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Allrighty, need some nanny advice here. I interviewed candidate #2 today, and I liked her. She's 62, used to be a nurse in the 70's, worked in a preschool for one of the local school systems for years, and most recently was a nanny for twins and was suddenly let go when some daycare slots opened up unexpectedly. She was very nice, I liked her, talks a LOT, seemed a teeny bit desperate, but really seemed to understand the flexibility required and that I can't guarantee a minimum number of hours each week. Lives with her daughter, so making the rent each month is probably not as big a concern. My brain tells me to hire her. The other candidate, who I interviewed yesterday, is in her 20's and a new grad with an elementary ed degree who hasn't been able to find a teaching job. She really interacted with DS and seemed to have a lot of energy. I don't know her situation entirely and why she would be able to afford to work for me, kwim? Which worries me. Also, that she could potentially find a teaching job next year. But I really liked her. GAH. I'm probably going to make an offer to the older one, but anyone have any thoughts?

I planned to run or go for a bike ride today, but it just didn't happen. Oh well. I feel like I got zilch done today, between two (yes, two) trips to Costco and the interview. Sigh. Oh well...hoping to get a run in tomorrow after class. And now, it's time to study for tomorrow's dosage calc test. You know, because we just did this in our last class, and now we have to do it again for this one.
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WOOOOHOOOOOOO, mommajb!!!!!!!!!

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mommajb - Congrats!!

tjsmama - You're crazy. But it's ok, that's what we love about you! I think your link was broken - look at the one I put on the race list and make sure I linked to the right race you're running. In your situation, I'd go with the older lady. I think the younger one, regardless of what she says, is going to need to keep looking for a better job using her degree. Here's my un-asked for advice (having spent 22 years trying to keep my kids well looked after when I couldn't be there!) - feel free to ignore if you like. IME, if you need a professional, reliable, caregiver, you have to treat the job like a professional, real job. I pay my dcp a minimum number of hours a week (actually, because of my crazy job, I pay her full time, every single week, regardless of how much I need her because I might need her more), and I pay her vacation, just like she would get from a real job, and we pay her extra if we need her more than 40 hours (which happens only rarely). I need to be able to count on her all the time, and I don't need her constantly looking around for a job that is more reliable. I've had much better luck going that way then trying to get someone to put up with my crazy schedule and variable hours. In your situation, I think a nanny-share may well work great, so you could offer a better salary and better stability and not be out of pocket so much yourself. We're finally on the downswing with daycare - just one school aged child left in!

KJosyln78 - did you ever get some MRI results and a plan?

JayGee - that just really bites that your big weekend got so derailed. Poor ds, he must feel really bad, too. Hopefully having dad home will help cheer him up.

1jooj - Many hugs as you figure out the big picture. It's hard. There are so many little things that pile up on you, sometimes you turn around and you're so far from what you imagined/planned/wished for and really need to be doing.

NRR - I feel like I need to do some big picture thinking, too. I'm really not particularly happy with my current job situation. I love my clients (for the most part) and love being a small town doc, but I'm not happy with our current management (my practice was purchased by our hospital system 6 mos ago) and I'm not happy with the direction our administration is moving in the hospital. I feel like some of what I love about practice is being chipped away at, and the things I most dislike are becoming a bigger and bigger part of my day. I've always been interested in some day teaching, preferably in a residency setting, and think I'd have fairly good luck finding an academic job. On the other hand, I have 3 children still in school, a dh with a difficult job to replace, and even thinking about looking into moving seems so difficult. My oldest dd is a junior in high school, and taking her out of her school at this late game just seems like a bad idea. Sigh. I think many of us need some kind of big decision fairy to drop by.

I am taking off an hour early tomorrow from work. My girls and I are going to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour tomorrow night. We watch the show sort of obsessively, and they are excited. Caroline and I just got a box in the mail today, with matching Hanna dresses for her and I and she was so happy - she wants us to go in our matching dresses (which are supposed to be for the holiday season)

RR - Still plugging away. I'm running a 10K next Sunday. I'd really like to break an hour. There. I said it in public. Surely, if I just did a half in 2:07+, I can break an hour in a 10K, right? 5 miles tonight, on the treadmill. Tomorrow, guts and butts. My instructor is leaving the Y There is supposedly a replacement for Mondays and Fridays, but not yet for Wednesdays, which are my big days to work out. I'll give the new instructor a try and see what happens, I guess.
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Good Morning! Thankfully, the yucks appear to have left our house and everyone is awake, happy, and enjoying a morning off from school !

mommajb ~ congratulations on passing and to you!!!!!

tjsmama ~ I'd go with the older candidate, personally, just for stability's sake. Good luck on your test.

drjen ~ yes, those giant life decision faries sure need to come visit the dingoes . You CAN do a 10K in under a hour. Especialy with a half that fast. Your runs have been speedy recently and you are in great shape. I bet you'll come in well under 60 minutes .

DH is coming home tonight. Just in time too, because Mama needs a run. Bad.
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mommajb! I hope you are getting a lift from this great news!

Gaye, drjen is so wise. I would also go with the older candidate, and I think, too, the nanny share might we worth its benefits. Not only can you share the cost, but if you share, maybe that near-guarantee of hours can help retain the nanny. Retention is hard everywhere, and while the economy is providing a lot of candidates, it's also providing a lot of instability. The more stability you can create, the more likely you'll have a long-term nanny. Good luck!

bec, God bless you mamas who step up for these jobs. Sincerely!

drjen, a close person's (rn at a family practice) employer is revamping its structure to a "medical home" model. I don't know what it means, but for her, it means a job change. Several rns will very closely work with patients who have top-ranked health problems (based on the stats for their practice). It seems to be a way to try to keep docs doctoring, nurses nursing, and so on, but I don't know how it plays out IRL. Guess we'll see. There's such a need for good family docs. I hope you can find the place that feeds your soul and your family.

Plady, word to your mother.

I took the kids to the Y and told them to swim for an hour while I worked out. Ds refused to go swimming, so dd couldn't, and they basically wasted an hour while I worked out. I did 10min on the arc trainer (hate it, makes my feet cramp), 2mi on the tm, and then 20 min on the bike. My feet are feeling kind of plantar fasciitis-y, so I am trying to train carefully.

I also switched from reg Vit D to the fish oil with D. I don't like how much ibuprofen I take. I feel like I want to just clean things up, and I should probably tap into some resources to structure the diet some. See a trend here? Every little thing...I feel like I need to do just a little better. I'm on the right track, I think, and I'm not feeling doomed or devastated, just challenged. Remember, I deal with SAD, so...maybe this is part of this year's manifestation. Still, need to bake my flaxseed bread, get my Omega-3s and D, and work out 5 days a week.

Hanging in, anyway. Feeling loved, here and by friends and dh and family, and that helps a lot.
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JayGee - Yay for the sickies leaving! Does this mean your weekend is back on? If it isn't, I hope you are able to do something fun locally with your family. I know you have been living for the weekends as time to reconnect and BE a family again. Not too much longer!

DrJen - You can ABSOLUTELY run a sub 60 minute 10k! Especially with as fast as you have been lately!

Gaye - I would go with the older lady, too. It seems that her situation is better suited to give you the stability you need with the instability of your schedule. Plus, it sounds like she has a lot of good experience.

mommajb - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Are you going to celebrate?

The big kids have gotten off to school in their costumes, and I will go over later to watch the parade. Then, after they get home, I am taking all the kids to the workplace of my neighbor (I watch her daughter before and after school) to trick or treat at her company. It will be fun, but hectic. I am very pleased with the kids costumes this year. Katie is a scarecrow, Abby is a bee, and Emily is a water bottle.

I'm thinking of a rest day, other than dog walking. I haven't had one for a while, so I'm about due! I'm hoping to weather the Halloween candy onslaught, but, I also know my limitations. Maybe I'll start that sugar free kick after the weekend.
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I'm doing strength training again this morning, and a short walk planned for this afternoon. Some exercise I did this week left my leg/shin in pretty intense pain. So, I am hoping to start running again next week.

Dh agreed to do the Warrior Dash with me! Maybe I can get MIL in on it, too?

Mommajb! How exciting!

Bec- Enjoy your rest day! How is the pup?
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Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
Here's my un-asked for advice (having spent 22 years trying to keep my kids well looked after when I couldn't be there!) - feel free to ignore if you like. IME, if you need a professional, reliable, caregiver, you have to treat the job like a professional, real job. I pay my dcp a minimum number of hours a week (actually, because of my crazy job, I pay her full time, every single week, regardless of how much I need her because I might need her more)

We pay our dcp for a minimum number of hours (in our instance: Leah 20 hours a week + Erin 3 afternoons a week). I don't usually *need* 3 afternoons a week for Erin and she's better off coming home than daycare. But the quality of care is worth it. Leah's usually there ~30 hours a week, possibly more next semester as dh's job is on the upswing.

Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
NRR - I feel like I need to do some big picture thinking, too. I'm really not particularly happy with my current job situation.
I've been wondering....we used to hear fantastic stories while you were labor sitting and we just haven't heard much. Maybe you could move here. I forget exactly what dh does down there in Chi-town land, but there's the other end of a big experiment up here in Minnesota....just saying...

I had a week. I know where TCIF comes from after this week.
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Good morning!

mommajb--Congratulations! And I hope your birthday is great and you do something fun today.

tjsmama--Good luck with the new nanny situation. The older woman sounds like she has the potential to be more flexible, so that would be good.

doctorjen--I hope you'll be able to figure out what you need to do about your job. I'm sorry that the sale of your practice has meant changes for the worse.

JayGee--It's so great that everyone is finally feeling better in your household!

1jooj--I'm glad you're taking steps to feel more balanced and stay on top of the SAD. I've heard it's a tricky thing to work around.

bec--I'm glad you got the costumes done! How did you manage the water bottle one?

I finished reading "The Explosive Child" and found myself feeling profoundly grateful for our minimal problems. And I managed to pull out a few key bits of wisdom. I tabbed the pages; now I just need to get DH to read them and hope we'll be on the same page.

Yesterday I ran 7.5, and I'm a bit sore today. It's a rest day, anyway, so I'm hoping by tomorrow my legs will have recovered. Today is DD's school Halloween parade and her class party. I need to get on top of the class email lists, because this is the third party (and DS' on Monday will be the fourth) where I've had to provide fruit. Expensive, time-consuming, thankless fruit. Next time a party is coming up, I'm going to stalk my email so I can be that mom who gets the message first and says "Oh, I'd love to help. I'll bring napkins."

So, I spent far too long last evening slicing watermelon into thin slices, then cutting out ghosts with a cookie cutter. Because I'm dorky like that.

Enjoy the weekend, and the candy-fest, for all who celebrate!
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Another vote for the older sitter. My first gut instinct was "the younger one is going to be looking for a teaching job from day one". No matter how much she loves your kiddo, she's going to be trying to use her degree and find full time work. I also think that paying for a minimum number of hours is vital to keeping someone with you long term. One doula I know (a single mom) pays her nanny per hour plus a base of $x per month for the on call time. If she works those hours, half of her hourly rate comes from that money, if she doesn't work she has a bit money for staying flexible. My stepson is currently changing jobs because his schedule fluctuated so wildly. It made it really hard for him to budget and plan his life.

DocJen, I'd like to suggest the lovely University of Washington. In all seriousness, I hear you on the stress over even the thought of moving. We've talked about it several times, even just to get a new house, and it gives me panic attacks.

Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post

So, I spent far too long last evening slicing watermelon into thin slices, then cutting out ghosts with a cookie cutter. Because I'm dorky like that.

Enjoy the weekend, and the candy-fest, for all who celebrate!
People bring FRUIT to a kid's Halloween party? Who knew? Yes, I'm still bitter about the menu at E's party. Decorated sugar cookies, candies for bingo games, chips. I signed up to bring juice pouches and people seemed a bit put out that I brought the Hansen's natural ones.....I was asked "do we need to make sure E gets one of these? ". Ya know, kids aren't going to know the difference between my 100% juice/water blend, no sugar added stuff and the HFCS crap, but I'm going to do my part to give them less of it.

You are welcome to provide your dorky snacks to my kids any time.

I'm sitting here debating a run on the flat trail (to see how my leg does without my neighborhood hills) vs a spin class. Part of me is thinking that my leg has been flaring worse when I'm spending time on the bike and wonders if I've been pointing blame in the wrong place. The other part of me thinks a run is a bad idea- yesterday was supposed to be a yoga day, the class got cancelled, so I ended up doing 45 minutes on the stairmill, which led to some very tired legs. Sigh. I'm really overthinking this. What was that saying again?
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After 11 hours of sleep last night, I feel SO much better! That said, I'm still not going back to re-ready 2 pages of posts, forgive me.

mommajb - congrautlations! and Happy Birthday!

Gaye - I wish i had some advise on childcare... I've been lucky that only dd1 has every needed childcare (DH was in the Army at the time), she was 3 then, and was in the hospital day care, right across a parking lot from me or my ex-stepmother. I agree that the older prodiver does seem like the better choice of the 2, as i agree that the younger one will likely give notice and leave for a teaching position.

DocJen - Hoping for some "big life" decision fairy to head your way *hugs*

JayGee - glad you are all on the mend!

bec - sounds like neat costumes! I do wonder too how a water bottle costume is made!

1jooj - i hope the new regiment of fish oil and vit d works even better for you.

So, I haven't been able to get into the Ortho office. They wont schedule me late enough in the day to actually get in to go (and without a reason as to why they can not schedule me either). I told the receptionist to tell the Dr to call if there was a tear and I would work on trying to get in earlier in the day. Over a week later and no call from them, so I'm making an appt with my regular Dr, since I have the MRI scan on a CD myself that the MRI office gave me (plus, I believe he can access them via computer in his office anyways w/o my disc). Enough is enough.

So, I'm hoping that tomorrow (if DH isnt working overtime) I can check out the local gym. While I can move nearly fine/pain free on level surfaces, inclines, certain stretches are painful. So I need to find something to do with myself, non-left knee related. I do try to go walking in the evening, but I nearly slipped and hit by a car (county road, no sidewalks) because of wet leaves. Yeah, that's the last thing I need right now. But I am way to antsy to keep being "still".
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Here's the deal on the water bottle. I took a clear shower curtain and folded it in half and wrapped it around her. I used some clear tubing around the bottom to help hold the shape. Tied it around her neck at the top (using the curtain hook holes to thread the tie). I used a piece of white cardboard, scored, to wrap around her head for the cap. Print out and tape a sign saying fresh spring water, and and we had a water bottle!
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I am very cautiously because I have a nanny! I offered to the older woman, and she accepted the job. Trying not to get too excited about it since we've seen how my previous situations have worked out, but.... I completely hear all of you on the paying a minimum thing, but the sad truth is that I just cannot afford it. Even with XH paying the majority of the childcare, I can't. I don't have that money to spare.

DS is on the plane to Ohio. I really need to get some work done while he's gone. I actually just picked up a couple of hours of work tomorrow afternoon, so that will be great. It's not much, but it's something, ya know? If it ends up being a whopping $40 after taxes, that's still $40 I didn't have before!

Pharm test in the morning, so I need to get some studying in tonight, but MUST get to bed earlyish. It was nearly 2 by the time I got to bed last night. Mostly because my laptop is currently a piece o' crap. (Froze up, then took nearly an hour to reboot. Twice. ) I'm currently debating Sunday's run...I could go meet up with the local trail running group for a 1.5 to 2 hour trail run in one of my favorite parks, but that would entail having to get up way too early on a Sunday morning with no DS to get me up. Or I could sleep in and try to motivate myself to run later. Um, yeah. Good luck with that.

bec~love the water bottle creativity! Wish I could come up with something like that. I went as a TV one year...we had a big box from something that we cut a head hole and arm holes in, my sister drew a picture of Winnie the Pooh for the screen and put all the buttons on (she's pretty artistic), and then we tied one of those old school antennas in my hair somehow. Still one of my favorite costumes ever!
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
I think we must be sisters. My mom is exactly the same. She always acts all nervous about how busy I am and how I must need rest. I'm all, "Mom! I'll rest when I'm dead!"
I say that ALL THE TIME to my mother.

Penelope--sorry about your knee giving you trouble.

Mel--you're here during some awesome weather. Good job on the timing! Check out the Platte River or Cherry Creek trails if you're anywhere near them. Sloan's Lake is a nice run too. Even if it's not quite a 3-mile loop, the mountain views more than make up for it.

bec--WTG on walking and getting to the gym, despite all the other stuff you're doing.

JayGee--ugh. It's so hard to lose that time.


drjen--you can totally break an hour in a 10K. Here's my non-scientific proof: you seemed to be running really comfortably with us despite the altitude a few weeks ago, and seeing as tjsmama and I have both broken an hour, I'm sure you can. And here are some fast vibes too.

KJ--hope you're able to make it to the gym tomorrow.

Volunteered at R's "fall party" today (our school makes a concerted effort to avoid anything smacking of Halloween) and that was fun. I brought applesauce (someone else brought grapes, ftr, and then there were some sweet treats too) and got to supervise one of the activities. It was really interesting to see the variety in the classroom and R really appreciated that I was there. Then she had a complete breakdown and spent most of the next two hours sobbing and/or screaming about one thing or another. I think having the field trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday followed by a party with mom at school today was a wee bit too much for this kindergartner.

FM: ran 5 after dinner, including 5 hill repeats. It was really warm today (75!) so it was so comfortable to be out tonight even if it was dark. Also, there were no screaming kids outside, so even though I'd only planned 4, that extra mile felt really good.
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Thanks for all the congrats and birthday wishes.

Gaye, that the nanny is perfect.

drjen, I am so sorry the changes in your practice didn't solve much for you. As the kiddos get older one would expet the balancing act to get easier and the satisfaction levels to rise. Your birth stories bring tears to my eyes, stay with your passions. Things do work out but I hope the process isn't too painful.

JG, I hope everyone stays healthy for you. By the time you see your new house you will be so impressed with the progress they've made!

jo, stay proactive in the SAD fight! Lighter chores and more running is a good thing while you have it.

bec, you really give it your all on the costumes. I am taking the wimpy way out and letting the sort through the bin to pick from the existing supply. Luckily my mom made soem great ones for ds1 and dd1 for a couple of years and they are in there. T-O-T is tonight here.

nemesis, for pain free runs.

La4, I am with you on the napkins. I don't appreciate the parties one bit. I don't like the junky plastic toys or all the food or anything else. Bah humbug.

KJ, I am sorry you are hurting. SOmetimes the activity in one part of our life clouds our view of another part. Perhaps the ortho isn't in the office in the afternoon for personal reasons? I hope you are able to run soon, the release sounds needed.

Lisa, my d3 seems to do wonderfully at school and then cannot hold it together in the evening. The meltdowns pick up steam as the week goes on. Last night we had a parent mixer for ds1's class and we left a royal mess at the house. Neither of us wanted to attend but we didn't leave as quickly as planned. Just commiserating.

Soccer tourneys, basketball, and more today. Remember the movie Hoosiers? Not only are we in Indiana but that is our athletic conference. I don't think ds1 wants to play basketball but he is getting so much pressure from the coach and principal. Dh has even told them while he is tall he can't play, they don't want him. It is a small school and they need everyone. The broken foot was handy for a bit but now I think I am going to practice with him to check it out today.
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Real, my dd does similar things still. At almost 7. Somtimes I just have to call game over and get that girl to sleep to reset her. Our school has a party limit, and Halloween would have pushed dd's class over, so they skipped it. We're all off for teacher conferences this week, anyway.

mommajb, I missed your birthday yesterday. I hope it was lovely! Good luck with the forced sports. At least you and dh are in agreement. That alone goes a long way.

I am forcing sports. Not really, but ds is convinced I am the meanest mother ever because he has to do swim lessons again. Yes, I am forcing him to go until he passes rotary breathing and crawl. Yes, I am aware he is among the older kids in the class. Yes, this is bc I started him late. And that is bc I didn't have $$ before for the lessons. I think I told this story before. But the new Y session starts today, so last night we wasted an hour of time chatting with dh about it and discussing how many things parents do that we hate and later thank them for. Oh. My. God. And the kid is not yet 10.

So I'll go sweat while my kids swim.

I've decided to research a writer's retreat and see if I can go. Not San Miguel de Allende, sadly, or maybe... lofty?
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Gaye ~ on the nanny!!! I really, really hope she works out for the long haul.

mommajb ~ good luck today with all the stuff on your plate. That stinks that your DS is getting so much outside pressure to play basketball .

real ~ way to get out and enjoy that perfect fall weather! My 1st grade DD melts down like that after a huge day too. We've come to expect it....

KJoslyn ~ that's ridiculous that they can't/won't read you your MRI results over the phone. In fact, they should be able to give you a copy of the radiologist report. I've always been able to call up the ortho and pop in the office some time that day for the written report of findings. See if they can do that for you .

Lalala ~ nice job on the watermelon ghosts! I feel very fortunate that all three of my kids came home from their fall parties with a good assortment of healthy (apples, grapes, whole grain crackers) and candy.

jooj ~ swimming lessons are non-negotiable in our house too. My Dad never learned to swim and he really regrets it. He's taken lots of swimming lessons as an adult, but could never get past his fear of deep water. As I've told my children, I don't care how much you hate swimming lessons ~ you will take them until you pass Red Cross level 4 .

Today is DS's 9th birthday !!!!! Hard to believe that 9 years ago, I was going into my 3rd day of a failed induction and getting prepped to be rolled in for a c-section ! DH got home last night and played with the kids until well after 10:00pm. Today he has promised me a run .
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Happy Birthday to Kristina's ds!

Jo, with you on the swim lessons. Luckily my kids have really taken to them and enjoy them. Now I am at the Y for them 3 times a week...2x for each girl (luckily they're in the same group) and once for ds.

And speaking of 'forced' sports Mommajb. So dds' swim instructor is one of the Y's team coaches (the Y swim team here is big time...best in the state...and they have a noncompetitive younger 'pre team.') So dd2 is a natural in the water. Dd1, being built more like her mommy, has to work a lot harder to see improvements in athletic endeavors of any kind. Dd1 is naturally athletic like her daddy. The swim instructor wants dd2 for the team but doesn't think dd1 is ready. Dd1 is very sensitive to this kind of stuff, so I am not sure how to approach it. I haven't said anything yet to the girls, because they both need to master breast stroke first so that's at least another session of lessons before they can try out.

Sigh. Some of us are just not naturals at athletics but it's so hard to see those comparisons being made of your kids, you know? I have to work incredibly hard just to run 'fast' -- and my 'fast' is a really very slow 10 minute mile. I've been running for nearly 20 years, on and off, and even at my fittest (which is pretty much now) and on my best day, I have never broken 9:30. It's frustrating.

Busy day ahead...going to the pumpkin patch/corn maze.

My house is yech and I really need to do some cleaning. But I just don't really want to.
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
I am forcing sports. Not really, but ds is convinced I am the meanest mother ever because he has to do swim lessons again.
Yeah. You have to finish the lessons at the Y out (passing them all) AND be able to jump in, swim 100 yards. Why? Because when you are 20 and want to go white water rafting with your friends you need to know how to swim. When you're 30 and your kids fall off the dock you need to know you can safely do it so you don't drown trying.

oy. weekend.
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Jo - did you get my pm?

mommajb - Congrats! and Happy Birthday!

Nic - I applaud people who work hard at things (ok, I initially wrote thongs ) that dont "come naturally", yk? Anyone can run when its easy, its trying and pushing your limits and being persistent that are truly warrior like and admirable to me! I always want to yell out my car window at the slow overweight runner jogging along (not that this describes you, but you know what I mean) because they are doing it! and there I am on my a** in the car. Im sorry you dont feel the payback for the effort you put in

Gaye - I think the nanny you chose was the way to go. I hope it works out!!

FM: been walking a lot with the dog. Walked a speedy (15 min miles) 5 miles the other day and now have shin splints Two birthday parties today, back to back, but first we have to buy the presents One of the kids wants something for her altar , or a gift certificate to a bead store where they sell such things. Her mama is a pagan/wican(?) Have a good weekend everyone
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