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Originally Posted by Dixielane View Post
Can you ladies give me some tips on how to better manage laundry? I do laundry for myself, my husband, and our baby.. We each have a TON of clothes, and all go thru them quickly leaving lots of laundry needing to be washed. I have 3 clothes bins- one for me, one for hubby, one for baby.

I get so overwhelmed with it so what winds up happening is I wash it all, but then only half get hung up. I REALLY get stressed when the laundry isn't done, I like the house nice and tidey and the laundry not being done really bugs me But it seems that the only way I can manage it is if I spend an entire day as a "laundry" day. And that is soo hard with a 4month old.

I've tried doing one load a day but that failed. So for those of you who successfully keep the laundry mostly kept up, and hung up/put away, what's the secret?
I agree with the PP's who wrote that having fewer items of clothing is the key to managing laundry. If you only have a week to a week and half's worth of clothing you must keep up on the laundry!

I have three laundry baskets in the laundry room; darks, lights and whites. Our laundry is sorted each day simply by tossing it into the correct basket. I wash a load of laundry once a basket gets full. This means I do 3 or 4 loads of laundry every week and a half (this includes towels and bedding).

*Before DD potty learned, I had 2 additional loads of laundry per week for her diapers, wipes and covers.
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I wish I had pictures of my family closet!

I have a small 1100 sq ft house on one level. It is great! Here is the link to my house for sale, which is great because there is pictures of the rest.. http://www.trulia.com/property/10628...olulu-HI-96816

Please don't gasp at the price! That is a whole other topic

See the front porch room? On the other side I had my DH install a washer and dryer stack, down the middle. On either side I installed ***gridwall*** which is amazingly cheap stuff compared to other closet orgnazation and it let us put 3 rods of clothing 15" deep and our clothes face forward. It isn't as easy to use some days, but has tons of other perks that side hangers do not have. The gridwall was easy to remove anything and change it around in seconds. Fine.. later tonight I will try to take pics and post! My son has a montessori book shelf dressing shelf that you can see in the front porch picture. He uses that white stool to dress and to add the soap and turn on the washer (he is three). My daughter likes to help load the washer (1 yr). The toys are in three different little shelves in my home and one of them is in this spot. So I got: a family closet within 2-3 ft of w/d put away spaces (all but towels and sheets go under the bed), toys and art supply (beneath the tall book case tower) and the little dresser hides very interesting toys that we rotate and my pj's. HTH! Check out those pictures! It is a blast living in a simple home Montessori style!
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I got three big tubs. I left out 8 days worth of clothes for me, my boyfriend, and our daughter. Everything else went in the tubs and the tubs went someplace hard to access.

Then, every saturday or sunday, I went to the laundromat and did laundry. It took two hours. I usually got breakfast at the diner next door while it washed and dried. Came home, hung up, done.

Now we have a laundry in our basement, and I need a new system, because it seems to build up much more quickly.
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By cutting down our clothes to only one week worth of outfits, wearing things more than once & assigning one towel per person per week I do at most two loads of laundry each week, most weeks its only one; especially since Ladybug is out of diapers. I wash sheets and household rags/towels once a month (sheets get changed every other week, though) at the laundromat so I can use the super jumbo machines. So, once a month I do four loads of laundry. There's three of us, but when the baby comes I plan on three loads of weekly laundry at most: darks, lights and whites (including diapers). We sort laundry into three bins that are in the bathroom, but most of the time everything just gets washed together on cold.

I love washing once a week. It feels so good to not have to worry about laundry till next week! At some point in time I'm sure I'll have a lot more laundry than we do now, but I still plan on getting it all done in one or two days. I don't like the feeling of "the laundry is never done"

Oh and when I'm sick, I only focus on making sure we have clean clothes. I hang DH's work shirts and our dresses right out of the dryer so I don't have to iron and leave everything else in the laundry basket.
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i posted pictures of the family closet here and then realized that I had promised here first! You will notice it.. 

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We have a 3-compartment sorter in the laundry room.  When one is full, we wash it.  We also re-wear certain clothes - kids' pajamas, jeans, hoodies, re-use towels.  I don't think the number of clothes has anything to do with it, especially if you only have so much room for the dirty ones.  Good luck!

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We are a family of 9 , my DH , 5 kids , my mother and handicapped adult brother and myself .

And we are drowning in laundry (or rather I am , since I´m doing it )

Two things have especially helped me . I bought a bunch of laundry baskets , the tall , skinny kind work best for us and I have one for every different kind of stuff , like all-whites , all colors dark blue and darker , all light colors , all reds and orange and so on , so when one container is full , all I have to do is grab it and stuff it in the washer w/out having to presort it .

Then it goes into the dryer , which I couldn´t live without and then I have another set of baskets , one for each child , one for my DH and I and one for my Mum and brother . Everything , that´s dry , gets put in the right basket immediately .

There are many times , when the stuff ´doesn´t get put away immediately or sometimes at all , but at least , it´s done , out of the way and everybody knows where to look , when they are hunting for clean underwear .

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I have 4 kids so laundry is a daily chore here too.  I've found that making it easy and enjoyable for myself is the key.  Keep an area clear that you can use to fold and stack the clothes according to whom they belong to.  Commit to folding by a certain time - I use a dryer now, so when I get them out they get folded immediately.  When I was hanging out my clothes, they were folded as soon as I came in the house.  Don't leave them lay around.


Get enough hampers to deal with the amount of clothes you are washing.  If it's piling up everywhere and you only have one hamper, that's not going to work.  Keep it contained and you'll feel less stress about it.  I have 3 and that is enough for me to have the dirty clothes contained and an empty hamper to carry the clean clothes upstairs.  


Listen to music or something while you do it.  Make it enjoyable and it will get done without feeling like drudgery.  Really that's true for any household chore.

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