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Runny nose, ok.

Fever and cough, no. DD seems really susceptible to coughs, and they linger here, so if I can, I stay away.
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A fever or vomiting or something? No. A bad cold, like with a cough and fever? No. Sniffles and that kind of thing, sure.
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Generally, you are supposed to keep your kid home from school if they have vomited or run a fever in the past 24 hours and I'd go by that for playdates. Actually I wouldn't send my kid to someone's house where they'd been vomiting in the past several days because those bugs really linger.
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If your ds is playing with the neighbor boy most days, chances are he's getting exposed to whatever before the other mom even realizes he's sick.

I really hate getting sick and will avoid people with a bad cold or worse. But I don't try to control the situation with people we see all the time when it's just a mild cold. We'd never get together, otherwise. Plus, ds is always sniffly so I don't want to make a big deal and then present my sniffling child.
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Same here...

Originally Posted by JL83 View Post
Depends on what you mean by "sick".

I care about vomiting, diarrhea and HIGH fevers. A runny nose or feeling a little bit under the weather? I don't mind and I wouldn't warn anyone about.

If it is contagious I would want a heads up because I have to work...And I don't want L getting sick if I can help it...If it isn't like a simple little cold I don't care...I think sometimes we need a few germs to keep us healthier in the long run..
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A normal cold is fine, but a high fever/vomiting is not good.

I base my decision on if I would send the kid to school with it. If I would feel comfortable sending that child to school, then it's OK to play with them.
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Colds aren't a huge thing for me when it comes to DS1, he gets over them quickly and with little problems. DS2 has asthma and it's a major pain to have to deal with that once the cold settles in his chest. Last big cold, he ended up in the hospital, as did I in my wonderful pregnant glory. Really though, there is little I can do to prevent them, since chances are if their friends have a cold, it's gone around their school and they likely have it too. Still, I like to try and avoid them if I can.
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I prefer my DD not play with sick kids. A runny nose I don't mind but a constant cough,fever, the runs, etc no.
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If they are kids we see all the time anyway, I figure we were likely exposed before the friends became symptomatic. So as long as the kid is well enough to be out & about (i.e. not feverish or weak or hacking up a lung) then I don't limit interactions. If they are clearly too sick to be out then yes, I would limit interactions. I also don't like when people we don't see often show up to our house sick. Maybe that's a double-standard... but to me it's bringing foreign germs over and I mentally feel the 'foreign germs' are more dangerous than the ones we're constantly exposed to. Now that I write that out, I think it sounds a bit crazy though lol
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it depends on how sick they are and how much we like them. favorite friends with a snotty nose, maybe a little cough. its cool, we'll hang out. once in a whle friends with that, nah, maybe next time. good friend with a fever? nope, see you later.

i do, though, hate when ANYONE brings a knowingly sick kid somewhere. i have had phone calls before playdates form friends who say, X woke up with a snotty nose and no fever, wanna still play? chances are, i will, but to not inform before bringing a sick kid makes me irate.

also, there are friends that i know have serious asthma issues and so i will not knowingly expose them if we have even little colds. their mom is usually cool with little colds ( i mean its everywhere anyway) but i don't like knowing she got a cold (which required her asthma treatment) because of us.
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depends on how sick they are and what they are sick with. but yeah. I live in the midwest. Everyone is aways sick with something.
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I'm with a lot of the other posters. If a kid is really sick, they shouldn't be out and about anyway, they should be at home recovering. But a little cold isn't a big deal.
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My son has allergies and gets sinus infections also. There are/were times if we let a runny nose get or slight cough stop us he would have played for months.

If there is no fever, child isn't lethargic then I chill out and let them have fun.
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Most of the time no. Even a simple cold in another child turns into croup or pneumonia with DD2 who has serious asthma. I don't keep us in a bubble and I know she is going to get sick, which she is always. I make sure our playmates know that if we are having a playdate, they need to let me know if there child is sick, no matter if it is just a cold. That way I have the ability to say no and I always let people know as well. I can't control the kid coughing at the store but someone coming over to my house, you had better tell me or else you risk me asking you to leave.
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If they play every day anyway, they are generally contagious before symptoms show so there is nothing to be gained by keeping them apart when sick. But, I cannot really see why a sick child should be out and about playing instead of at home. I guess maybe you mean if it is just a cold or something?

Logically, if they play daily, there is no point to separating them when sick. But I personally would not want my child around someone else who is sneezing a bunch or hacking or vomiting, etc.
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But I definitely agree with others that a runny nose alone would not bother me. My oldest in particular always had horrid allergies so he never would have played with anyone if we let that stop us.
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Originally Posted by crunchy_mommy View Post
If they are kids we see all the time anyway, I figure we were likely exposed before the friends became symptomatic. So as long as the kid is well enough to be out & about (i.e. not feverish or weak or hacking up a lung) then I don't limit interactions. If they are clearly too sick to be out then yes, I would limit interactions.
This. Also a cold is contagious for about 5 days and is more contagious before a person has symptoms.

People with allergies can seem sick when it's really just pollen or a change in seasons type of thing.
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I'm with the minor colds/illness are no problem crowd. I figure most people feel this way unless their child has a compromised immune system. I do give folks a heads up even if it is just a cold though as I figure it is up to each parent to decide what they are comfortable with and I would also say "Hey, it's just a minor cold, but if she gets worse, please call me so I can come pick her up." As who doesn't want their mommy when they are really sick, right?
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No, I definitely try to keep ds away from children (even if they have a minor illness.) It's impossible to do that while he's in school which annoys me. Oh, my son has an immune deficiency and gets sick very easily. What looks like a minor cold or tummy bug in one child often turns into something serious with my son (which lands him in the hospital all the time.)
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I try to avoid having the kids around sick kids. But I have a hard time here in Mississippi b/c everyone calls everything "Sinus problems" Seriously. Everyone diagnoses EVERYTHING as Sinuses. I either don't know the extent of Sinus issues, or people around here don't know what they are talking about. I feel like it's their way of not taking responsibility for illness, like keeping their kids home etc. So I am very wary and don't trust people when they tell me they aren't really sick, it's just sinuses. I ask for more symptoms. And if I can somehow determine (in my own opinion) that maybe it's just a cold, I might be around them.
(My MIL just said that about my husband last night in fact when I was describing his condition. Which is most definitely a cold. But she immediatly siad "Yeah, it's prob. sinus stuff. There is some kind of sinus thing in the air, everyone has it" What does that even mean?!?!!)
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