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Which was a harder jump....0 to 1...or 1 to 2? - Page 2

Poll Results: Which was a harder jump.....

  • 58% (85)
    0 to 1 child
  • 41% (60)
    1 to 2 children
145 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by prothyraia View Post
0-1 for sure.

My second child actually made life EASIER, because he was a very mellow baby and his presence gave his intense older brother someone to focus on other than ME
Me too, DD loved her brother immediately and didn't need us so much.
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I'm sorry to say that they were equally awful, just in different ways.
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0 to 1 was great. dd1 was a super easy baby.

1 to 2 so far is very challenging. I feel like I'm failing dd1 all the time because I have no choice but to put the baby's needs ahead of her. There's no time to rest at all. I'm trying not to complain because dd2 is a desperately wanted miracle baby after many m/c, but the fact remains that this is really difficult.
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0-1 was easy peasy, having a child was a delight and a joy most minutes of most days and our marriage was the sweet sacred font of the new life we had brought forth.

1-2 nearly broke us. He was cute, but we were tired. Too tired. And there was a lot to do.

2-3, however, smooth. Seamless. Busy, but seamless.
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Probably depends on the babies and also the parents' experience with babies... For me, 2-3 was surprisingly hard after 1-2 had been surprisingly easy, but 0-1 was still the biggest transition and therefore the hardest.
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Neither Was Bad

Neither was particularly rough for us, but our girls are 16 months apart and it was often a challenge to manage the needs of what really amounted to two babies at different stages of development.
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0-1 was much harder.

I had to learn so many new things when I had the first baby. By the second one, I already knew what to expect. All I had to learn to do was juggle the needs of 2 kids at once.
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1-2 simply because you have to figure out what to do with that first child when you're dealing with the newborn nursing schedule, getting out of the house becomes like 10x harder and you have to deal with a toddler while you're horribly sleep deprived (and in my case, that toddler may no longer nap, which means no sleeping while the baby sleeps!)
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For DH, it was hardest to go from zero to one. Granted, our first was a gigantic ball of constant energy who didn't sleep through the night until he was 4 years old.

For me, going from zero to one was about as difficult as going from one to two. My first two were less than twelve months apart and I'm sure that played a big part. I am now pregnant with #6 and it's gotten easier and easier every time.
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Originally Posted by nova22 View Post
I am now pregnant with #6 and it's gotten easier and easier every time.

I know I hit my maximum capacity at 2 kids. I'm frazzled as is, I don't think I would ever make it out of the house with 3 (let alone 6).
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I definitely think 0-1 was hardest for me. I was only 18 when I had dd1 and had never been around babies. I really had no clue what I was doing. Dd2 was born 4 years later and I felt a lot more confident, even though she was born with multiple disabilities. I found have only child much more difficult than having multiple children, too.
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1-2 was waaaay harder for me.

With my first it was so much easier to do the things i always did, he just tagged along. Of course it didn't hurt that he was a social butterfly and an all around calm, easygoing guy!

With dd, yikes. I always said if i had had her first, she would be an only! What an unhappy baby. She hated being little. As soon as she was mobile her personality did a 180.
When she was an infant, ds was 3 and still in diapers. It was hard balancing my need for sleeping and eating, with their needs for sleeping and eating..Dd wouldn't sleep and neither would ds. At 3 ds was fairly independent, and could do a lot on his own, but i always felt i was neglecting him somehow.

As far as logistics, i still dread taking them out together some places (they are 3 and 6) Its just harder getting two kids ready to go, buckling and unbucklng two kids, making sure two kids don't go running off etc...
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Going from 1-2 was MUCH harder for me. I had ppd after both but it was much worse after my second. I was always stessed out and anxious and afraid that my first wasn't getting enough attention. I felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions, all day long. When I think about the time I had when dd (my first) was a baby, i just remember being so calm! Just going with the flow with her, following her lead and her needs...I found that SO much harder the 2nd time around.
Now, this is not in your poll but I found going from 2-3 probably the easiest of all...our third baby just kind of fits into the routine that we already have...I do a lot of wearing him in the ergo so he is always with us (although that's getting harder now that he is mobile). I am in a much better place emotionally as well, which I'm sure makes a big difference.
I love reading eveyone's experiences!
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There is nearly 5 years between my children. 0-1 was deffinately the hardest adjustment.

I had no previous experience with children - DS1 was the first baby I ever held! I had to find my way through parenting like trying to find your way down a long dark tunnel filled with boxes! lol - and, lets face facts....as we are here on MDC, we have a lot common in our ways of parenting but in the 'real world' we tend to parent very differently from our peers so it can be a bit of a lonely battle.

1-2...easy. Despite the fact that DS2 is a very different baby/person to DS1. He is hard baby because he is a bit high needs whilst DS1 was a very placid easy baby. But having two children...going from one to two...easy transition. I think the gap helped. This is exactly what was planned. If DS1 was younger, if the gap was smaller...then it would have been much harder. The 'two' year gap seems to be popular - I have no idea why! lol
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Nothing compares from 0 to 1. Not 1 to 2... 2 to 3... or 3 to 4. I think a big part is just the newness of having a baby. With subsequent children, you've learned from experience... what works... what doesn't... and that, in general, if you do your best, the kid will be fine.
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This is really interesting to read! I have to admit, I am very nervous/anxious to ever have another baby because I feel like DD is a lot of work - I can't imagine doing it with a newborn, lol! It's not going to happen anywhere in the foreseeable future but it's good to know there are quite a few people who think 0-1 was a harder transition than 1-2. It's just hard to imagine being as good of a mommy to TWO as one, kwim? I know, realistically, I will do fine .. but it's kind of overwhelming to imagine being outnumbered, lol.
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great thread! I've been thinking a lot about this lately as I am about to have #2! It seems that a lot of people's experiences depend on the personality of the babies. Liam was a HARD baby.. never happy. Never slept. Nursed every hour around the clock for almost 18 months. I was a wreck. But now he is a happy, active, independant toddler and easily entertained. He is weaned, and he sleeps. I feel like #2 will be "easier" in the sense that, even if he is as difficult as Liam, I know what to do and what to expect. And I know that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and I have learned SO much from being a mama to Liam that I think will be very helpful in parenting #2.
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Bumping post up for the heck of it!
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0-1 was harder for me.
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I was just talking about this to a friend today. For me... 1-2 has been pretty easy (although DD2 is only 2 months old). 0-1 knocked me out. I felt so much more overwhelmed and tired all the time. I feel pretty darn good for having a 2 month old (DD1 is 28 months...)
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