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Originally Posted by EmTheWife View Post
I'd consider myself a homemaker.
I worked full time until 4 weeks before giving birth, and I hope to never go back! I loved my job, but I feel that being home, and able to invest my time into my husband, my house and my child is my true calling. By house I don't just mean cleaning and cooking, but also entertaining, visiting others, making it a place people want to be, a place of peace and rest, a place of learning and exploration, a place where ideas and thoughts can be aired and discussed.
I guess I consider the SAHP title to have more to do with focusing one's energy mainly on the child/children, rather than on the whole family relationship.
Don't get me wrong, focusing on the child is very important, but that's not what I personally spend my days doing. I don't think it's my job to make sure he's entertained/happy 24/7, but rather to direct him and give him loving attention and guidance in the midst of doing life (but the manifestation of this is in constant flux).
This is how I feel too.
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I guess I would say I'm a SAHP rather than a homemaker. "Homemaker" sounds contrived to me, and I was into decorating, scratch cooking, keeping a tidy house, etc. when I was single, those interests didn't change just because I married and had a family. I quit my job because of my kids, not my house.

Personally, I like the term housewife. What do you do?/I'm a housewife. It makes me feel all glam and Mad Men-y, like all I do is shop and sit around and eat bon bons, lol.
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Neither...I just happen to currently be unemployed.

Damn economy.
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Originally Posted by BetsyS View Post
I consider myself a homemaker, too. Now I get to do that full-time, but even when I was a WOH, I was still the homemaker.
This is my feeling too. I currently work PT, out of necessity, but I consider it to be a temporary thing and basically a means to an end- the end being my career goal of sahm/homemaker!

Originally Posted by EmTheWife View Post
I guess I consider the SAHP title to have more to do with focusing one's energy mainly on the child/children, rather than on the whole family relationship.
The happiest I have ever been in my life was when I was on a maternity leave after having my 2nd child, puttering in the kitchen while watching the kiddos in the next room. Everything in our family just seems to run better when one parent is home most of the time to manage the kids and household. I enjoy my children, and part of my reasoning for wanting to sah is so that I can focus more of my energies on homeschooling, but another big reason is that I just love slow-paced days hanging out in my kitchen. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of keeping a clean, organized house, gardening, canning, all that household management stuff. Pre-kid, I never thought I would want to be such a domestic type of mom!
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I too would consider myself a homemaker, as I do much more than parent. However, if we didn't have a child, I would not be at home. So having a baby brought me home, but it also opened up the time and energy for me to keep the house, do the budget, cooking, laundry, most cleaning, etc. I love it!
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The majority of my time is devoted to raising my children. They participate in helping me get the necessary things done around the house, but housework is not our only, nor the highest, priority in our lives.
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I prefer the term "housewife." "Homemaker" sounds too post-modern/self-conscious to me. However, I doubt that I'd be staying home if we didn't have young kids, and will probably be working at least part-time again well before our younger kid is in school. Ideally, though, I will work from home, with my own business(es).

I love good food and I'm most serious about the cooking, food-producing, and nutrition end of the housewife job description. I find being organized very important to maintaining my own sanity, but cleaning isn't a super high priority for me (except when it comes to dirty dishes. I cannot function with dirty dishes cluttering the kitchen.)
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hmmmm....I struggle with both homemaker and stay at home mom. I feel that it sounds as though all I do is stay at home. I do alot of stuff outside of the home and I am busy all the time. I feel that neither title really conveys that you are BUSY.

I had to go to a specialist and on the form where is asks for occupation I wrote: Domestic Engineer and CEO of household management. Sounded good to me.....
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homemaker- but this was what I wanted to do even before I had a baby- stay at home a lot, garden, cook, make my home a beautiful sacred place to reside, cook for myself and my husband- I love doing all that stuff and feel very fortunate to be able to stay at home with my baby in my home that I have created a space in and maintain. I have always felt that this is what I want to do and I really like where I live so that helps a lot!
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I consider myself a RADICAL HOMEMAKER Which, by the way, was an entertaining book. I may not be the tidiest home parent in the world, but I rock it in a bunch of ways. I waffle sometimes, thinking this isn't IT for me, that I want more from life. But really, I just want more time to do the home/garden part which will happen when my littles are older and I'm cool with that.
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I don't really like either. Some days are entirely kid/family centered with little housework time. But some days it seems I clean for 24 straight hours. I usually say "Stay at home mom" when asked what my job is (like at the doctor's office), and 99% of the time they say..."So you're unemployed?" and then write down UNEMPLOYED. Thanks. Thanks a lot. The old ladies write down "homemaker" or "SAHM" when I tell them, at least.
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I consider myself a homeaker, because I am a personal chef for my neighboor, and I do all the paperwork for my husbands landscaping business, so I guess I would qualify more as a WHAM than a SAHM. However, I do 90% of all of the household stuff. Also, because my husband's work depends on the weather, sometimes he is a SAHP too! For example, he will probably only work 1-2 days a week during Dec, Jan and Feb. But Ill still be the one cooking and doing the dishes and laundry.
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I'm definitely a SAHM, not even remotely homemaker-ish... I only do about half the cooking & very little if any cleaning, dishes, laundry... Though I'm entirely in charge of our finances & scheduling, and most of our shopping. So I guess it's the cleaning thing that holds me back from feeling like a homemaker. I'm sure part of it is that I WAH 20 hours a week, and other personal issues, but it's hard to EVER envision myself cleaning & having dinner ready when DH walked in the door...
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I'm a SAHM but not a very good with housework. I used to work very-part time, so I was a SAHM/Social Worker. I was laid off last week. Now I don't know what to tell people. I guess Homemaker will do.

I'm a great mom but not a good housecleaner. We hired people to help me with that part.
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Definitely homemaker.
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I'm definately a SAHM, not a homemaker. I'd love to be more of a homemaker and I think I'm getting there, slooooowly, but my heart just isn't in cooking and cleaning and I've never had the patience for crafts. I don't even really nest while pregnant!! I do enjoy baking and I'm coming to enjoy making good tasting healthy food for my family. Not so much the cooking, just knowing that I'm providing the best for my kiddos. I've never enjoyed cooking. In fact, I always said I wanted a man who loved to cook. (That backfired on me when DH decided he wanted to be a chef and has since gone to culinary school and is now a chef. Since he cooks 9+ hrs a day, he rarely cooks at home.) Taking care of my kids is what I do now. Eventually I will go back to work, once everyone is in school. I'm fortunate to be a SAHM now, but I've always known that as soon as its viable, I'll be back in the work force in some manner.
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Currently, I consider myself a homemaker. My son is in 1st grade and spends all day at school so it's just me at home during the day. When baby #2 arrives at the beginning of 2011...I will once again prefer the title of stay at home mom.
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I think I'm a sahp who cooks and does laundry. It's not that I am inessential to our home, I just don't care much for/about housework.
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I am a homemaker. For many reason. I did not start out that way nor was I any good at it at first. I've been a homemaker for 7 years now. I've had jobs in between those years, but have always come back home. This is my true self. Even though at times society gets the better of me and I think I'm not contributing to society in the "right" way and get off beat and try to enter the workforce again. Thankfully, lately I've realized what was going on and can regroup myself and get back on track.
Here is an excerpt that explains part of ME being a homemaker. Its from Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson. (One of my favorite homemaking books!)
What really does work to increase the feeling of having a home and its comforts is housekeeping. Housekeeping creates cleanliness, order, regularity, beauty, the conditions for health and safety, and a good place to do and feel all the things you wish and need to do and feel at home. Whether you live alone or with a spouse, parents, and ten children, it is your housekeeping that makes your home alive, that turns it into a small society in its own right, a vital place with its own ways and rhythms, the place where you can be more yourself than you can be anywhere else.

That is what I am trying to create. A place where my kids can come home after battling life at school and can be themselves and relax. A place where my husband can come home after a hard day at work or after being gone 6-9 months out to sea and can relax. He's not coming home to a harried wife who just also came home from working all day. My house isn't always in order when everyone walks in the door. I do still have little children home with me during the day. But I do have love waiting for them and a smile as soon as they walk in. I am their welcoming committee. And who doesn't like that? I may not bake fresh bread every week (or every month for that matter), I may not have laundry caught up 100% of the time (who does nowadays???), or the floors may not be swept up after lunch that day, but I am still here to listen to them about their day and a hugs are always at the ready. I am getting much better at the housekeeping and the home is running a little smoother. Even as I sit here expecting baby #5 to come at any minute. The floor stays swept up at least once a day. The dishes do get washed and the counters in the kitchen are staying clean most of the time compared to when we first started our family. The laundry isn't nearly as piled as it use to be 7 years ago or even 1 year ago. It's taken me a LONG learning curve to find what is working for me and what works for MY family. I am by NO means a born organized person. Or a clean fanatic. I would like to be, but that's just not me. But the feeling I get when I have a clean home and kids that are happy is worth it for me.

So to answer the question: HOMEMAKER all the way!!

Sorry that was so long.
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