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Mommajb- I agree about being without a computer. What about a netbook? Dh wants to get me a Macbook, but it is definitely not in the budget. My old laptop doesn't work half the time and we are just waiting for it to give out for good. For what I do (some word processing, mostly internet/email) a netbook looks like an affordable option for now.

Sparkle- I hope you are feeling better today.

I am a food preserving drone lately! Tons of peppers dehydrated, tomatoes, sweet peppers, beets canned, etc.. I only wish I had stopped my soap business earlier in the summer because I missed all of the jams and pickles that I wanted to do.
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Balance! I didn't work out yesterday. Then I didn't do a good job with barn chores either. And then I fed the kids hot dogs.
Last week I noticed that article going around FB about how disgusting hot dogs were (like I didn't know already but you know...) and then I proceeded to let/make my kids have one on three different occasions because they were being handed out free around town and that was easier than going home and making them real fod. But they'll need something to kick off their therapy with later right?

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
I am talking about a new computer, maybe a laptop, and wondering if I want to stay with Apple. There isn't really money for it but it isn't really healthy for me to cut off ties with the outside world if you know what I mean.
Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
Mommajb- I agree about being without a computer. What about a netbook?
I was thinkin the same thing. I have one that I got for $250 and it is totally great for internet stuff, email, youtube, facebook, news etc. I even loaded openoffice (the free better office suite) and that works great too.

Poppy - I love it!!!! Geo does have a good point that I also didn't think of but kind of felt as I looked, but even if you didn't change it I'd still want it. You are the coolest.

So now I'm also doing the set design for this play. We had someone lined up who kept putting off picking up the script and then Sunday she called to say she had some medical issue and couldn't do it. Then I had to open my big mouth to say that I was capable if need be. So now I've got until Thursday at 10 to get it done.

Am I a bad person for thinking what an amazing deal I've become for this production? First they don't have any royalty fees because I wrote the play and now they don't have to pay a designer for the set. If I could figure out how concerned I am about this I might get the balls to go and have a discussion about it but since I don't have a clue about the budget or what kind of 'compensation' is typical for a community theatre to be doling out in the first place I don't know how to begin on that.

RR: None. Still coughing. Still trying to conserve energy for rehearsals.
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Thanks, JayGee.

So, I discovered I needed to buy a "disposable drink" for dd's field trip (they usually can carry their lunch boxes, but apparently not for this field trip?), so I ended up rushing through AM chores (think I pulled my groin running in my barn boots) while the kids did bfast and packed their own lunches and dressed themselves...so I could drop them off for school about 5 minutes late with everything they needed. And then come to the Y (where I am now) and work out before going to the office. And on my way in, remembered I owed a timesheet (due by 9am next day!), so here I am on the laptop in the caf.

Did I mention that my flock has soremouth and I can't find a local vet? I don't need a housecall; just someone who can dispense the vaccine to me. I can vax them myself (well, with dh when he comes home). And this is because dh just HAD to go on a sheep-shopping spree over the summer.

Plan is to head outside for a spell (if I have the right clothes in my gym bag), then do core/arms, and head to the office by 10:30. Going to make cabbage roll casserole (like stuffed cabbage rolls without the rolling) for dinner and spend a lovely evening folding laundry. Of course, the fence got ripped out when they came to take off soybeans last night, so that's another thing to fix. I hate meeting dh at the door with a list, especially when he is only going to be home for a week, but Oh. My. Lord.
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should i have an exclamation point after "just amazing" like this...

not perfect, just amazing!

i feel like it lacks some....oomph.. without it?

i will hopefully get it a little closer to final art later today and post it, as well as submit it to the printer for a quote on a tech tee.

also - do we even still have any barefoot runners among us? perhaps they should both have shoes? i don't know. i know mamabeth was into it for a while, as was lofty and ...nemesis? i can make her barefoot but then she's just run a race barefoot, apparently, does that make much sense? am i over-thinking now? probably
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
But they'll need something to kick off their therapy with later right?
"My mom fed me NITRATES!!! And.... NITRITES!!!"

Poppy - love it, especially once that mama gets a running shoe on

Jaygee - been meaning to say Im soooo happy for you about the taping May it continue to be as easy breezy lemon squeezy

Nemesis - food preserving drone

Mommajb - Thanks You must have read the version with the part about that before I deleted it from embarrasment

Helpful tip of the day, brought to you via a work story of Dh's: if your child gets something stuck up their nose, lay them on their side (with plugged side down), cover the other nostril, and blow in their mouth hard (something like CPR). A dad did this for his daughter at Dh's instruction, and the objest came shooting out and the dad said "wow, that was easy ..... that'll be $300". Dh said "well, at least its out "

Jooj - that you have any sanity left is an enormous success! I hope you can find a vet

RM - Add me to the jealous

Tjsmama - ooooh, go away hip pain!!!

Me; Im bummin'. In a lot of pain, limping, dont know what to do to fix it. Been doing what Im supposed to and no change. I just called Fabio (as Dh calls the hunky PT) to see if he can help. Im very sad and scared. Example of my mindset:

Dh: do you wanna go see that dog today
Me: but if we get her, that would mean I cant kill myself
Dh: let's go!
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My greatest hope is that the therapy my children will need as adults centers around hot dogs!

Poppy - LOVE the design! Just love it!

Gaye - It is all in your head. I remember right before my marathon, having the very hardest 3 mile run. Just.couldn't.do.it. Everything hurt, I couldn't breathe, I ran slower than I generally walk. It was just awful. Total mind stuff!

Second evening with the pup went really well! He didn't whine or cry at all at night! We had no potty accidents, and he peed outside the 3 times I got up with him!

FM - Got to the gym for about 45 minutes of weights and 35 minutes of various cardio. No running. I plan on doing that again some time in my life! I thinked I freaked myself out at the last run. I need to get that sorted out.

Now, I'm off to volunteer in Katie's class!
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reading along... so much to say... but just need to say quickly:

POPPY, you rock! That shirt looks so awesome. I can hardly wait to wear it. You know why? That looks like one amazing, bad a$$ group of women that I would want to be my friends and def in my corner in life for always, all-time! Very cool! Re: barefoot. switch feet for sure and if looks good, pass it around. if it looks odd, drop it. when i run, it's barefoot, but i'm not running enough to chime in these days.

MOMMAJB, First Hugs to you!! Second, I have a relatively "old" Apple laptop and I've had to buy two batteries and replace the power cord so far. Oh and the internal speakers busted but they fixed that for free at the genuis bar. The genuis bar makes having an Apple worth it to me. The one crash I had when I had way too many programs simultaneously running way too many complicated programs only cost me one day at the Apple store and it was FREE!!! My brother works for Dell so my family buys Dell and I know they've had way more crashes and money spent on repairs than me. Actually, they tend to just discard and replace while I prefer very old, but very nice iBook. Btw, depending on what you need it for my mil hearts her iPad. (Can you tell I'm biased? Sorry.)

Thinking of ther rest of you, especially those of you with traveling partners and sick kids and sick animals.

FM: TKD last night, but with wimpy kicks due to sore groin ligament. Yoga this morning. I bought a heating pad and sports cream and need to apply them soon!!

Finally, it rained.
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Mommajb, what style cord do you have? Does it have a round plug on the computer side, or do it hook up with a magnet? I have a spare pre-magnet one in my desk drawer you can have.
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we got a do-og, we got a do-og

Im pretty about it. She's about 6-8 mos., a mix of what looks like lab, rottweiler and blue heeler? (i know her mom is a heeler - she was there - and her dad looks like a mix between a lab and maybe rot? - he was there too - very handsome - she looks more like him; labby). Ill post pictures when I get to it.

We drove 1+ hour south to see that other dog I showed you, which had been adopted, but I suspected there would be many other cute ones b/c their website is full of them. (its hard to find a dog in our city that doesnt look like it has some pit in it). There were so many cute dogs!! It was so hard. There was a 6 mo. old great pyrenees - soooo cute, but we dont want such a ginormous one. I wanted three, but I tried to be adult, and we just got one

We're calling her Daisy. She's very shy and submissive so far, VERY affectionate, not aggressive AT ALL despite the shyness, loves other dogs. We're hoping the shyness will play well with kids (i.e that the kids can establish their dominance without too much effort)

So, no stretching, no rolling, just a lot of snuggling.

Now off to the pumpkin patch/corn maze with our weekly "hiking club"
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Hooray for daisy, sparkle!

jo~ Hang in there, mama.

Had more personals, but they have escaped me at the moment, sorry.

My hip is better today, but still hurts. I'm debating getting a massage. I really don't have the money, but a friend has a guy that she says is amazing who works out of his home and only charges $30/hr. I'd rather spend the money than be miserable for 26.2 on Sunday, ya know? But I'm also dealing with major time issues, as in I have no idea when I could actually do it. Sigh.

Nanny candidate #1 is definitely not Mary Poppins. She wasn't bad, per se, I just didn't get a LOVE feeling about her. It didn't help that she was pretty heavily perfumed to cover up cigarette smoke. Her profile says she's a non-smoker, but if she's not, she lives with a heavy smoker, and I just don't think I can deal with that. So, hopefully candidate #2 is better, although genius that I am, I scheduled her interview for when DS is in school tomorrow. Hopefully she's relatively easy to reschedule.

Oh, and I just got the syllabus for my med-surg class that starts the week after next...46 pages. Yes, that's right. 46 pages. Seriously?
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sparkle- PICS!! Are you on FB? Are we friends already and I forgot? I LOVE PUPPIES!

Poppy- I am running bf, but it doesn't matter much to me if it's on the shirt or not. Anyway would be fine with me!

No FM today. Lots of baking and a not-so-healthy eating day. Tomorrow? Maybe.
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Hi Dingos.

Poppy, love the artwork. You work so hard!
to everyone. I am so zonked I can't remember personals.

Can I whine now?

Okay I will anyway.

I really don't like my job. I feel terrible saying it 'out loud' so to speak. I need the job, I need the money, and I'm near my kids. I'm more or less on their schedule, I'm on campus with them, etc. For all of those reasons, plus the fact that I made a committment, I feel very stuck.

But I don't like teaching middle school. I went into academia in the first place because I like the combination of writing/research and teaching people who can formulate a reasonably coherent thought. I get a charge out of giving a great lecture and having a great debate in class. I love teaching subjects for which I have a great interest and passion, and it is frequently true that my teaching inspires my research. I even loved teaching high school AP courses because they were high level thinkers.

The schedule is so incredibly long, I feel like there is no time to get anything done or spend time with my kids at all. I'm short tempered with everyone even on my running days...and I hate myself for not being able to do everything and still be cheerful. Dh is helping out in the house but with both of us working full time, it's not enough. I thought this would be the magic bullet to help pull us out of debt and give me some of my own, much needed, income -- but it never occurred to me how stressful juggling all this would be.

Unfortunately there are no such jobs around here. I need a steady income, I need to get out of the house at least part time, and I need to be with/near my kids.

But I'm seriously unhappy in this job. I love the people I work with, but I feel like I do an awful lot of babysitting/managing emotional issues/classroom management and very little actual educating. It is so frustrating. I cannot think how I am going to make it through the school year or what I can possibly do next professionally at this point.

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Hey all

So far behind here but trying to catch up...

Poppy, I LOVE It. I like both designs, honestly, but the newer version of the CA's pic is so fun! And I like the '!' at the end of 'Amazing'.

Sparkle, I really feel for you.. I couldn't run for 8 years, and even now I can't manage more than 2-3 runs a week. Injuries just seem to find me no matter what I do

Jaygee, any news on the house?

Mommajb, shingles? Oh boy. I am so sorry. It is really good to hear you talk about getting serious about self-care. And your kids are very funny

Real re boobs

So DS's sleeping through the night lasted precisely one night Oh well. One day I shall see sleep again. But, and this might sound nuts given DS's sleeping, but I am feeling really like I want to have another baby Is this nuts? Life is so crazy but I don't want to put off more kids on the off chance that life slows down a bit. DS just turned 15 months... Seriously, IS this nuts to think about?

Today I did a few things that are very unlike me.. I was very firm about something when I met with the Dean (I am not a fan of conflict or being assertive), I befriended an old college friend on FB who I had a massive falling out with.... silly stuff but I was hurt but I came across her profile and thought, 'why not'? and I bought a pair of skinny (as in really skinny!) black trousers from the Gap for work I wonder if I will ever wear them I must be really tired.
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Thread Starter 
Sparkle: reading along to say congrats on the dog, I'm so sorry you feel like you're not getting what you wanted. I hope it is better soon.

Who mentioned computers? I'm an apple computer person too.

Alex: you *do* have nine months to get used to the idea of another baby. Meaning that your "baby" will grow and change and you'll have time to adjust to the idea of another one. My kids are 35 months apart. It was great timing. But I do still want another. Or two. My dh is not yet convinced and will likely never get there.

Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
I feel like I do an awful lot of babysitting/managing emotional issues/classroom management and very little actual educating.
THIS is middle school. My own opinion is that you learn very little content in middle school. I would compare the role of middle school to the role of preschool. IMO you don't go to preschool to learn the letters, you go to learn how to be in a class.

What can you do now? You can teach at the community college level. The chronicle of higher ed often lists science jobs in Florida. I suspect they do the same for community college. CC teaching could get you back into the academic realm and free up some of your time for figuring out what you want to do next. Or what to do if you guys do ultimately decide to leave Florida.

You could also work for a non profit.

You could try to make some connections with the local college and see if there's any active researcher with money to pay someone.

You could decide to just suck it up and deal with it for a year. Make a decision to postpone making a decision.
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sparkletruck--Hooray for a new puppy! Please do send along pictures.

tjsmama--Good luck with nanny candidate number 2; I'm sorry it's been so difficult for you to find child care thus far. I can imagine how stressful that is.

Nic--I'm so sorry about your job. I taught eighth grade science before I burned out, and it was absolutely draining. I'm already dreading a little bit when DS goes to first grade and I won't have an excuse not to get back into the school system again.

Poppy--I love the shirt design! Thanks so much for doing so much work on this; it looks fantastic.

Jo--Oh, it sounds like things are so hectic right now; I hope you're doing okay and taking care of yourself.

Geo--The school where I used to teach had a pretty active Destination Imagination program, and sent a couple of teams to the competition. I once got talked into judging a competition, and it was actually really cool. The kids were obviously learning some good skills about working together, listening to each other, and formulating a plan to solve a strange problem. I liked it.

I actually ran today! Three and a half miles, which felt really good. I could have gone more, but definitely didn't want to push it. I've been grouchy the rest of the day, mostly because DH took the day off to go to the dentist but then the dentist called to say he was sick. DH decided not to go to work anyway, which saps all my motivation to get anything done. When he's home, he seems to feel like it's reasonable for him to devote all day to himself. He slept until 1, played on the computer.... didn't do anything helpful. Therefore, instead of doing laundry, raking leaves, painting our basement (all in my plans for today), I spent most of the day sitting around reading a book. Because it makes me resentful to be scrambling around doing stuff when he's at home and not contributing.

Then I developed a monster headache, anyway, which knocked me out of commission for most of the afternoon and evening. Ouch. It's stood strong to two aspirin and four ibuprofen so far.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get something accomplished. If DH goes to work.
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Oh, and Zub, I think everyone feels a little crazy when they decide to have that second baby. My kids are 19 months apart, totally planned that way. We've had rough patches, but nothing as bad as I'd imagined when I was about four months pregnant and asking myself why I ever thought it was a good idea to get pregnant again.

There's no such thing as perfect timing, but I really like having kids close together. Good luck on your decision!
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Alex ~ just wanted to chime in on the baby thing. My first two are 29 months apart and the next two are 26 months apart. Honestly, I love the 2 year age difference between them. Just wish I could have talked DH into #4, oh, about 3 years ago .

No news on the house. The people who came for a second showing on Friday called my agent yesterday for a plat map of our lot, so they're apparently still trying to decide between our house and one other. In new house news, DH stopped by the site today and all the electrical wiring is in, the front door and garage doors are installed, and the hot water heater is in. All the HVAC ductwork has been installed and all of the plumbing too. Apparently, they are starting drywall next week . We're going out October 28-30 for DS's 9th birthday and I can't wait to see our new home!

I also arranged a run with two women from my Power Pump class for Thursday morning ~ 3 miles at a 10-11 min/mi pace. Hope I can hang.... Still, I'm psyched to be running with friends again. One of them was Miss Indiana a few years ago. Three kids later, she's more gorgeous than I'll ever be (or have ever been ).

Bedtime .
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
But they'll need something to kick off their therapy with later right?

RM--impressive pace!

mommajb--eek! That's a lot to deal with. And I agree--you need to be connected. Also, I really like my Apple laptops, though the power cords seem to need replacing more often than I'd like. To be fair one time was because my then 2 yo R dropped my computer on its power cord....

Nemesis--I'm impressed by all your food preserving.

1jooj--here's find-a-vet vibes

poppy--I like the exclamation point! !!

sparkle--yay for the dog!

Nick--s: I wish I had useful advice, beyond the fact that I usually start breaking down in October despite the fact that I like my job.

zub--it's nuts, but don't let that stop you.

La4--hope DH goes to work tomorrow.

FM: got in 3 after dinner. It was a wet and chilly day, so I hadn't wanted to run with the stroller. The good news was that even if it was dark when I got home, at least it was a solo run!

Today was strange. School had parent-teacher conferences so the PM kindergarten didn't meet. I thought we'd go to playgroup which I've missed since R started school, but it was at a park and it was 45 degrees and raining. A couple of people talked about doing something else, and then the board went down for an upgrade. I was really bummed because I was looking forward to seeing some friends (other than the super-awesome Dingo visit last week, I've not had a chance to hang out with adult friends in a couple of months), but I wanted R to have fun anyhow. We decided to head to a local place that has a bunch of bounce houses indoors and is all of 3 minutes from our house. We were there about an hour when R came sliding down a slide yelling "Mama, my friend is here!" It turned out that her best friend from school had just arrived. The room mother had tried to email a bunch of us and suggest we all bring the kids there so they could run off some steam. She'd tried to email me but my email address is a little funky and she's not the first to get it wrong. At any rate, three other girls showed up and R got to run around and have a ton of fun, and I got to chat with some adults after all.
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Two more books for the semester, another $150 down the tubes.

Apparently today was the day for nanny candidate winners. First the one I interviewed, then I got an email from one who wants to bring her 2 1/2 yo with her AND pick up another family for a nanny share AND charge a flat rate of $350/week. Um, keep dreaming, lady. Ok, so $350/week would be a bargain for the weeks when I have 50 hours, but those are going to be lot less than the weeks that I only have 20-30 hours. And it's especially high given that she wants a nanny share and she wants to have her own kid with her, too! And then another applicant informs me that she's a smoker, but never at work and she recently switched to electric cigarettes. Ok, props for being upfront and honest, but still, not really appealing, ya know?

Here's hoping tomorrow's interview is way better!!!
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This too shall pass...this too shall pass...

Nic the right thing is out there. This probably is the right place for you right now, in this small transitional moment for your family. But something else is next. kerc's suggestions are all great, and I would add looking into tech writing or other communications--and an oddly good place to find those gigs is a placement agency/temp agency.

Alex, another happy 2.5-year gap mom here. I'm only now wishing for another. Things were so hard for so long in the marriage dept that I figured I could make it on my own with the two so that was where I stayed for a long time. Now I feel like I can trust dh and wouldn't mind adding...and he said the gap would be too wide. It would be wide...*sigh*

LaLaLaLa, we share the same ambition-sucking issue with the dhs. Go to work, LLLL's dh! Go on, now! Shoo!

Real, hanging out with adults sounds really, really nice. Especially while kids can bounce their bugs out, and everyone can go home refreshed. Ahhh.

I'm allergic to dogs and really dislike dog poo so it will never happen, but I am enjoying all the joyful energy around the puppy talk.

Nemesis, tell me about dehydrating peppers. Just wash, chop and dehydrate? For soups or what?

I think I am just going to order vax online and see if they'll ship. That will tell me if it's rx or not. Then, when dh gets home, we vax everyone. And vax every animal born here for the next few years. "I told you so" is never really fun around here.

I have a work meeting in the morning today, so I'll scramble to get in before 10 and plan to do something at the Y in the afternoon before kids get home. Then it's swimming night, so I can whirlpool or stretch or lift or all 3 while dd and ds do lessons. Leftover casserole for dinner. Sounds like the day is planned. And I'm taking off work tomorrow and NOT spending it doing housework.
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