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Best Mei Tai for toddler...while pregnant?

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I'm a little late to babywearing - I initially tried it with my son (our first), but had the Ergo which I never loved and the Moby wrap, which took forever to get just right. Fast forward - my son is 20 months and 28 pounds. I recently sold the Ergo and Moby and purchased a Pikkolo for baby #2 due in February. My son has decided he LOVES riding on my back rather than in the stroller, so I have been using the Pikkolo with the padded weight belt. Which was okay (a little shoulder/neck discomfort but not too bad) except that as my belly grows, the weight belt is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I also tried the Pikkolo without the weight belt but experienced more shoulder/neck strain than with it.

My son is just so happy when he is riding on my back, that I would like to continue to wear him as long as he wants. So I am leaning towards buying a more traditional MT that would be especially good for carrying a toddler. Perhaps a Kozy? Or a Freehand? Or a .....?
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I really enjoyed wearing my toddler in an Onbu. They are harder to find, but it was so much easier to get them up and down for me, and Ive never enjoyed having the mei tai around tied around my tummy.
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I love, love my Maya Tie. Wide straps that stay on my shoulder, and give superior support to my back. They also come in 2 sizes regarding strap length. Check out their website. Great fabric - light and airy. DS1 who is now 24 months loves it as well as DS2 (9 months today).
I sold my Babyhawk. It was great when DS2 was little, but 5 months and up I hated how the straps come close to my neck. Maybe I did something wrong there-who knows. The Babyhawk has a little bit of a headrest which is nice for a newborn.
The Maya Tie's body is larger but I roll up the Bottom to make it shorter depending who is in there, DS1 or DS2.

I only use my Ergo when light gardening and DS2 is on my back for a little while. It's really my husband's carrier. It's o.k., but I don't love it.

Maybe you can try one on somewhere.
Maya Wrap.com
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