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Villas, NJ

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So, I checked the Tribes for NJ and here and didn't find anything. Are there any unschoolers in this area. We are stopping by for the winter and wondered what was in store for us. Besides the 552 and a bike, we are without transportation. I was wondering if there was anyone else unschooling in the neighborhood.
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I'm from NJ. I would post in the NJ tribe. I'm not sure where Villas is?

There are a ton of things to do and we are so close to NY. Trains will bring you right into NY.

Hope that helps
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Have you checked out yahoogroups? Villas is by Cape May, no?
I know of at least two hsing groups in south Jersey. I'm pretty sure there is a tri-state (NJ/PA/DE?) group as well.
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there is a nice group of unschoolers/eclectic homeschoolers that do seine net casting and other activities at the cape may nature center. there are activities there for homeschoolers frequently, maybe you could hook up with some folks through there?
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