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weekly Chat Thread Oct 3-9

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New thread, people! Chat away.
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My first appt is in 11 days! I'll be almost 13 weeks. I'm so excited. I'm 10 weeks today. Trying to hold off on calling and asking to come in earlier. My friend who is a week ahead of me went in for her first appt. at 11 weeks and they couldn't hear a heartbeat, so they did an ultrasound just to ease her fears and they saw and heard it then. I just dont want to go in too early and be fearful if they can't hear a heartbeat yet. So, trying to be patient and wait until Oct. 14th.

I'm trying really hard to stay primal/grain/gluten free this pregnancy because for one thing, whenever I eat grains, I get puky feeling and end up throwing up, so avoiding them is really helping with the morning sickness, even though I crave them like crazy. So this morning I made a grain free banana pancake. They are really satisfying that bread/carby craving. Last night nothing sounded good to eat, and hubby was feeling sick too, so I went to the local restaurant and got myself a bunless buffalo burger and a baked potato. It tasted so good and stayed down too, which is important Besides that, not much else going on. Just counting down the days that the 1st trimester will be over and I can enjoy cooking again (hopefully!)
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The nausea is soooo bad today. Only one thing sounds even remotely appetizing...

Strawberry frosted poptarts

Since I haven't been able to get anything else down this morning, DH is on his way with them.
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Originally Posted by kmb9906 View Post
The nausea is soooo bad today. Only one thing sounds even remotely appetizing...

Strawberry frosted poptarts

Since I haven't been able to get anything else down this morning, DH is on his way with them.
Doesn't it suck only craving junk food? I'm definitely craving junk, but I throw up everytime I eat it, so that's a good thing I guess. The other day I ate like 15 pieces of candy corn and barfed an hour later. This baby only wants healthy stuff I guess
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I feel like I'm just kind of coasting through, even in the midst of the nausea. I was thinking how the last few weeks since I found out I was pregnant have just flown by. I remember past pregnancies where the first trimester seemed to creep by at a snails pace, but so far it's not like that this time. Maybe it's because Sept is a busy month for us with 4 birthdays and also school/activities starting again.

I feel like I'm doing really good with my eating, getting lots of protein, fresh veggies, drinking tons of water, and limiting sugars/refined carbs. I'm really, really hoping not to gain more than about 25lbs again. I was able to do that last time, and it made a big difference post-partum though I had started that pregnancy about 20lbs heavier than my ideal, so still had extra to lose after the pregnancy weight. I worked this summer and got most of that off, so I started this pregnancy at close to my ideal weight. Hoping that if I stick to the healthy eating and eventually work in some exercise that I will be in much better shape pp than I've been in the past.
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Originally Posted by MrsBone View Post
Doesn't it suck only craving junk food? I'm definitely craving junk, but I throw up everytime I eat it, so that's a good thing I guess. The other day I ate like 15 pieces of candy corn and barfed an hour later. This baby only wants healthy stuff I guess

Sugary stuff has been making me feel so sick when I cave and have it. Thankfully it's to the point now that it's pretty easy to avoid it, because I'm relating it with being sick afterwards.
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All I want is those soft pretzels that you can buy in the freezer section. I know they are not good but oh well. Everything else just does not taste good and I end up not eating at all and then feeling really sick. I am beyond lazy and tired today. I think I'll be sitting on the couch all day today...
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I don't know what it is, but the sugary stuff is going down well and staying down well. Considering I've probably only eaten 500 calories or less for the past couple days, it's all about what will go and stay down at this point. I have craved applesauce, carrots, oranges, and strawberries... it was only a matter of time before I craved some kind of junk food.
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So I only get really sick when I go to work. I think it's because I have to wake up so early. Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep? Or maybe its having to be in a vehicle. It's sad though cause I already hate my job.
My first appointment with the MW is on OCt 20th. I'll be about 8 weeks. Very excited!
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3 days til my first appt!!!! I've been craving fresh food...like salad fruits bananas haha But I'll eat anything...no sickness at all. I don't feel pregnant at all..if it weren't for all the positive tests and missing my period I wouldn't even know!
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i had a miscarriage in aug, then got pregnant sometime around labor day weekend. i am very nervous about the first trimester. every little twinge or cramp and i am rushing to the bathroom to make sure there is no blood.

i have been a little queasy, but only threw up 1 time so far. mostly i am having lots of hot flashes and and grouchy. it will be great if i don't have morning sickness this time. during my 2nd pregnancy, i was sick for the first 4-5 months.

i have been craving water like crazy!!!! i'm trying to avoid junk and eating healthy snacks and balanced meals. but every so often i find myself grabbing a few oreos or some lemonade. i guess everything in moderation.
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good afternoon ladies

I'm not having any nausea (but I haven't really with any of my pregnancies), however I AM having lots of aches and pains in my belly/abdominal area. It hurts when I sit, stand, pee.... argh, it's driving me crazy.

Plus my 1 yr old is extremely clingy and wants to climb on me all. the. time. Which is new, she just started in the last few weeks, and it is soo annoying (and painful) so I'm trying to be patient with her

I have an appt with the Chiro today (hope it'll help with my back/sciatic pain) and I have my dating sono next week (should be about 9 1/2 weeks then), other than that, not much new.....
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I finally threw up for the first time this AM. I just didn't eat anything fast enough I guess. its the hunger that really triggers it. So just threw up bile, like 3 times. ick. So tiring as well.

feeling better now, though, eating every 2-3 hours really helps. I craved eggs and cheese my whole last pregnancy, and am craving that again. So if the old wives tales are true, Ill have a boy again I'm just happy to be sick, since my first pregnancy (ended in m/c) I wasn't nearly as sick as these two pregnancies.

I am 7 weeks today, first appt in two weeks.

one thing I am having trouble with is the insomnia, I barely remember that from the last pregnancy, I guess since I wasn't also being woken up at night by a toddler! So last night he only woke once, but I woke 2 other times. So that sucked. If anyone has any tricks to help w/ that, I'm all ears!
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I'm 6 weeks today and I have almost thrown up but haven't yet! I didn't make it this far without puking with either of my girls! So even though I do feel horrible it could be worse!

I have my 1st appt Thursday. The one I made them schedule me for as early as possible so I could get prescription nausea meds. I am soooo hoping I don't need them!
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Hi ladies,
10w1d here and finally heard baby bean with the doppler. It feels so wonderful to have heard a heartbeat. It was upper 130s lower 140s, I think. Didnt have a second hand handy. Tried to get it again when I did and couldnt find it after 5 minutes, so, had to stop. Will try again next week.

Nausea is easing up a bit the last few days... I do know that if I eat sugar it comes on with the seriousness. I can have coke, but other then that, no sugar. Im fine with that though.. just a new thing since last pregnancy I craved sugar.

Not alot new this week. Been redoing DDs room. She has a tinkerbell color scheme and a new to us daybed now and I was going to do some stenciling tonite. Im excited by how it is coming along.

I ordered some maternity clothes last night since Old Navy/Gap is having a special additional 30% off sale till tomorrow with free shipping if you spend 100. I cant wait to get the yoga pants and hoodie. It's getting cold and Im constantly wrapped in blankets lately.

I found the most awesome popsicle/pushup molds on zulily a month ago and they got here Saturday.. so we made monkey icecream (blended bananas, hemp milk, chocolate syrup and a little yogurt) and filled them earlier. So excited that I dont have to follow her around saving the floor from drips anymore. http://www.kinder-ville.com/

Im trying to make some fall crafts with DD this week. Anyone have any good toddler fall craft ideas?

Hope everyone has a great week.
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Hi again, everyone! I was totally craving strawberry pop tarts, too! I had forgotten...I'll have to send DH for some.

My nausea seems to be getting a bit better. I have been taking 1/2 a unisom with B6 for about two weeks now. BUT, the last week or so I seem to be better over all. I can do a *bit* around the house. Mainly in the mornings. As it gets evening and later I start to feel bad again, but then it's time for medicine, so...???

Got to do a little sewing this weekend. I'm making a quilt for our (king size) bed. I had half of it cut out and ready to sew before the morning sickness began, so it's been sitting lonely for awhile.

On the fashion front, I ordered some great boots for this winter: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...sku=B002BZXWLQ and a maternity denim mid-calf skirt to wear with them. I am totally excited! I love to look cute and especially as pregnancy makes you feel fat and frumpy, I always *try* to look good! I think for warmth I'll be ordering some leggings, since they are thicker than stockings. But I'm not sure how my belly will like the panel on maternity leggings!

Tomorrow is my appointment and dating ultrasound. I always know my dates, but I guess they don't care - they don't even ask if you are sure of your dates anymore. I just hope it is accurate or makes my due date later, just to be safe. They are usually spot on, so I don't worry too much. I also will be meeting my new ob for the first time. Word is I'll like her. :-)

I guess that's it. It's nice to be feeling a little more human - it makes me look forward to completely feeling better!
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CUTE boots!! And, thank goodness someone shares my craving for strawberry poptarts!

I keep waiting for my nausea to turn a corner. It did subside just enough tonight for me to eat a peanut butter sandwich and take my supplements. (Though I have been taking my supplements/vitamins everyday, this is the first day where I haven't had to choke them down.) I haven't been eating nearly enough calories over the past week, so I'm hoping that the nausea keeps subsiding so I can get some nutrition in me.
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Hey everyone! Been feeling pretty good over here, though it's hit or miss. If I don't have my egg sandwich for breakfast I'm sick all day. If I have that, I'm pretty good to go. I made a wonderful quiche on Sunday, and will use it for lunches all week. Soooo good, and it's good cold too, so I can snack on it at my desk at work.

I really need to put some thought into my wardrobe soon. I'm not going to fit into my normal clothes for much longer.

It got COLD the last few days. It's cold in my house tonight. I hate being cold. I put the flannel sheets on the bed yesterday. I'm not ready for this. It was such a great summer I hate to see it go.

I have an apt with my MW tomorrow. My bloodwork from my first apt came back, and while everything else looked good, apparently I'm deficient in Vitamin D, so I'll be adding yet another supplement to my regimen. Sigh.

The 15 mo old has been waking up crying at night lately, which she almost never does so I'm :yawning today. Either she has a tooth that is bugging her, or she doesn't like the cold either!
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We told our kids yesterday because I was feeling so sick for a couple of days that we were sure they wouldn't understand....today, I realized that I was dehydrated and feel great after 64 oz of water today Oh well. If something happens they'll find out anyway since we'd be upset and my kids are pretty quiet. We explained that we weren't telling because we didn't want to untell and when I reminded my 8 year old today that she should not tell she said "Don't worry, I'm not telling anyone because I don't want to have to untell later" My almost five year old barely talks to people outside family anyway. Honestly, the kids when we told them weren't to excited. My 8 year old said "How do you know?" This morning they had a few more questions and it feels better and more right for them to know. I can focus on the rest of my life now that I'm not keeping a secret.
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I like your boots!

I ordered two pairs of boots last week because I want to be warm this winter and most of my shoes are heels or flats. I want to wear socks I was also planning on wearing leggings and skirts or dresses alot so that was all I could come up with to hide the socks.

I got these in brown
and these in black

I had a gift card from my mom or I wouldnt have splurged on that first pair but I tried a pair on at the mall the other day and loved them, but not the 130 price tag and couldnt pass em up when I saw them for so much cheaper.

I love 6pm.com - I just found that they have maternal america and olian stuff too. I ordered an olian cardigan I tried on at nordstrom that was 3 times more expensive there..

and a pair of maternal america pants http://www.6pm.com/maternal-america-...it-pants-brown

Now, Im done with my maternity shopping.. Im even equipped with the tanks and leggings when nothing else fits that last few weeks

I do want to get some cute accessories though. I agree with you. I like to feel pretty when Im pregnant. I actually put more effort into it then when Im not pregnant. It really helps me embrace pregnancy even more.
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