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You'll never believe what MIL got DS for Christmas *PICS*

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It is that time of year again Holiday Helper has arrived!

This year we have theme weeks and our seventh week is:
Kids clothing week!!

Follow this wandering thread around to keep visibility high for our wonderful project and let's get things started by fulfilling all the requested book needs for our FIN!

Bump this thread with wacky, wonderful, happy, HH based conversation....remember to keep it within the UA though

Titles thus far:
Do they even write books about something this strange? (October 4) in Books & Other Media
Pumping for Puppies? Can I rig something using my Pump for her? (October 5) in Pets
How loose is loose enough to do the doorknob trick? (October 6) in Dental
Spilling up, out, around, oh the smell....can I send her outside to change herself? (October 7) in Diapering
DS will only eat PopTarts. Do you think I should give him any supplements? (October 9) in Nutrition and Good Eating
Can 2 mo really be talking? Update post #33 link (October 13) in Life with a Babe
Big Hairy Spider! ***WARNING PIC INSIDE*** help me to ID this spider I found in my bed! (October 14) in TAO
MIL says to breastfeed on demand, help me convince her otherwise! (October 15) in Breastfeeding
Pediatrician called CPS because I use cloth diapers WWYD? (October 16) in Health & Healing
Is this really a BFP at 4 DPO??? (October 17) in I'm Pregnant
I keep finding eggs in the rooster house... I don't have any hens UPDATE: they taste odd? *PICS* (October 18) in Country Living/Off the Grid
Would you be offended by this Halloween costume (pic in OP, but it might be NSFW) (October 20) in Spirituality (because it seems more shocking to be there?)
Have I gone too far? MIL is talking about an intervention. (October 30) in Decluttering & Organizing
2 hipcarries, a back carry and a front carry: wore my quads at the Zoo today! *PICS* (November 1) Babywearing
Super glued my hand to my face, but come check out my awesome scrapbook for MIL!! *PICS* (November 4) Arts and Crafts

MIL wants McDonalds for Thanksgiving. How do I make my turkey taste like a Big Mac? (November)Nutrition and Good Eating

Learned a lesson in how not to deep fry a turkey today. How do I fix my neighbor's lawn before they get home? (November 25) TAO

New Benz or BMW for my 16 year old - which is better investment?(December 2nd) F&F

DS in tears, can we graft the Christmas tree back onto the stump? URGENT (December 6th) Diggin in the Earth

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Doh! Fell for it!
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and you are the first! YaY
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We love books around here!! They're one of our favorite foods!!
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Funny, I just updated a bookworm thread not three minutes ago! Too funny.
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Totally fell for it. Ha!
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Yay, the travelling thread!
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You got me again.
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We've received our first help!!!
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I had never heard of such a thing as Holiday Helper but what a wonderful thing for MDC to organize. I can't wait to go through my stuff to see what I have that might help another family.

You all rock!
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any great (within the UA) thread title ideas?
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Drrrrrrrrr. "Holiday Helper" was in the back of my mind but I was still curious. Fool me twice... LOL!

What about, "Pumping for Puppies?"
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"DH wants to breastfeed but I'm jealous..."
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I woke up early today, let's get those helps coming!!!
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I found the wandering thread
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