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This could be it!

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woke up all night to ctx, then this morning to ones I had to vocalize through. Went to bathroom and bloody show, ctx have continued at regular intervals.. Crossing my fingers and praying.
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elv's mama and congrats in advance
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How exciting! Keep us posted!
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still ctx about every 3-4 min shower is helping alot trying to distract myself online and gear up for the real deal.
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Sounds like this is it! EVL!!
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ELV, too
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Oooh, oooooh! So excited for you! Can't wait to hear the news. You're going to do amazingly!
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ELV to you!!! Have a wonderful day!
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Yay! Thinking of you. ELV's
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I'm thinking of you too! ELV and I cant wait to hear of your sweet baby's arrival
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Sending ELVs!!!
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so things progressed pretty rapidly and uh vocally until about 2:30 then it pittered out. We went out to dinner and to the mall now the contractions are starting up again. Was so upset earlier hoping this is the real deal and for strength cause OW!
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