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had my appt today

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it was sweet, in the end i got to see my little Alien baby, found out i was 7 weeks instead of 8 weeks.

so they changed my duedate to may 22nd which is not bad at all.
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Congratulations! I had my appointment today to and am also 7 weeks!

Happy things are going well!

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Awesome, I think I am due May 22. But just a guesstimate. LOL

I wasn't given an ultrasound today they are waiting till Oct 18th for mine. So a couple more weeks to nail down an exact due date.
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What do they do at the first appointment? I have mine on Thursday.
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the first appt they give a pap/breast exam and then a u/s if ur doctor does them to date pegnancy, pee in a cup and blood work.

they will also get ur medical history.
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depends on what kinda practitioner you see. I'm using a midwife. At the first appointment I believe they do the doppler to hear the heartbeat, and pee in a cup and that's about it. Maybe a breast exam? No pap for me though. I'm going to decline if they ask. My practice doesn't do ultrasounds until 20 weeks for an anatomy check and if you want to know the sex, you can find out then. So, it all depends on who you're seeing! Also, my first appointment isn't until 12 weeks!
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Glad to hear you ladies had good appointments and got to see your beans!
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