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The "I Have Available" thread!

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Please list your gently used items here if you're unable to match them to a FIN.

MIN - Please ONLY PM TiredX2 if you see something you'd like.

Items are on a first come/first served basis and TiredX2 will update the thread as items are taken.

Thank you
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Looked in the master list and didnt see any FIN needing these, so posting so that when someone does, we can get them to them.

I have three pairs of boys size 12 pants. All very nice, def "school clothes" worthy.
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I'm a little confused. If I have some items, do I have to review each MIN profile to find a match? Can I just post things here if I don't have the time/desire to do that?
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If you go to the master needs list, you can see exactly what's needed... It's basically divided into gender and stages and is much more manageable than looking at each FIN post...
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You can look at the master list here : http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...9#post15908699

Or you can PM the facilitator in charge of the category you'd like to donate in.
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I have been waiting since last Christmas to post these! I'll keep reviewing FIN profiles as well, but if someone sees a match, please let me know.

I have a pair of brand-new, tags-attached, one-size-too-small-for-DH, purchased-last-Christmas-and-not-returned-within-the-90-day-guideline, size 36x32 flannel lined khaki pants from Gander Mountain. They are not super thick or heavy duty, but DH has another pair in a size that fits him and wore them most of last winter when he had to be outside for work. I will be so glad to see these go to a good home!

Pants requested 11/8, Added by TiredX2
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Items Available - UPDATED

moving to the end of the thread...
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I cleaned out my closet and I have a large number of women's button-down cotton blend blouses sizes Medium and Large, and women's dress pants sizes 8, 10, & 12 (I gave up on ever being skinny again ). All in really good condition, some with tags still on them.

My inability to lose is someone's gain!

I also have a pair of men's black dress slacks - size 36x32 with the tags still on them.

Women's Dress pants sizes 8 & 10 requested 10/8; edited by TiredX2
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I have this nursing bra in a sz 36DD/E (or might be 36F, I can't remember). I have had it for about a year but don't wear it nearly as often as my others, the cut just isn't great on my breast shape I guess. It's beige.
I would love to pass it along to a mama who could use it. I know these busty sizes can be expensive and hard to find, and I'm not wearing it.

Nursing Bra requested 10/8, posted by TiredX2
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I have a ton of flannel - I have pink, light blue, navy, charcoal, hunter green, and a couple prints. It would work for diapers, or maybe even play cloths, anything. I am happy to pass it on to a mama that can use it.

All flannel requested on 10/8, added by TiredX2
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I've got a pair of size 16R classic rise dress slacks from Old Navy, heather/light charcoal gray; Size 16 "skinny" jeans, ultra low waist (they don't have the super-tapered ankle, I think "skinny" refers to the hips/thighs); Size 14 red skinny jeans, "Sweetheart" cut; Size 14 boot cut stretch jeans, also "Sweetheart" cut. The last pair has significantly frayed hems, the other jeans have slight fraying on the hems (I have very short legs ). The dress slacks have no discernible hem damage but there may be some there. I've gotten a lot smaller this year ( ), so there may be more.
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I'm posting these here because I have no idea what kids read past age 4...
I have 2 Kim Possible (tv show) chapter books- Showdown at Camp Wannaweep and Bueno Nacho
Also have "No Dogs Allowed" chapter book by Bill Wallace.
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I have 2 never worn, but washed in dreft preemie sleepers. They are very cute. One is green stripes and the other is ???. I cant remember and I have baby on my lap right now so I cannot go check. But I know it is boyish.
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I have the following lot of books that I would love to send to a MIN. These are geared toward a young toddler and I really would like to ship them all to the same address. All are in very good condition, although a few have a bit of wear on the corners. None are chewed or written in.

Small pocket sized Farm Animals book (has pics and names under each pic)
Small pocket sized Mighty Movers book (same as above, but all sorts of vehicles)
Fall by Chris L. Demarest (1-2 words per page, cute, simple illustrations)
Guess How Much I Love You? by Sam McBratney
Bunbun At Bedtime by Sharon Pierce McCullough
Bunbun, The Middle One by Sharon Pierce McCullough
Elusive Moose by Joan Gannij and Clare Beaton
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? byt Eric Carle
Five Little Ducks a Raffi "Songs to Read" book
Busy Barnyard by John Schindel and Steven Holt (simple real farm animal pictures with one or two words per page)
Look and Learn Animal (pictures with labels underneath)
Santa Claus A Finger Puppet Book (finger puppet peeking through the center of the entire pocket size book)
Babyfaces Peek-A-Boo by Roberta Grobel Intrater (simple baby faces on each page with a single word describing feelings/emotions)
Look and Learn ABC (real pictures of objects that start with each letter
DK Diggers and Dumpers (small book shaped like a dump truck with pics of construction equipment)
DK Tractor (small book shaped like a tractor that has pics of tractors)
Leap Frog Tag Junior book ABC Animal Orchestra
Mama Bird, Baby Birds by Angela Johnson
Brimax Baby's First Colors Book (large board book that has baby point to the correct color of large simple pictures)
Neigh! An On The Farm Book (purchased at the dollar store, but a cute, large board book about a cartoon horse who tries to find a friend to talk to)
My Big Animal Book (large board book with real pics of animals and labels under each pic)
My Finest Friends A Land of Milk and Honey book (very sweet gentle story for a young toddler about friendship)

All books requested 10/8, added by TiredX2
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I have a bunch of sz LARGE diapers (aios and pockets, velcro closures, WAHM, PUL outers, microfleece inners, microfiber cores). I think there are around 8-10 of them.
They are pretty worn and some have staining, but they still have life in them and there are enough that it could really round out a small stash. There are some fun/bright colors of PUL (purple, orange, kelly green)--generally boy/neutral. They have only been through one kid but he was in them for over a year and we had an old washing machine that was kinda hard on them. I had kept them for my current baby but they all have the microfleece inners, and he breaks out from synthetics. I was going to offer them free-for-shipping, but if there is a mama who would like them I would very happily send them.

I ALSO have about a dozen SMALL pocket diapers, which are in quite good shape. (Two kids, total of 6m, usually with liners, front loading washer...I think they still qualify as 'gently used' but not quite 'like new') Ditto on on the pul/microfleece thing. They are all white (inner/outer). They are also WAHM diapers, with snaps (FuzziBunz style) I have inserts for them though the inserts are brightly colored microfiber so it shows through a bit. I will send with or without inserts to a mama who needs them.

Small pocket dipes requested 10/11/10, Added by TiredX2
Large Dipes requested 10/17, Added by TiredX2
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Item removed per helper request.
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I have 3 nursing bras in this style. Size 34G. I wore two of them twice each and the third is still in the packaging. I must have mis-measured as these were too tight before a nursing session for me.
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I have a pair of mens slippers size 12 that are like new probably never been worn with rubber soles with trends on them. Is there a min thats husband would be grateful to have these?
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I have a set of Queen sheets, NIP. They will not fit a modern extra-deep mattress, but will fit a futon or other older-style bed just fine.

Queen Sheets requested on 10/13, Added by TiredX2
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Size men's M Tall LL Bean light-weight red windbreaker
Size men's XL American Eagle black winter coat with fleece lining.
Size men's L Columbia heavy-weight pull-over raincoat, navy blue and red.
Size men's M Columbia jacket. This is the shell and doesn't include the fleece lining but is still quite heavy and would be suitable as a winter coat.
18-24 month boy's soft-soled Pediped shoes.

I have a pair of size 4 soft-soled MaryJane style shoes, a pair of size 5 soft-soled Squeaky MaryJane style shoes (squeaker is removable),

Size 4 and 5 shoes requested on 10/12, added by TiredX2
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