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aaah but see i dont see snack as 'spoiling dinnertime', but the first leg of dinner. so dd uusally gets her veggies eaten before dinner time. or pasta.
In our house we called the fruit and veggies I served first "apple-tizers". He'd actually end up eating way more if there weren't other things on the table competing. Usually he'd go straight to the table with a glass of water a plate of either frozen (currently frozen, not previously frozen, he liked them that way) or raw veggies, and a bowl of fruit to help himself to. Then dinner was usually something super simple, like a whole grain, a protein and maybe another veggie.
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I like to get the kids involved in helping prepare dinner, set the table, etc. Also, if we get home really late, I make do with fast food.
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my mom always did the veggie first thing, and it worked on us. cucumbers and ranch aren't very filling. it kind of depends on how long the snack needs to hold them. protein and fat are what fill us up. carbs just turn into sugar in our guts, and go right to our bloodstream like candy (whole grain carbs do this also, but get released more slowly into the blood). so, fruit, veg, and light or controlled portions of carbs and fats are snacks that don't really stick with us. popcorn?
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I've actually done away with dinner altogether. I can't get my kids to sit down anyway, and they prefer simple foods, so we just snack until bedtime. It might not be popular, but it's the only way I can keep my sanity.

I found that anything I made for them didn't get eaten anyway, so I stopped wasting my energy.

When my kids get home, I offer nuts, dried fruit, cut-up veggies and fruit, yogurt, trader joes burritos or fish sticks or something like that. They eat it in the car, while playing, while running around the house, etc...
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