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We started out with history and learned about a bit about China, Korea, and Japan during the Middle Ages. We did some review questions, a coloring page, and mapwork.

We reviewed the current poem Nik is memorizing.

For math we worked on graphing.

Next we moved on to grammar, talking about proper nouns. Nik did some copywork using the names of his aunts and uncles.

Next up was Latin; we did a review chapter. Normally we spread Latin out over 2-3 days, but today we did the whole chapter.

They did some coloring.

Nik read from The Reluctant Dragon.

After lunch and quiet time they played some computer games relevant to what we've been learning about recently.

Nate spent some time cutting out tiny pictures of Star Wars figures.

After dinner the whole family played a board game.
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Hmmmm... today... well... hmmm...

Ds (6yo) watched a Pokeman before breakfast. Having a VERY hard time with this, but he gets 30mins of TV/day and he gets to pick on Mon. & Tues. (with some things clearly off limits).

Then we went to the bank where I got a cashiers check. Then we went to check out a Child's Morning Out program for 2yo dd.

Then we came home and he played with his new Hot Wheels Mobi-Com that he bought yesterday with the money in his Plan account before we ate lunch.

Then he spent about 2 hours playing with the almost-5yo neighbor boy.

Then he got a rare treat: we had to attend a home inspection on a house we put an offer in on and when we do that, he gets to play the Nintendo (reserved for looking at houses, car rides of several hours and occasionally an airplane trip). He played for about 30mins and then found the toys that belonged to the kids in the house and played with them while intermittently following around the inspector and asking questions.

Inspection was literally 5 houses away, so he left about 20mins before us and we came home to him and 4 other boys in our backyard playing with trading cards (the latest "thing" with this bunch).

Then dinner, a call to relatives "back home" and they are now doing a video call with grandparents.

Light on books today, but on tap for bedtime story is "The Real Story of the 3 pigs" (or something to that effect--told from the perspective of the wolf.

WAY, WAY, WAY more electronics than I care to see in a day, but it's one day.
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We went to a home school class on stream ecology at a state park from 10 to 1130: including a hike and catching creatures in the 55 degree water. Then DS and I went out to lunch at Japanese restaurant because we are doing "Life of a Ninja" as a read aloud and wanted to try some of the food.

We went to a book store and S. did 2 pages of Explode the Code, wrote 3 sentence report on platypuses, and did a very brief review of double digit addition and subtraction. He read me a couple of easy reader Halloween books and I read him some other Halloween books. Then he went to his after school program and hung out with his best friend and did his martial arts class.

We talked what makes a community a community and the differences between hunter gathers cultures and farming cultures. We had a strange conversation about how hand gestures mean different things in different cultures. We also watched some National Geographic videos on You tube about pangolins, aardvarks, and armadillos. It was an unusually productive day for us.
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Dentist appointment and some errands in the morning.

Early afternoon small co-op doing storytelling games and nature journaling, all outdoors for a few hours.

Book club at the library with a mix of schooled and homeschooled kids. Good friend is in it with her so they played some afterwards too.

Home and I read a few books aloud and she swung on indoor swing while Dad made dinner. Dad read a couple books before bed.

Sleeping now!

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Oh my gosh. My day is so different from the general pattern I see posted here. My kids are older (7, 11, 14 and 16) and are busy away from home so much ...

I got up.

Two youngest kids woke up around 9.

I left the house at 9:45. Teenaged boy was still asleep. His younger sisters were making breakfast and playing on the computer.

I drove for 3 hours and picked up my eldest at the bus station. She was on her way back from violin lessons in the big city. We grabbed lunch and then drove 3 hours back home.

I dumped her at home. Younger dd's had both practiced violin and done a bit of math while I was away. Ds was awake and doing some computer programming.

I went off to cross-country team practice to pick up my middle dd who had been taxied there by a family friend in my absence.

Brought her home with her friend. They played with my youngest for a couple of hours. I made supper and worked on some music arranging I need to have done by Wednesday.

Ds did some math and science work. Eldest dd had a shower, practiced piano and did some work on her writing course.

We ate supper. I took middle dd and her friend to community choir sectional rehearsal. An hour later I took elder dd down to community choir tutti rehearsal (she is the [paid] accompanist). Ds practiced viola.

Two hours later I picked them up.

I'll read to the youngest two before bed. Right now we're about halfway through "Uglies."

Tomorrow I drive three hours in the opposite direction to get the two teens to their choir.

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We started the morning with a little reading - a chapter of Beezus and Ramona for DS (almost 5) and some of Firewing for DD (7 1/2.) (Both kids actually listen to both books.) I read a little more of Firewing later in the morning while the kids were eating.

We put DS on the bus to preschool (he's going to afternoon preschool this year, but will be homeschooled next year), then DD and I drove to a bike path half an hour away and biked about 7 miles. Toward the end of our ride, we ended up reviewing the history of humans in North America - how some people arrived in prehistoric times and spread over the continent, and then much later people from Europe came over and started settling here. Then we headed home to meet DS's bus. I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening working while the kids did this and that. DD found a small caterpillar and put it in a container with some leaves, and spent some time trying to revive our praying mantis, which seems to have reached the end of its lifespan.

In the evening, I showed DS how to make his J's curve the right way, and I spent some time writing out words and short phrases for him to read, like "jump on the bed" or "run fast." He kept asking me to do more and more. DD got in a little reading practice, too, reading a short book aloud to me. Then we read more of Beezus and Ramona and Firewing, and now DS is asleep and DD is drawing.
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What are your kids learning today?
My oldest did homework for his classes: Chemistry, Algebra 2, English and American History.
The girls and I started off with a bible story and we talked about St. Francis of Assissi (It's his feast day), then a writing assessment for the charter school. DD2 and I worked in the garden and talked about beneficial bugs. We do science on Monday usually, and we've been exploring matter, so we made mayonaise after we read about emulsification. Then we made merangue cookies with the left over egg whites.
We did some grovery shopping, too, and now my older dd is working on her writing class homework while younger dd finishes a letter to a penpal.

What books are they reading? DS is reading a Tom Clancy book. DD1 is reading a Jane Austen biography and also Julie of the Wolves. Younger dd is reading/having read to her a lot of picture books and Mr. Putter and Tabby books.
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Well, I felt like we actually accomplished something today, but then I read this thread and think WOW you people have got it together lol. We have had an insanely busy month (death in the family, helping grammy after her knee replacement, pending move in a few weeks so I think we're about a month behind) so this is probably the first day I feel like we have a bit of a groove going on. Today, dd1 & I worked on:

a & c in HWT

Decimal street with our MUS blocks

20 minutes of Explode the Code

*Ran a bunch of errands, ate dinner, watched cartoons

Then I went over some words she's having issues with in ETC

Chapters 2 & 3 in SOTW, wrote a really hilarious narration about nomads and farmers and then she drew some pictures about what we read

A couple chapters of Matilda by Roald Dahl

This was all spread out throughout the day. I'm discovering that she really needs this to be short and sweet and broken up.
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We got up kind of late due to a birthday party sleepover weekend. Kids are teens now so I don't mind that they sleep in. I read out loud to them a Newberry award book about a traveling minstrel's son from the 13th century called Adam of the Road.

They read for an hour on their own. It was their idea to pick plums and bake two plum pies. Unfortunately, they came out tasting too tart and the crust wasn't' right but it was a good first attempt at a pie. I gave them a spelling test. We spent the rest of the day looking for needed items at the thrift stores. When we got back, they worked on their halloween dioramas until dinner. I'm glad I answered this because honesty, I didn't think we did very much today.
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Both kids started out with Rod and Staff Bible stories with Q&A.

DS did Teaching Textbooks Math 4
DD did a couple pages of her math workbook (R&S)
They both practiced penmanship.

I had them help me knead and roll out the dough for homemade dinner rolls. They also made an apple crisp together.

DS helped me can some applesauce while dd helped with the Chili.

DD wrote out our grocery list.

They both did some spelling and LA.

Read another chapter from our book Swiss Family Robinsons.

We painted the frame of our chalkboard, redecorated it with a fall theme and hung it in the kitchen and they decorated the house with our completed salt dough pumpkins and gourds.

Coloured pics of cornucopia (Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend).

DS was plowing through yet another Hardy Boys.

They played outside for several hours with the animals (chickens, cats, dog, ducks).

In the evening we had a gospel service at church and they got to mix with a whole bunch of their hs friends who came out from other towns to visit!
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Geez, a lot of you guys leave the house a lot! We don't do that so often.

Yesterday was just a typical ol' school day for us. My 7th grader worked his way through his algebra, a spelling test from megawords, history (started his 1st History Pocket), grammar, writing. We had a fun learning moment when my son was coloring his history pocket & asked me what color the ancient Egyptians were. I had no idea it was such a controversy! So reading about that online was interesting.

My 4 yr old did a couple worksheets with me & I read from the Christian Liberty Nature reader. Then, my 2 yr old was complaining about some strange pain on his privates so that led to a bath time to soak everything down there & my researching care of the intact toddler online. LOL I guess it wasn't such a typical school day after all.
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