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What are some of your favorite babywearing memories?

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When my dd was born I had a simple padded sling. My dd loved it. She would cuddle all day long.

Ds' birth was really difficult for me. He was born via a planned c/s due to complications. He was in the NICU for a bit after that. Just being able to keep him close all day was a real comfort to me and really contributed to my healing. A couple of my favorite people gave me my sling. (I think mine from when abi was born completely disintegrated from overuse. ) and that made it even more special to me.

I do have a variety of slings now (addiction) but I still love my New Native sling.
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I enjoy all of the times that people didn't even know we had a baby. Babywearing makes it so natural and easy to keep your baby with you where ever you go.

The science center in Portland, Oregon has a decommissioned sub you can tour. I didn't know babies weren't allowed. We were half way through the tour before the guide realized I had a baby, stopped the tour, and congratulated me on "getting one passed an old navy guy".

When people see us out and round they think we have three kids at first, then they realize that we actually have four!

When our first was little there weren't a lot of carriers available in Canada. I had an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, which is not the top rated ring sling these days (though reviews were good at the time, and I managed fine). I used that sling until it the fabric wore through part way through baby #3!
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When DS would fall asleep in his wrap while walking around the farmers market, store and my favorite...bookstore. I could relax, read a book, sip a drink while cuddling and bonding with my wee little one.

Another favorite off the top of my head was when DS was atleast 1.5. He fell asleep in the car, and I HAD to go to the store to get a few things, but didn't want to wake him up. Surely, he was too heavy to just carry and I couldn't get him on my back...so, I put him in the ergo on my front. He was sound asleep, and I was happy to sincerly cherish that last time I would be wearing him. While walking around, I overheard a woman say to her husband, "Oh my gosh...that baby is almost as big as she is!" My Mom and I burst out laughing...it was so funny.

I do also enjoy sharing babywearing with some of the babies I have been blessed to care for. I love that I can give that closeness while their parents aren't able to be with them. <3
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