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Questions about patterns, costume, Peter Pan - and all kinds of other things

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I didn't know how to title this! My daughter wants to be Peter Pan for Halloween and I am learning to sew. My mom is experienced, but I want to have some very clear ideas to give her because she tends to blow me off with "you can't do that" when it's something she doesn't like I have a very simple costume idea in my head, I am CERTAIN these patterns exist but I have no idea where to look or how to search. Mom can do some simple pattern drafting and wining it, but I'd like a back up just in case.

For the pants, I just want plain elastic waist pants, nothing fancy.

For the top, I want a very simple empire waist with a slight A line. Nothing complex.

I just have zero idea on where to look for children's patterns and this is my very first project. I don't even know how to work my machine so this is all learning and I want to go in with some kind of visual so I don't hear "you can't do that" for no good reason other than my "teacher" has something against empire waist.

Also, any good sights for simple children's patterns would be totally welcome! My daughter is nearly five, and the transition from little kid clothes to big kid clothes has been sad. I still drift around the toddler sections and kind of sigh. The fours and five doesn't fit her at all, she's just a big, tall kid but the big girl clothes are so grown up! My baby doesn't need jeggins!
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I don't post much here but sewing is something I know about!! OK-

First, the elastic waist pants are super easy, you are right! You can even trace some her pj pants that are a good fit, then you have a pattern. If you want to buy a pattern, buy an inexpensive pj pattern ( walmart has these) and just make the legs a little smaller.
Be careful about working with a knit fabric with a lot of stretch- it *will* stretch and be hard for a beginning sewer.

An empire waist may be harder for a beginner, because it will require gathering.... Could you use the pattern for the pj top (assuming you buy one) and just make it longer? Kind of like a tunic?? You can cut the last 6 inche off the bottom of the shirt pattern to add length. Just measure how long you need, cut a piece of wrapping paper/tissue paper, then add it in between the two pattern pieces. hope that makes sense.......

Try the "Sew Mama Sew" blog or google "Free sewing patterns." I hope I didn't conuse you!! I too, feel your pain about "big girl" clothes, wich is why I sew a lot for my daughter! Cheers!
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Thank you!!!
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I like to search for instructions by adding the word, "tutorial" to my search terms, it tends to get results from blogs where other moms share their know-how and that seems easier to follow than some dry, purely instructional site.
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nak, if you aren't set on sewing a costume, last year we went as Peter Pan characters. this is what we did:

J was Peter Pan. He wore thick dark brown tights for a bottom. His tunic was an oversized green t-shirt. I just cut the sleeves and bottom of the shirt jagged. I used twine for a belt. I did sew a hat and a sword out of felt. For the hat, I folded it the same way we used to fold hats out of newspaper, cut out the extra fabric, and stitched it enough to hold its shape. hmm, not describing it very well. Let me see if I can find a picture http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-..._7850653_n.jpg
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I made a similar costume for my son to dress up like Robin Hood. I used a PJ pattern for a top, just lengthened it, added side vents, and winged a collar with a deep V and brown elastic criss-crossing across the V. I bought leggings for the pants and did the hat out of stiff felt.

Good luck!
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