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Homebirthing in the Danville, VA area

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Just wanted to stop by and let people know that there are options for homebirthing in the SOVA area of Virginia. Although we moved out of the area about three months ago, we were fortunate enough to have had a wonderful midwife who attended our homebirth in Danville. Since I remember looking thur this tribe when I was first searching for a midwife, I thought I would stop by and let folks know that they are out there so don't give up and I'm more than happy to share info via PM if you need it.
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options in Danville, VA

Yes, there are homebirthing options around the Danville area. I've attended several just a little south & southwest of Danville, VA
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Would you PM me information about midwives in the South Boston/Danville Va area?  I live in Durham, NC.  Nearly all of the midwives have lost their back up MD in our area

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I am, also, one of the Homebirth CNMs affected by the loss of supervising OB. I would contact the Virginia Commonwealth of Midwives or Midwives Alliance of North America for some names of midwives that may be able to assist you.  My Prayers for you & All others affected! Karen Benfield, CNM

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