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What is your family situation?
Hi! We're a family of 5 struggling to keep afloat. Holidays have been tough the last few years because Mamma hasnt been working and Dad hhas taken 2 paycuts over the last 3 years. We are scheduled for another paycut starting NOV1. Children dont have a lot of "wants" but need winter basics that we are having a tough time setting aside money to purchase. We get paid 2x a month, thhe 1st paycheck is usually enough for the mortgage and the second is half utilities half food. There just isnt any money to spend on or save for anything else. :-( ANY help is greatly appreciated.

Any allergies or sensitivities in the family? none

Please prioritize the top 3 needs of your family:
*Winter coats,hats,mittens/gloves and boots for Children
*Blankets King and Twin size. Twin girl's quilt
*Any homeschooling materials/vidoes/toys/games/activities for DD1

Which holiday do you celebrate? Winter Solstice, Christmas


Size 3 boots
Age and gender: 6 girl
Clothing needed (size, type) size 7, non licensed please, long sleeves, lined denim or sweatpants, warm pj's,warm socks
Coat needed? yes or snowsuit
Hats/gloves needed? yes

Shoes/boots needed? size 3 over the ankle please. has sensory issues with shoes below or at the ankle
Toy preferences: horses, crafts, dolls, educational videos,
Book preferences:dr seuss, early readers,


Size 2-3 Robeez
Size 3T PJ's
Age and gender: 2 boy
Clothing needed (size, type) size 3t, non licensed please
Coat needed? yes or snowsuit
Hats/gloves needed? yes

Shoes/boots needed? (size, type) Prefers soft-soled shoes, current wears the 2-3 Robeez. Any shoes desperately needed, though!
Toy preferences: machinery, motorcycles, dirtbikes, racecars, trains etc
Book preferences: all


Size 12-28 month Robeez
10 snappiable/pinnable BSRB's, pocket fitted GAD's, WAHM-type diapers and 2 snappis.
Knit longies and hat
Knit longies and hat
Size 18m PJ's

Age and gender: 13 mos
Clothing needed: size 12-18 mos long sleeved onesies, socks, pajamas, size med/large cloth dipes. we wash every day sometimes 2x a day. prefer fitteds, but prefolds and or aio's are ok.
Coat needed? or snowsuit
Hats/gloves needed? yes

Shoes/boots needed? yes size 12-18 mos soft soles please
Toy preferences: Loves dolls cloth please
Book preferences: any


Size L Coat
Needs: I dont desperately *need* anything but I would LOVE a winter coat or sweater to wear over my clothes. Size 14/16 Im usually wear dH's old flannels or sweatshirts. Also would like to use momma cloth--- am happy to take passed on ones. Would also be happy to try an internal product (Diva, Keeper, etc...)

Needs:Socks mens size 10

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