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What is your family situation?
Our situation is probably not all that different than so many other families. We have a roof over our heads, but we're struggling. My husband has recently taken a pay cut at work that has set us back a great deal in recent months. We had some unexpected and expensive car repairs that took every bit of our savings and then some, but needed to be done in order to to keep his job.

Any allergies or sensitivities in the family? One of the children has a cat allergy. We can accept items from a home with cats - I just ask that you include a note to let me know so that I can make sure the items get cleaned up appropriately

We really, really, really don't need cold weather clothes. Anything heavier than a sweatshirt won't get any use, and I'd much rather see families that are going to be cold this winter get things like that than have the items and the postage wasted on us.

Please prioritize the top 3 needs of your family:
*gifts for children

Which holiday do you celebrate?


Size 10/12 l-sleeve Transformers shirt
Age and gender: M, 10
Clothing needed (size, type) pants size 10, shirts size 10 or 12
Coat needed?no
Hats/gloves needed?no
Shoes/boots needed? (size, type) size 4, crocs style
Toy preferences: legos, star wars, old Game Boy games (we don't have a DS - I'm talking about the old style cartridges for the GameBoy Advanced)
Book preferences: non-fiction science,history, math, and computer programming, fiction sci-fi/fantasy. He is an advanced reader for his age.

Extra information: This child has sensory processing disorder. He will not wear socks or underwear or any shoes other than Croc style shoes. So if you have those items in his sizes, please pass them on to a different family. Thanks

Age and gender: F, 7
Clothing needed (size, type) pants size 8, shirts size 8 or 10
Coat needed?no
Hats/gloves needed?no
Shoes/boots needed? (size, type) size 2
Toy preferences: Think of whatever a stereotypical girly 7 year old would like, and you have her
Book preferences: She's reading books by authors like CS Lewis, Roald Dahl, Bevery Clearly, LE Wilder, etc independently - so things around a similar reading level

Age and gender: M, 5
Clothing needed (size, type) pants size 4 or 5 (he is still wearing 4s, but I have nothing for him when he hits his next growth spurt), 5s for shirts
Coat needed?no
Hats/gloves needed?no
Shoes/boots needed? (size, type) size 11
Toy preferences: star wars, rescue personnel, anything with a remote control This child also has significant fine motor delays. Some toys that would be otherwise age appropriate only frustrate him. Things with lots of small parts or blocks that have to be fit together (like legos) don't work for him
Book preferences: age appropriate picture books

Age and gender: F, 34
Clothing needed (size, type) : I have lost 100 lbs and have very few clothes that fit me well. This is my biggest area of need. I wear size 14 pants and XL shirts (or L shirts cut generously in the bust). I mostly need comfortable clothing like jeans, t-shirts, yoga pants, etc.
Coat needed?no
Hats/gloves needed? no

We are also a homeschooling family and there are a few specific curriculum items that would help us a great deal. We're looking for Life of Fred math books - Decimals and Pre-algebra, RightStart Math card deck set, and All About Spelling levels 1-3 (we do not need the letter tiles/starter kit). If anyone has these gathering dust, we would be grateful and happily pass them on when we've finished with them.


Age and gender: M, 40
Needs: Says he doesn't need anything. He likes nice coffee.