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Penelope, I would probably wait for fairies, but that's not what I'd recommend. I have been doing my PT exercises for both my old "usual" injuries pretty faithfully, and it's working at least as a talisman. If fairies didn't work and my dh didn't travel, I'd probably sacrifice his time rather than work time.

Lofty, have fun! Hope you wore the boots!

And most of all... Go Gaye!

eks, what Plady said.

dh is soooo jetlagged, and my parents came over. They bought him a present--an arbor for the backyard--and dad and dh put it together. Looks nice. They also brought a big load of fallen apples for the animals.

And of course, dh brought about 20lbs of chocolate. I'm going to have to hand it out to friends. I think I may have eaten half of it already.

Vaxing animals tomorrow. That's a must. The rest is details, I guess. Big week ahead. Dh is home, getting a new backdoor installed, refinancing the mortgage, and hoping to take some time to myself before he trots off for another 2 weeks.

So...who's taking shirt orders?
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I think Mel is taking the orders, but I need to talk to screenprinter on Monday to finalize things. Once I do that, I'll confirm price, size range and colors and Mel can decide how she wants to receive the info and payment (or payment comes to me because I'll be the one putting money down to get the order started) I'm sure there will be a window of time ie all orders in by certain date with payment needed before order is placed with printer.

Sound reasonable?
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Sounds WONDERful.

So...who wants to come over and take some of this chocolate off my hands?
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penelope~How about another option? Go talk to the athletic trainers and find out a recommendation for a PT in your work town. They should know who's good.
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Loft - i hear you on the lack of friends. Maybe that is why i spend so much time on facebook (the only time/place i interact with anyone *sigh*

Jo - Happy homecoming! And I'd take some chocolat, but my hips would hate me for it (though my PMSing hormones would LOVE it!)

Me - anxiously waiting for Thursday to see teh Orthopedic Dr and hear my MRI results. My knee buckled under me just walking in the kitchen today (of course i have most uneven floors in all of NY state), but I've really had not much pain (more like, discomfort, but maybe cause i'm unconscienly avoiding pain now, like stairs, and kneeling). Wondering if I'll need PT to streangthen the knee up if it's not torn.. just not sure.

So tomorrow I'm heading to church and then going to spend the afternoon baking school snacks for the week with the kids.
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Gaye, that's a good idea. I will have to figure out if they (or anyone) can take me without a sports doc referral - maybe the trainers could refer me for insurance purposes. (?)
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I like Gaye's suggestion. Like Jo, I'm usually a wait for the fairies to work things out for myself. When I was having ITB problems, foam rolling was what REALLY made the difference for me. Hurt like hell, but made all the difference in the world. Also, the zumba (which I haven't been do since I broke my leg) really helped with gently strengthening the surrounding muscles. I think the high intensity, but low impact lateral movement really made a difference.

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
So...who wants to come over and take some of this chocolate off my hands?
I've just been waiting for the invitation!!

Gaye!!!!! You are running a marathon today!!! (I am forever making the typo "marathong").

It's doubtful that I'm going to get any significant FM today. DH is gone with a customer all morning, and my brother is supposedly coming around lunch time (his track record of actually showing up is slightly more than the chances of winning the lottery). It's been a rough week because I've been tired with puppy duty/kids' schedules. I'm also likely to miss tri class this week due to my friend that picks my kids up from dance while we are in class being out of town on Wednesday. It is really sad to me that I have no other resources for babysitting. Anyway, can't be in two places at once, and the kids need to be picked up. I'm planning on sending DH to class, and I'll get a copy of the workout and do it either earlier in the day, or the following day. I do plan on trying to get to the gym m-f next week and seeing how that works!
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go gaye!!!!
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Penelope - 20 minutes TWICE a day or twenty minutes total - Id aim for the latter. Just think 10 minutes at a time; maybe stretch (hold it for 1.5-2 minutes) and do 3x10 clamshells alternating with 3x10 leg-lifts-against-the-wall. Then in the evening, foam roll

Go Gaye!!!
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GO GAYE!!! : broccoli

Penelope, I like Gaye's advice. It can't hurt to try, right?

Jo, I'm on my way over. (in my dreams. Seriously.)

The shindig was something else. When I got there, all the cowboys were lined up on their Harleys giving women rides and the women had to stand up in the bikes with their mouths wide open to grab the hot dog slathered in mustard with their mouths. See any symbolism? Um, no thank you. I also passed on the carburetor-throwing contest but let the kids buy squares for chicken poop bingo. A few people remembered me as a girl and all the old folks remembered my dad. (Oh how, I miss him.) one guy is the high school principal and has a high school English position opening next year and plans to come knock on my door so I will take it. Another friend about 5 years younger just moved home and plans to come visit. So that's good, right? I've Bern thinking, too, that since there are women who wanted yoga teaching that maybe there are some who would like a tri-class. It sounds pie-in-the-sky but I'll put it out there.

Have a great day, lovely dingoes!
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I'm so glad you met some people, Lofty!

Gaye is on time for a kick ass marathon time!!!!
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Oh, and an update on my social plans...Looks like I'm not winning the brother lottery today. I wish I knew why I keep trying.
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Ok, Lofty, that is one of the funniest descriptions I have read in a long time. Should be part of a short story ... or an essay by David Sedaris (or DFW)

FM: That's right ladies, not a mistype. I hiked today. Went up into the mtns. where a stream was still running (in the Southwest in Fall!) and the leaves were changing. We walked along the trail through a bower of yellow leaves for a mile as we ascended up a steep ledge that topped out with a 360 degree view. The kids: "this is AWESOME!". They played in the stream, building forts, for an hour, and we hiked a few miles (maybe 3) out and back. Daisy (the dog) did great with all the other dogs she met on the trail - i am much relieved - and now dd2 and Daisy are CRASHED out, the former in the car and the latter in her crate, where she went directly after coming in the front door. After dd2 wakes we'll head to Costco - woot - and then dh will be home from work. phew...

Go Gaye!!
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I think that as adults it can be so hard to make friends.

KJosyln- I hope you get fixed up soon!

Jo- If you send back the book, toss in some chocolate!

FM- I walked 2 miles with my MIL, then walk/jogged 2 with DH this morning. It was good to get out, and good to have DH home to watch the kids.

My kids are going home with MIL for a few days, and it is wrought with scheduling issues, already! I have pumpkins to process, carrots to dry, buns to bake, and a DH that would like a date with me for the first time in ages.
I am a little fried because I want to have a little time to myself to sew in a clean house. And I have a feeling it won't happen. *sigh*
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Great race, Gaye!!!! And you look super-speedy in your Brooks gear!

Nemesis ~ let the work wait and sew for a few hours. It will be restorative. Trust me .

KJoslyn ~ hope it's not your ACL. I tore mine (and the medial meniscus too) in a ski accident in 1996. I know the repair surgery has come a long way in 14 years though. I have arthritis from mine .

sparkle ~ that sounds like some wonderful FM up in the mountains .

Well, DH is headed back to Illinois. Nine more weeks to go... We had a fantastic time this weekend celebrating his 47th birthday . Unfortunately, Kay has a nasty case of croup and a super sore throat. Her rapid strep test was negative today, but I won't be surprised if the regular test comes back positive. Is it selfish of me to be bummed that I won't be able to run tomorrow since she won't be going to school? Yeah, I thought so.
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Gaye -

JayGee - thanks. My Reg dr thought i torn the meniscus while camping (i thought i was just a wimp who couldn't kneel, so i waited to see him until my regular thyroid check up with him)... should have gone in sooner (where were the "get better fairies then?). Plus, i really hate this Ortho.. knew me for all of 10 seconds and had ALL sorts of things to talk about - that was NOT my knee.

and GL with the strep... we had that here with my oldest last week
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Gaye, so excited to read the RR!

My gentle FM today - a nice 6m bike ride with dd. Other than that, it has been grading, grading, church, prep for class tomorrow, grading, and more grading. I did also fold a buncha laundry so at least we're all in clean socks and undies for the week.

I'm life-stressing. I need online therapy since IRL therapy feels too complicated.
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I did it! I'm a marathoner (again)!

Prepare for a reeeeeaaaallly long race report because a) I want to type it all out before I forget and b) that's just how I roll, but you guys know that by now.

So, as you all know, I've kind of been in denial all week about this marathon thing. I think part of that was just doubt that I could actually do it! Even as I was laying all my gear out last night, I really was not grasping that I was running a marathon this morning! Oh, and then I woke up and found dog puke in the bathroom and my closet, so that was a fabulous start to my morning. I headed down to the start, was plenty early, but miraculously as I was texting with my friend Liz to figure out where she was, I ran (almost literally) right into her! I also miraculously managed to find my friend Shannon, who didn't even have a phone...no small feat in a sea of 15k runners, the majority gathered right in front of the gear check/portopotties! It was COLD, and I really didn't want to check my bag, but it was time, so we checked and walked over to the start. Everyone was in separate corrals, but it was awesome to have some friendly company until we split! Eventually we started moving forward, but it took 17 minutes for my corral to get over the start line, and we were off!

The first four miles were through downtown, and it was fun. I think the best cheerleading squads were in this section, and my friend Randi was at the mile 2 aid station, so I got to get a cheer and a quick hug from her. Oh, and I saw a woman totally run into a fence on a rented bicycle at about 1/2 a mile in, which was hilarious (she was laughing, so I felt ok about laughing at it!). I saw my friend Hillary's DH around mile 3, and then it was up a short but steep hill out of downtown. I was feeling pretty good at this point, so I figured I'd just go with it and hang on as long as I could. I thought that at the very least, I'd bank some time for later on! There was an out-and-back section where I saw Hillary and a friend from school, which was fun. Randi was right around mile 9 and ran with me for a few blocks and gave me a pep talk, then it was on to a long gradual uphill that seemed a lot worse than it did during last year's half! Right around the half, my friend Cody (remember him? ) was there and ran with me for a few blocks. I cannot tell you how much having friends along the course helped. It was unbelievably awesome. At the half, I was pretty much rocking it. I was at 2:20 and hoping to hold on for at least 4:45. My friend Lindsay was at mile 16, where we were going around and through one of the 3 big parks in town for about 5 miles. She was fantastic...brought oranges and a bottle of water and ran with me for a bit before peeling back to try to catch Hillary and then get me on the other side of the park. By the time I saw her again just before 19, I had hit the wall. Not having so much fun anymore. But still smiling! I walked with her a little bit (I didn't walk at all until the mile 17 aid station, go me!) and let her give me a pep talk. From there it was just a little over 10k to go, so I knew I would finish, I just had to tough it out. My friend Becky surprised me by popping up at EXACTLY the right moment around mile 21 and running with me (pushing a stroller!) for a few minutes. This part of the course was tough. It wasn't in a very scenic area, the crowds had thinned, and it was starting to heat up. At mile 21, I knew 4:45 was gone, but thought if I could just run 12 minute pace, I could still PR. By 22, I figured that was going to be a stretch. At 23.5, for some unknown reason, they ran us up a viaduct just to turn around and come right back down. Thanks a lot, course designers! There was a lot more walking the last 10k than I had hoped for, but I was still smiling! I made it a point the last few miles to really try to thank all the volunteers and police officers.

Soon enough, I was running across the finish line, and there was Becky again, and Hillary's DH! I'm so proud of myself. I didn't have exactly the race I wanted, but I really did have fun. I smiled the entire 26.2. I'm not sure why, but I was really emotional today, too. I almost started crying after I finished, and I didn't even come close after Phoenix! I hung out for awhile with Becky and waited for Hillary to finish (her first full mary, hooray!) and then got some lunch with a friend from school. I hurt, but I'm still smiling. I don't know why, but I just can't stop! It was a beautiful day, perfect weather, good friends (even if I never found half of them!!!), and I ran 26.2 miles. Not bad for being in denial right up until the start.

And as always, much love to my dingo(e)s. I carried you all with me the entire 26.2.
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hey hey!!!!! i don't have time to go through 13 pages of posts, but I am soooo in for a shirt this year - especially with that fantastic design.

things are craaaazy - closing on the new house on the 29th, moving that weekend.

running is good - not a lot of distance at all, but going fast. pulled out a third overall place finish in the big breast cancer 5K around here, won a small 5K a few weeks ago, and a second place in a 5K when i was on a mini-vaca in NC.

life is good.
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Gaye: Wow! Sounds like an excellent 26.2!!

Kate~mom: on your 5K times and on the house and moving!
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