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Looking for boy wings

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My son wants to be a fairy for halloween and all the wings I'm finding are pink. I came across silk wings from sarahs silks, but I'm wondering if they would be appropriate for his costume. I'm thinking of piecing together an outfit based on one of these pictures: Dead nettle fairy, pine tree fairy, Jack go to bed at noon.
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those pics are cute

have you thought of making some wings? you can use a coat hanger or other wire to shape the frame then cover them with some queen size pantyhose or tights(or the largest size you can find)
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I saw some at Joann Fabrics today- they had a range of sizes and colors, anywhere from $10-$20, and they were having a 50% off sale. I saw some really cute red and black ones, and some green and blue ones.
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Hmm, I suppose I could make some. I'll poke around to find some tutorials that aren't too complicated. I kind of like the look of wings laying flay though so that's why I was looking at the sarahs wings. Saw the wings at Joanns but the red were too big and the others had too many sparkles. I'd like whatever I buy to be able to be used in the dressup box so the sparkles won't work. Anyone else have some suggestions?
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As far as making silk wings, I have done it before and it's super easy!

I took a regular sized playsilk and bunched it in the middle, then I sewed a felt band around the middle to hold it bunched. then on one side of the wings I sewed to arm straps; you could use elastic but I used little girls old tights and cut them into wide bands, which makes them stretch well and it's easy for the kiddo to put on and take off. Thats it.
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This method is really easy. Just wire hangers and tights: http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/making-fairy-wings.html
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Thanks so much everyone! The wire hanger tutorial looks super simple so I think I'll go with that. I also found a silk wings tutorial which I'll also attempt to make for the dress up area.

On another note, I'm curious to see how halloween pans out. People are starting to ask him what he wants to be for halloween, and when he resonds most people are very concerned and try to suggest a more manly costume.
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whoami -- your son is going to look awesome! Please post some photos when it's all said and done of him in his finished costume! It'll be a great inspiration for those of us who also have fairy loving fellas.
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