kids put on costumes or not and walk from classrooms through the hall and back to the classrooms). I'd like to make arrangements for one parent to make it to the concert, but honestly that's a tricky time for us as college profs.

It did occur to me that we could just learn songs not holiday related and move on. But then people would probably complain at my choice in songs.

We put our deposit down on a wood burning insert for our fireplace. I'm moderately excited, but restraining myself since it's a 100% money back if my dh decides to back out. It also requires some tile work on the floor of our living room that my husband is too chicken to do. (in an old house the firebox opens onto the floor vs. about 18 inches above the floor. There's currently tile there, but it needs to extend 10 inches or so to have appropriate distance so as to be up to code once we install something that sticks out about 8 inches). Ideally we would also move our thermostat for the furnace upstairs AND install a ceiling fan at the top of the stairs to pull heat up. But in the meantime we're sticking to multiple $1000 increments, not $10,000....
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Oh my lovely Dingos! (I guess I don't use the e) I am coming up for air. All my woes are most likely due to my great inability to handle stress. It is not the events so much themselves as my reaction. I am not even sure if there are precipitating events other than moving here 10 years ago. Things spiraled totally out of control for me this fall. When the shingles first hit I thought I was just so depressed that the physical symptoms were beginning to manifest. That I have a diagnosable physical problem is actually a relief. I guess if my blisters are crusting over I can lead my LLL meeting on Tuesday? I find out about my boards on the 29th if all goes according to plan. I am running (got 10K in today 10/10/10) and taking self care super seriously now. I need some longer runs for the feeling I get when they are done.

My children are being entertaining if nothing else.
Linus asked me how to spell gymnastics. I told him and he asked, "What about the R? When I go to gymnastics it says w-o-r-l-d." He takes a tumbling class for 3 yo at Gymnastics World.
Charlotte couldn't find her music bag to practice piano so she got out a piece of paper, wrote out her music, took it to the piano and played.
Helen had a friend spend the night. When it came time to watch a movie her friend pulled out Disney Tinkerbell Part III. We had a minor melt down as my daughter's plan was to netflix Dirty Jobs. Isn't that what all 7 yo dream of watching? It was a good one too; the guy made blocks of tofu.
Alice had a swim meet and found out she may be more endurance than sprinter. I think I knew that about her.
Ian is busy making birthday plans. I think we are going to a rock climbing gym up North next weekend.

sparkle, I hope your mental state... can lose the dental floss soon. dh's grammar lesson involves lying down to sleep v laying your girlfriend.
kerc, I wish you could come get my fireplace insert. The previous owners heated the house with it but dd's breathing issues mean we haven't used it in years. It is free to anyone that can remove it and clean up after them selves.
JayGee, have a great day with your family and store up the reserves you need for the week solo.
real, running in the wind with a jogger is a real workout! Go you!
gaye, I agree with the xmil, get the right nanny. I am pulling for you. Congrats to Sonja, that is amazing.
cfg, I I totally agree about a bunch of nice miles v a few miserable ones.
plady, I saw your photo on fb - your makeup!
geo, at least when every piece of technology around fails you still have your brains. I've lost mine. I'm glad got past the deadline and rejoined us here.
jo, I think all holidays should be kept out of the schools. No matter what anyone does somebody is upset or allergic or left out. It drives me insane all the bits of religion in the public schools mostly because the teachers seem totally unaware and caught off guard when people don't all agree with them. There is plenty of opportunity to celebrate at home or in church. I like keeping in touch with far flung friends and annual cards seem like a good idea before I get started on them. I rarely finish well.
nic, happy birthday to your dd and enjoy motherhood anniversary.
bec, hope you are feeling better today. Good luck with the puppy.
lofty, good to see you posting more.
poppy, I like the Charlie's Angels but no real reasons. I saw a tshirt at yesterday's swim meet that said This is what awesome looks like. I am sure it belongs to somebody but I thought I'd share.
nemesis, did you get your run in?
penelope, your are cracking me up with the baby Jesus/new suv comments. While photo cards are best in my book there is much merriment to be derived from holiday letters.

I had all three littles in bed by 7:30 last night and I am hoping for a repeat tonight. In that vein they are outside rigging up a swingset. They use a jump rope, a lawn chair, and the clothesline poles and they swing. I'll have to take pictures. They came up with it themselves.

Sorry for the book.
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mommajb, you sound hopeful, and that itself is really, really good.

I ran/walked about 4 miles this AM while kids were at Sunday school, then whirlpooled before picking them up. I am beat! Picked them up, did the grocery shopping and now have to put it all away and do a little cleaning so I can cook some dinner, do chores and somehow try to catch up on the work that needs needs needs to get done for the office.

Did I mention dh gets home Saturday and leaves a week later again?

I don't want to yell at my kids. I don't want to yell at my kids. I don't want to...
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re: stress

I am bad at handling stress too! Many of the things that undo me are little, and I know they are little, and yet my equilibrium gets thrown. The latest is the hip. I have several health things that I manage, and the time and energy I have to devote daily just continues to add up. And then there's the mind f*** of "will this heal? yes it will. but what if it doesnt? it will. I'm sad. dont be sad, it's bad to imagine bad outcomes....".

I developed a chronic health condition 4 years ago that I do 45 minutes of work per day to keep symptoms at bay. That's the biggest one. Then there's the elaborate oral hygiene program b/c my gums are receding (dont know why - usual culprits dont apply to me), then all the injuries which have kept me from running for over 2 years, and while I can talk myself down from this (I can do other things, many people cant run, many people cant walk...), when i think about not running anymore it feels like a death, and the grief wells up. As for the hip, Google says "stop doing the offending activity" b/c of course, usually it is caused by overuse or trauma. Mine started while walking. Cant stop that. Will it go away? dont know. Why did it start? Dont know. So I do all the "right" things, like stretching several times a day and rolling (which hurts so much I nearly cry every time, which is so cruelly ironic; that to hopefully reverse this painful condition I have to cause SO MUCH pain). And after all this; I am exhausted.

But these are all little things in the big picture, and yet My hamstring is much better. My whole right leg is much better. Im optimistic that I have a good program in place to keep that going in a positive direction .... and now I just have to deal with the hip. I will look into chiropractic, as I suspect all of my injuries are related to hip alignment and core stability. (Did I tell ya'll that the hunky PT (WHOM my husband has started calling Fabio) did a trick with my right hip that made my hamstring feel 80% better - the hip was rotated forward...)

Penelope - I DFW. Although, I dont really like his fiction, at least not what Ive read so far (havent touched IJ for obvious reasons). "A Supposedly Fun thing Ill never do Again" is so awesome, as is that Tense Present essay. And guess what - he has a new book coming out! Turns out his wife found a nearly completed manuscript, which is currently being edited by his long term editor (heard an interview with him on NPR the other day), so you can read your supply and have some left

Ok, gotta go find out where my kids are at ...

p.s. mommajb - Ill see your book and raise it to a series
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mommajb--Oh, I'm so sorry about the shingles! I've heard that's really painful and awful. I'm glad you're feeling better just having a diagnosis, though. I once had a friend who said that about his brain tumor: "I mean, I know it's a BRAIN TUMOR and all, but I'm just so relieved to be told it's SOMETHING." Eek. I hope you continue to feel better; it sounds like the kids are keeping you hopping.

tjsmama--Awesome job for your friend at Kona! What a fantastic achievement.

bec--I'm sorry I missed your birthday the day of. Eek, bad on me. I'm not here as much now that I'm not running. Next week I'm back with it.

Plady--The corpse bride pictures on Facebook are AWESOME. So creepy! I love them; the makeup is amazing.

Jo and Nic--I'm sorry about the Christmas nonsense. It does suck to have your kids either pressured into participating or made to feel lousy for sitting it out. When I was teaching, the eighth grade class officers led the school in song the day before December vacation. One year a Jewish student was class president, and he stood up and belted out all of those tunes; I suppose just living in this country you absorb them. It made me cringe, though.

I'm tired. I had a bunch of apples from DS's trip to the orchard, so I decided to make a pie. Neither of my kids will eat apple pie, so I told DH to invite his dad over, who eats mostly microwave meals but loves pie. I made a lasagna and a big salad and rolls and the pie, of course. And I ran the dishwasher twice today and got the kids to and from church and cleaned the house. After dinner the kids convinced me to take them for a walk, and we had to detour up all of the streets where DD thought kids lived who ride her bus. We ended up seeing four or five little kids, which is more than we usually catch outside, and probably walked 3 and a half miles in all. It was nice, but now I'm exhausted. DD is, therefore, reading to me while I type. All of a sudden she can read--hooray!

Tomorrow we have the day off, so we're meeting up with our playgroup friends, who we miss most of the time now that everyone is in school. On Tuesday, I plan on getting back out on the roads. Slowly. Reasonably. Like an intelligent adult who is conscious of her body's limitations.
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Another epic day of race stalking, in the books. This time, a plethora of friends at the Chicago marathon, and a couple at Portland. At least with a marathon, it's usually less than 5 hours, right? Everyone seems to have survived Chicago, heat and all, although PR's were few and far between!

XH texted me at like 11 this morning that he wasn't flying back today after all, because the afternoon flight was sold out (which he KNEW last night, but apparently still elected not to take the morning flight). I fired back a slightly irate text about not appreciating being ditched all weekend and that not having plans does not equal not having anything to do (such as do homework which I can't do with DS around). Grrr. So he hasn't seen his son in over a week, and now he'll pick him up from school tomorrow for a whopping 3 hours or so of quality time. Trying to be understanding about his issues, but dude, get over it, suck it up and parent. Oh, not sure I explained that here...apparently one of the consultants on his team had a heart attack and ultimately died while at the client site last week, so X had to deal with all of that and calling the guy's wife and getting her out there, and stuff. So yeah, I'm sympathetic, but still. You can't ignore your kid just because you caught a glimpse of your own mortality...

ANYWAY...cold and rainy here today, which was kind of a nice change! It's finally fall! I took advantage of the cooler weather yesterday and today and got busy in the kitchen for the first time in months. Yesterday, a double batch of granola and a double batch of pasta sauce for the freezer. Today, soup in the crockpot and banana bread. Ahh, so nice to turn the oven on again! But, due to the rain, we had to go to the Y to get my run in. I originally was going to do 8, but after yesterday's 5k I thought that might be a little too much, so instead, I decided to be a number nerd. I ran 10k at 10 minute pace for 10/10/10.
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Oh, boy! This is what it is like having a baby again! Well, a baby that you can lock in a crate only feed 3 times a day, and ignore when they cry.

He's a super cute, sweet little guy. Gromit is doing well with the pup, and the pup seems to be a really balanced dog. He's already picking up on the whole idea of the leash, the crate, and peeing and pooping outside!

Too tired for personals or FM, but I am thinking of you all!!!!
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I am not a believer, but for new boobs I could be.

I did not get any running in, my weekend was just too packed. I was up at 5 am and I should have run, I know it. Instead I snuggled DH and had coffee early, but at least I got in some strength training this morning. I can usually talk myself out of it.

Bec- Glad to hear about the puppy!

Mommajb- I'm so happy that you are feeling better. Please take care.

I have a bazillion cherry tomatoes that I have processed this weekend (dehydrated and frozen) and now I am drying peppers and zucchini. Carrots are next. I have no idea how I will get all my stuff out before the 15th! DD's birthday is next week. How could she be 8?
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mommajb ~ don't be sorry about the book! I, for one, am just happy to see you posting !

sparkle ~ your emotions about injury sound so familiar to me. I've been in that dark, I'm-never-going-to-be-able-to-run place a lot, and it's not fun at all. I'm sorry you're dealing with so much right now .

We had the BEST long weekend with DH, but alas, it has ended and he's on his way back to Illinois . Today was parent-teacher conferences and both DS and DD are doing well. Thank goodness! And I ran this morning ~ 3 MILES!!! With my fib head taped and NO pain at all !!!! And then I swam 1500m and called it a day.
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Hi ladies!! So sorry I just caught up on five pages of life with you all! For some reason I had not been getting the reminder emails, alas, not remembering to check in here! AAcK!!

You ladies are totally cracking me up!

TSHIRTS~I was thinking last week that I would be happy to do the shipping if you still need it. Came on here to see awesome art work and the talk of shirts.

sparkle~ totally understand the nausea and crying out in pain while on the foam roller. BUT legs feel SO much better when I am done. In fact, thank you for the reminder to do so. dh said once while I was foam rolling something to the effect of the sounds and love making, he he

real and nemesis~ soooooo laughing at the boobs! I'd take some too!

RR: Picking up more mileage outside while all three kids are in school in the mornings and it has been great. I really don't know how, but my pace is about a minute per mile faster than what it used to be (7:43 today). Something to be said for cross training. The "Insanity" and body weight work out kind. So I am trying to fit in running M, W, F, and then body weight work outs with some plyo T, R, with off days on the weekend due to working.

Had some trouble with my breathing while running, body wanting to go fast but couldn't keep up with breathing. Tried my inhaler one run and it didn't help. Was thinking about it on today's run and figure it might be due to not running for so long. I have done short bursts of intense work outs/cardio, but not sustained hard efforts. Today's 5 miler wasn't that much of an issue.
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Dang, Lisa. You were always fast, but your speed has really come back with a vengeance! I'm jealous!

Alas, I seem to have developed an acute case of taperitis of the left hip. I started feeling the twinge during my dreadmill run yesterday, but ignored it because I HAD to get my magic 10 run in. It's worse today, so I bagged my plan run (was only going to do 3-4 anyway) and am sitting on the couch now with ice strapped on. Blech. It's all in my head, it's all in my head...

I have two nanny interviews set up, and thinking about offering a third. The third candidate makes me a little nervous, just because she sounds a little more dependent on a steady income than the others, but it might be worth talking to her, just to be sure. The two that are already set up both sound phenomenal, so if they're even half as good in person, I'll be thrilled! X's cousin is able and willing to help out until we hire someone, so that's a HUGE relief.
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new art here

now featuring a baby and a medal that hopefully looks like one...?

if you think they should be holding other things, just give me a shout!
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I knew it was a medal on the first version. This one is better, though.

Can you move the shoes? It looks like "runner with a medal" on one side, and "barefoot and pregnant/new baby" on the other. Only if it's a simple move. It's awesome as is.

Gotta get myself running before I lose the ability.

Anyone have any experience with Destination Imagination?

Parenting my kids can be really hard at times, but right now, DD is in an amazing sweet spot. So much fun.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Can you move the shoes? It looks like "runner with a medal" on one side, and "barefoot and pregnant/new baby" on the other. Only if it's a simple move. It's awesome as is.

you are SO right! goes to show you how sometimes i can't see the forest for the trees when i am working on some art....will move it around
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Anyone have any experience with Destination Imagination?
We have it at EK's school, but she hasn't done it and I don't really know much about it. I've always assumed it was an Odyssey of the Mind type thing?
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I love it, poppy!

OK, Dingos, we are now into the Third-week Insanity Phase of dh's travel, when I blunder and fail and do irrational things. I think I am going to be spending a lot of time in the office this week to complete my project, which is fine I guess, but...balance! Balance! I didn't work out yesterday. Then I didn't do a good job with barn chores either. And then I fed the kids hot dogs.

Yes, today is a new day. Dd has a field trip (and we are already past the tearful part about Mom not being a chaperone this time), ds is showering this AM, and I really, really need to talk with my boss today about some stuff that's been bugging me...but I might not be in the right place with my brain to have the conversation...but the conversation really, really needs to happen. Sigh.

So I think I will work out this AM to try and shake out the bugs. If I can just get moving out of here on time...So....Tired...
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Jo ~ because you need it. Things always seem to come unglued here around the 3 week point when DH travels too.

poppy ~ I LOVE it! Great job and I definitely want one (and am very willing to subsidize the organizer for a free shirt as well).

I slept kind of poorly last night, although I am not sure why. This morning is Power Pump, and then errands with DD2. It's supposed to be really warm today (85), so I want to spend as much time outside as possible before the weather changes tomorrow.
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bec, enjoy that puppy and find a way to get photos out.

sparkle, I totally get what you are saying about having given so much for so long and now not reaping the benefits you had imagined would come at this point.

Lisa, your speedy! I think the cross training of the weightlifting sort really helps my running also but I need to be careful to allow enough recovery.

poppy, the new artwork is great!

Gaye, it sounds like the nanny search is under way. Don't settle.

Wendy, I am dd1's team leader for DI. This is our first year and it is not starting off with great feelings, mostly because we have a discipline issue on our team. If I can answer any questions with my limited experience I'd be happy to try. Most of the other leades are old families moms also, even as we go up the chain of command so to speak. Maybe it is all the breast milk IQ points.

The news today is that ds1's foot is broken, my home phone won't hold a charge, and my computer won't stay on. My passwords, photos, and contact lists are not currently available w/o it. Dh thinks the power cord has a short in it but I am talking about a new computer, maybe a laptop, and wondering if I want to stay with Apple. There isn't really money for it but it isn't really healthy for me to cut off ties with the outside world if you know what I mean.
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