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What is your family situation?

DH and I are separated for the first time, and are working on reconciliation, but this will probably be our first holiday season apart. He still stays here some nights, so who knows? DD1 is taking this the hardest. Her behavior has become very challenging. DS1 feels lost in the shuffle of his older and younger sister and DD2 is still my happy smiley little girl. We have a hard time getting our nutritional supplements like Rescue remedy, Vitamin C, Cal/Mag and other stuff to help with colds throughout the winter. We get WIC and SNAP benefits, so food is not an issue for us this year (YAY!) Purchasing Gas is also difficult, plus we still have only 1 car and DH has it most of the time. I don’t know what else to say… HH has been such a blessing to the past, and I just dream of the day when I can come and be a helper instead of a MIN. You guys work miracles, and my kids really notice it.

Any allergies or sensitivities in the family? Must be from a smoke free home

Please prioritize the top 3 needs of your family:

* jammies for the kids
* boots for the kids
* something little to open for the kids

Which holiday do you celebrate?
Christmas and Yule/Solstice

2-3 PreK workbooks

Four books

Socks, hat, and gloves


1 - 2 piece jammies

1 - footed pajamas

1 - Hooded sweatshirt

wrapped toy

6 y/o girl loves girly things, princesses and little things (dolls, boxes, etc)

Size 6
2 piece jammies, night gowns, footed pajamas, Hooded sweatshirt
Snow boots size 12, pretty ankle socks

Homeschooling and craft supplies For K/1
Early Reader books




2 - 5t jammies

1 - long sleeved shirts

1 - hooded sweatshirt

wrapped toy

Socks, hat, and gloves

loves cars, superman, batman, spiderman and dice
4 y/o boy
5t jammies, long sleeved shirts and hooded sweatshirt
Snow boots size 10, fun or at least colored normal socks (not tube or wierdly long and not ankle)

Superhero books



2 - 24 month long sleeved shirts

1 - hooded sweatshirt

wrapped toy

Socks and mittens

1 y/o girl
24 month long sleeved shirts (solid color please), s and hooded sweatshirt
Soft soled shoes size 18 months, socks in 18 mo size

Mom 30 y/o girl

1 - XL yoga pants
1 - XL sports bra
wrapped gift

XL yoga pants
XL sports bra
White ankle socks