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Azure Skye is here

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Azure Skye
October 4th 2010 3:42am
Born into the hands of his daddyo
8lbs 8oz 21" long

10 hours old

Last belly pic in early labor


Regular contractions starting 3:30 pm Sunday during my 'last' photoshoot called midwife and she got here about 8ish. Contractions slowed down but were still hard ones when I had them. She checked me at 12:30 and I was 7 cm and fully effaced We were all surprised that I was that 'ready' when I'd had such an 'easy' pre-labor so far . Went to lay down for a little bit and had 3 fierce contractions about 10 min apart. They filled the tub and at about 2:00am my water broke in the tub. From there on things got busy quite quickly. Every time he got lower into my pelvis he started kicking me again! It was like he was 'swimming out!'
At 3:42am his head was out and 20 seconds later our son Azure was born . My DH caught him and placed him on my chest. He was crying before he even got there! Strong, pink, and covered with vernix. Latched on within 10 minutes. 2 out of 4 of our kiddos were in attendance during birth (the others were sleeping and just got a pleasant surprise in the morning)
No tearing (DH provided perinium support ) Love my midwife, she just sat on the toilet and knitted for most of the time! She's like "You guys know what you're doing, I'll be right here if you need me!"

We're all tired but extremely happy with our newest blessing.
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What an awesome birth!!
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Sounds like such a wonderful, peaceful birth. Congratulations on your beautiful boy .
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Congrats and welcome baby!
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Congratulations!!! Love the image of your mw knitting on the toilet!
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What a fantastic birth story. Congrats to the whole family and welcome to the world Azure Skye!! Beautiful pictures btw.
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Wow, congratulations!! What a great birth story, and such a beautiful little guy!! Welcome, baby boy!!
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Congrats! Your perfect "torpedo" turned into a perfect little boy. So happy for you! He's adorable and what a great name! I LOVE the last belly pic in early labor. You look so beautiful. Enjoy your baby moon! Welcome to the world, Azure!
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What an awesome story. Congratulations.
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Sounds like a perfect birth!!! Congrats! Welcome Azure - you have a cool name!
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Congrats! What a beautiful birth! Now you almost have me ready for my little one to make an appearance!
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Awesome birth story! Congrats!
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Congratulations! What a fabulous strory!!
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I just wanted to say congratulations, mama. You're photos are gorgeous and Azure's birth story sounds perfect! My babe was born on 10/4, too...7 years ago!.

Happy babymooning!
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Wonderful, thanks for sharing the story and pics!!
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Thanks everyone for all the well wishes!! We are all transitioning well and totally in love with our little boy! (can't seem to get enough pictures!) He just turned a week old yesterday

Motherhood is bliss!
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