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9 week old kitten-Fleas

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My husband rescued a kitten, he was told she is 9 weeks old give or take. The people that had her were going to just put her outside and its already getting cold here so he brought her home..So he brings her home and she has fleas, We dont have the money to go get some expensive treatments from the vet right now..so does anyone have cost effective kid and kitten safe ways to get rid of these things? We dont have carpet, therefore we don't have a vaccum..but I am going to borrow one for the furniture but I wanna treat the cat first..Ideas?
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Flea shampoo from Petsmart would be the first place I'd start. It worked well on our cat when he got fleas. The fleas just fell dead right off of him.
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seriously by the time you by shampoo and other products just call the vet for a single dose of revolution....it is a once a month treatment. Unless that is if you haven't already done a well kitten/vaccine appointment because they will want to see her at least once before dispensing. She would be due for her first booster if that hasn't already happened btw.
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Agree with lonegirl - many of the otc stuff is toxic to cats and/or requires kittens be at least 4 months. Dawn dish detergent is supposed to help with fleas, but in your shoes I would go to the vet for Advantage or Frontline Plus. Once you get rid of the fleas, you should be fairly safe from them again if your cat is indoors only - our cat is and we apply Advantage only a few times a year when the fleas are really bad outside as a precaution.
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Thanx ladies, as far as I know she hasnt been to the vet yet he just brought her home yesterday. We dont have a vet, because we don't have any other pets..so I guess I'll have to find one

Thanx Again
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I have never found flea preventatives to be very good at treating a current flea situation.
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Call aroundpet stores and vets and see who sells CapStar. It is a pill that kills adult fleas 30 after administering and is out of the animals system within 24 hours. It is safe to give to kittens over 4 weeks old. And it is not expensive about 5-10 per pill.
After you treat her with CapStar put on Frontline or Advantage, which are usually cheaper over the counter.
If you don't treat your kitty ASAP you will end up with fleas in the house as well.
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