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I'm in Etobicoke too!

I have a 3 year old and a 3 1/2 week old.

I had two homebirths and BF'd my daughter until she self-weaned a month before she turned 3.

I live close to Bloor and Islington.

Where are you Kuba'sMama?

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Hi toronto mamas! I live in scarborough and have a 5 month old baby boy.  We EBF, CD, bedshare.  I'm a FTM -  Nice to meet you all! thumbsup.gif

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Wow, getting used to the new format, I just pressed "clear" when I meant to press 'submit'.


ANyhow, I'm a West end mama, near St. Clair & Keele (close to La Paloma!)


My kids are now 6 1/2 and 3, and it seems that I'm about to be a single mama.



I have some Chinese prefold diapers that I would like to give away to anyone who would want them and cane pick them up. I have about 12 size 0 in good shape, and about 6 size large that are a bit frayed, but with lots of life left in it. I think there is a yellow fitted Kissaluvs too.


DM me if you want them!

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Hi Toronto Mamas! wave.gif

I'm an cdn expat originally from Ottawa living in the middle east for now. I have some family in Toronto and lived there for a few years during and after university. If Canada/Toronto wasn't so expensive and cold in the winter   cold.gif  we'd probably still be there because we love it so.


We are coming back to Toronto for 8 weeks this summer, renting a house near Dufferin Park. I'm so excited because I've always loved Toronto in the summer- the lake, the parks, all the interesting neighbourhoods, waterfront music, BBQs, beer...AHHH I can't wait! We don't get much of any of that stuff around here and I miss it so much!


We are coming home with our son for the first time who will be having his 1st b-day in Canada. I'm really jazzed for him to spend the summer in Toronto and I want us to do a lot of cool stuff with him there, but to be honest I don't know a lot of cool stuff to do with a baby in Toronto! I know the best bars and clubs and patios (well, from 3-5 years ago, haha) and where big kids (ie in their 20s) go to have fun, but not much about places for little ones and families.


So far we're planning to go the zoo and that cool little non-petting petting zoo in High Park which I think DS will love. Of course we'll be spending lots of time in parks and we'll go to the beaches and Toronto island... My sister said that Ontario Place is offering free admission, but he's probably too young for that? My DS loves water and swimming and aquariums. I was told that Dufferin Park has a play area with sprinklers etc- is that true? I hope so, because that's the main reason we rented the house on that park! Any other parks with stuff like that or places to recommend for a water baby? Are there any nice outdoor pools with kiddie areas? DS has been swimming 3 times a week since he was 2 months old, I think he'll miss it alot if we don't get some swimming in.


Anyway, we haven't been back to Canada to for 2 years and we've been saving for this vacation all year so we really want to go ALL out and have a blast!


Can you mamas suggest fun things to do for a 1-year old and his parents? Really, we are open to anything, it's our holiday so even non-everyday expensive/touristy things are great too! AND everyday things...we will be there for 2 months.


THANKS! orngbiggrin.gif

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Occassional-checker and on-again off-again participant on MDC boards here. :)  We currently live near Vic Park and Gerrard, and are moving to Lawrence/Birchmount at the end of the month.  Would love to meet like-minded moms in the area once we get a little settled...our LOs are 27 months and almost 5 months. :)



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Ex-pat mama - this is a pretty decent deal good for sightseeing in Toronto: http://www.citypass.com/toronto


Also, if you feel like doing a little driving, Niagara Falls and Collingwood (just North of Barrie) are nice places for families.


I can't think of anything else off the top of my head at the moment, but if I do think of more I'll come back and let you know. Hope your trip is amazing! :)

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My name is Danielle and I'm university student living in Scarborough (Brimley & Ellesmere). I'm expecting my first baby this September. We're planning a home waterbirth with our midwife and doula. I'm hoping to meet like minded parents to get together with and have discussions with. As a first time mom, I'd love advice on AP, finding alternative day care/ schooling options, and any activities (preferably free or cheap) that are happening in the Scarborough/Toronto area.


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West end momma here too! We moved here this past December, and I LOVE it!  We live in the Junction Triangle (the crotch area that another poster mentioned, I believe!). I am just north of Bloor close to Lansdowne.  My children are 11, 9 and 7 years old, and we are a pretty AP family.  I now do home childcare to two adorable 2 yo girls, a 16 mo boy and a 13 mo little girl, and the parents whose kids are in my care are like minded as well.  We do local parks and venture to Dufferin Grove (which rocks!) on occasion.


I'd be happy to meet up with mommas in my area for a play date.

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Mamas - I am looking for someone who could provide extremely part-time care for DS. I am in the North Toronto area (401/404). This would just be daytime stuff during the week should I get called to a birth (DH could pick him up). I would like someone who has an AP style and wouldn't mind (I would love...) if they would baby wear or just generally have fun. I am looking ahead for January 2012 (since I am taking some time off). If you (or you know someone) could be a good fit...or you could tell me where to look, that would be a great help!

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We are another Ap family here. Myself and my partner (who is also on MDC) live in BloorCourt area at Bloor and Lansdowne. We have a 2 yr old DD. Spend most of our free time at Dufferin Grove, Highpark and a little park at the end of our street. We also try to hit the zoo every once in awhile. We got a family pass there.


We are having a blast being parents. Our DD has taught us so much on how to be adventurous, thrive, learn on the go, etc.

My wife is a nurse and I work for a food security org. that accesses affordable and local produce for schools, low income communities and families.

We love our life here in Toronto.


Would like to meet up with or just get to know other like minded parents.


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Hi ladies! Glad to see this thread is still going, since I just found this site.  I wish I had found it some time ago as I am both a new mom (DD Amelia was born June 2) and a new resident.  Just moved up from the states to the Vic Park/Kingston Rd. area and my husband is from the east coast, so we pretty much have each other for friends right now (and an awesome 10-month old puppy named Betsy).  I EBF - though it was not easy to get it rolling -  and absolutely LOVE wearing  Amelia in her wrap (though will likely head over to the babywearing  forum with some new issues - if anyone out there considers themselves an expert on bw, let me know) . Starting now to find local resources and I'd love to find other moms to chat with here too - so many questions!

Have a great weekend!

- Samantha

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Haven't checked this thread forever! Sort of forgot it existed actually redface.gif.



It's nice to see some more west-end mamas! Whoever said they're in longbranch and bloor and islington, that's so close to us- I'm in the Islington and lakeshore area! Anyway, it's nice to see so many Toronto area moms :)



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Hi there,

I have just moved to the Dufferin/Eglinton area after living at College/Bathurst for 6 months (moved over from Ireland in April).


I have a 15mth old boy and a little girl who will be 4  in March. We are loving Toronto! I work full-time so have found it hard to make friends with children but I love Dufferin Grove Park and would love to pick up a few hints and tips about surviving a Toronto winter with small children!



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hi, I've just stumbled on this forum.  My family of 4 will be moving to Toronto in June/July this year.  Very new to the life there so many things to learn from you ladies.  It is a new phase in life for us and we are looking forward to it.  We are starting everything from scratch, right from looking for place to live, schools, jobs etc.

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What area are you moving to?  Where are you moving from?

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We're looking at  York Region in Toronto.  We are from south asia, half way across the world. 

Any advice and things to look out for to prepare for our move?

Originally Posted by lonegirl View Post

What area are you moving to?  Where are you moving from?


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Haven't checked this in ages!  My LOs are now 1 and 3!!!


For east-end/Scarborough families, there's a group of us w/ kids ranging from about 1-6 or 7 that are starting to build momentum for possible meetups.  Try Torhschool or ScarboroughHomeschoolers on yahoo groups...

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Hello fellow Toronto mamas!


I'm glad to find this thread - I haven't really been online since Mothering magazine disappeared. I still miss being able to sit down with a cup of tea when I found it in my mailbox.


I have a four-year old daughter and wanted to let some local mamas know that I have just posted some of my gently-used nursing tops and dresses on the Mothering Trading post - Canada trading post, in case anyone is looking for some more nursing wardrobe pieces. I'm hoping to find a new home for them locally so I don't have to contribute to greenhouse gases by shipping them somewhere else. I'm glad that Toronto has such a great breastfeeding culture!


We live in the Bloor/Spadina area which is so close to everything - but despite this we really hibernate in the winter! We have a beautiful park just down the street but the three of us are home bodies and like to hunker down in our pj's on our chilly days off. My favourites are blanket forts, the board game Trouble (if you have a 4+ year old and haven't tried it I highly recommend it!), Go Fish, lego, trains, and dress-up play! My daughter's favourite creative play these days seems to be to dress up in her cinderella dress and then play hospital with every doll and every person in the house. X-rays are a constant theme around here!


For mamas new to the area, Harbourfront Centre has some really excellent activities all year long that are free. Plus they are down on the water so the view is lovely. Their March break and summer camps are also quite reasonably priced and I've heard great things about them. One of our favourite festivals to attend is the Canada Day long weekend - last year they had Twister mats over a huge chunk of the grass for the kids (and grownups!) to play with.


I look forward to reading more posts! Happy February!





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Hi, I know this thread was started years ago but thought it would be a good place to say hi.

We're moving to Toronto in the summer and are pretty excited. We have two boys (3 and 5) and hope to find a neighbourhood we can fit into.


Once I have a rough idea I'm sure I'll be back on here to ask specific questions and see if anyone can suggest where to live. Till then though... thanks all, for giving me some encouragement that I'll be able to find likeminded people in the city :)

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Hi Toronto Mama's!! I am in the East end of the city. Any other East enders on here? I saw some from Scarborough, which is great, but we are not that far east. We are Beaches/Leslieville area. Doesn't look like this thread get's a whole lot of traffic, unfortunately, but i thought i'd bump it up and see if any other Torontonian's are here!!

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