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Ironically enough, my son went to sleep peacefully all by himself this morning. We got up like usual and I put him down in his bed while I went to wash my hair (just wash my hair, no shower so that I could hear if he needed me). After a few minutes, I realized that I hadn't heard a peep out of him. I went over to check on him and there he was peacefully sleeping. Wonders never cease!
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I did have one - when I was in 3rd grade - Her name was Rocksy. She was my favorite baby rock.
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My dd1 did. She was and still is a fantastic sleeper, and she can sleep anywhere, seriously. Dd2 is a different story, I don't think she likes to sleep, lol.
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mine is 11 months and still needs to be rocked/nursed/bounced. at first it was hard after an emergency c section, but nowadays i fear i will miss it..
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My second child was just like that...would lay right down and go to sleep. We could put him in the crib, say "night night" and he'd go to sleep. Wake up from naps smiling and laughing to himself and it was hard to tell when he woke up because we never heard anything!

Before you hate me too much....my 1st and 3rd are the polar opposite. The current one takes sooooooooooo much work to get her sleep, and she always screams her head off before she drifts off no matter how relaxing and calming I make the atmosphere, and wakes up screaming, and is impossible to get to nap without major intervention.
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Originally Posted by Oliver's Mama View Post
My babe bounced himself to sleep for his morning nap today.. weirdest thing! We borrowed a jumper from the inlaws (it's the fisher price horse, I think). He was quietly bouncing for 15 minutes, so I went ahead and made breakfast.. still bouncing.. I checked emails... still bouncing. Then I peeked over to say "hi" and realized he was asleep! His head was resting on the "saddle", eyes closed, yet every 20 seconds or so he'd bounce himself. Too cute. Amazingly he stayed asleep as I transferred him upstairs. Otherwise, he always needs help.
Oh my that is too cute! All of my babies (even my 2yo) have/had to be put to sleep. The only babies I personally know that don't need help going to sleep have been sleep trained. I would say your baby is totally normal.
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Mine did. Once. When he was about 2 months. I'll never forget it. I remember telling a Mother of 3 about it that night, saying "I guess this is his new thing". I realize now she was just smiling and nodding.

Ds has been parented to sleep every night until almost 4. And sometimes still now at 6.
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Originally Posted by April Dawn View Post
I don't personally know of anyone under 3 who goes to sleep without needing help.
Ditto and lol about the unicorn
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Neither my 18 month old nor my 4 year old has ever put themselves to sleep.
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Originally Posted by dicksonley View Post
The thought of a child that will just go to sleep is enough to make me cry.
s Mama. Me too.

I do feel happy for those of you whose babies actually sleep though.
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I never understood this either, as other moms will share silly pictures of their kids sleeping in their spaghetti, or passed out on the dining room chair. I just could not see my kids ever spontaneously falling asleep like that. Dd1 came close though. One day at bedtime when she was around 1-ish she just laid down on her belly and fell asleep on the living room floor. She continued to do that here and there and by 1.5 we would just tuck her in her crib wide awake and she would roll over and go to sleep, and stay sleeping all night, in a crib, in her own bedroom. It was extremely weird compared to my ds who had to be coerced out of cosleeping when he was over 3 and had to have someone lay with him, cuddle him, and rub his back for what seemed like forever.
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My oldest, since the age of four months, would not sleep if he was being held. He would only fall asleep in either his car seat, or left alone on a bed. Now, he's two and a half, and around seven every evening he says he wants to go to bed, I change him and tuck him in, and he goes to sleep on his own.
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my 7 week old DD. I can't nurse her to sleep she won't have it. So I nurse her swaddle her put her in bed drowsy and she sleeps. AT NIGHT. During the day she has to fall asleep ON me. And if I try to put her down forget it (unless we are in the car). But you know what I am ok with that. She sleeps 6-7 hours at night and that's perfect for me.

My DS on the other hadn HAD to be nursed to sleep till 3.5 then after that he needed the tv to fall asleep still does in fact.
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Oh GOD no. None of my three have ever done that. They all need to be nursed/rocked/bounced...mostly nursed. My third is definitely the easiest, she has actually started to show signs (at 5 months) of falling asleep on her own...sometimes I'll lay her down and she'll zone out, but she hasn't fallen asleep like that yet. She does sleep 6-7 hours straight at night (in bed with us) though. Compared to the other two, that's magical.
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DD will play on her tummy for 30-45 minutes sometimes. Then she willl lay her little head down because I guess her neck is tired of holding it up. She will play with a little toy in her hand with her head down and on her tummy and fall asleep.
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Panda fell asleep in her highchair LOL my xsil's daughter just lays down and falls asleep when she's tired. it must be nice, my kids never do naptime
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I have lots of daycare babies who do this. I have pictures of kids falling asleep standing against the couch, or sitting in a chair.

All of my daycare toddlers just "go to bed", but as infants some prefer to be put to bed awake, and some need to be rocked to sleep.
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My oldest we could lay down awake and he'd just fall asleep, quietly, on his own. He did that until he was about a year or so (not quite sure)....then he started to need some help falling asleep.

My second babe....not so much...actually she never did, until she was over a year, and then she only needed less help, not no help.
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I have three girls, and this is my belief: If early-on they get used to falling asleep on the breast, or while being rocked, or bounced or whatever, then that is what they will need to get to sleep from then on unless you retrain them (which sometimes doesn't even seem possible!). My first would fall asleep at the breast, and thereafter always needed boob to get to sleep (or back to sleep if she woke in the night). I weaned her at 1 year old but she never slept all the way through the night until she was 4. She always needed skin-to-skin contact to get back to sleep, instead of self-soothing back to sleep.

I tried to do it differently with my 2nd daughter, and put her in her bassinet/crib while still awake, so she could learn to get herself to sleep and not associate boob or skin-to-skin contact with falling asleep. BUT... I would fall asleep with her in the bed with me while nursing in a side-lie position. So she, too, got used to falling asleep while breastfeeding. The same issues have resulted. She's now 2 and doesn't sleep through the night.

On to DD3, who is 8 weeks. I work very hard to put her in her bassinet while still awake. When I do this, she DOES drift off to sleep by herself! (I sometimes do lie down and fall asleep while breastfeeding, though -- I try to only breastfeed sitting up so it doesn't happen but it's hard!) I really believe this is going to be the one who sleeps well because she will not associate falling asleep with having mommy touching her or having the breast as she drifts off.

I know a lot of women cosleep and feed off and on all night -- which is basically what I ended up doing with my first 2. I am sooooo tired of having little ones in the bed with me and DH all the time. I want one of those kids who drifts off to sleep in their own space and sleeps through the night this time!
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