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Dog bite

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Today my boxer luke bit the water dept guy. He is known to be agressive when my husband isnt home since i work 3 rds hes gotten protective. We have the pet safe invisible dog fence it is situated to where they can get to the meter with no problem. But my husband voluntered to participate in a lead study so they were dropping off a container knowing where the fence is. Heres what makes me mas i think i just need to vent. We live in a small community we own a very popular local business. And i heard the xogs barking at lunch so me and dh went up stairs to see who it was here and the water guys were at the front door ( in the invisible fence) petting the boxer that bit him. Didnt say a single word to us about the bite or nothing gave us the container and left. Then i get a call from the town marshall wanting information.

Why would you not tell the owner? Is he just wanting a few days off with pay? What do you guys thinks
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It does seem suspicious, but maybe the guy was afraid to say something with the dog right there? Like maybe he was worried that the dog would bite again.

If I were you, I'd be getting a physical fence or not leaving the dog in the invisible fence unattended - too many things can happen to a dog unsupervised without a physical barrier and now that he has a bite on his record, you need to be even more careful.
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