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Bay Area Midwifery Center...just a few questions

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I am 8w2d and had my first appt today at AOG. I really do like them and get great GYN and post-partum care. But a few things the OB said today kind of set my radar off. I won't go into details but I'm a VBAC patient and had my first VBAC last July with Special beginnings. I won't be returning to them though.

I've heard some great things about BAMC and I wanted to check them out and maybe go for a consult but I had some questions that I thought you'd help me with first...

Say you have to have an emergency c/s, who is the OB or surgeon that does this? Any good/bad information on this person would be helpful.

How often do you go to see them? I noticed that towards the end of my pgcy at SB when you usually go every 2 weeks they had me going every 3 weeks. I enjoy going to these appts and hearing the baby etc... So I felt a little caught off guard by this last time.

Anything else I should know?
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Oh and how many MW's are there?
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I delivered my daughter with Bay Area 21 months ago. She was a c-section, because she was breech. She was delivered by the hospitalist group. Dr. Jasper was the OB on call when she was born. I honestly was thrilled with the way I was treated by the hospital staff during and after my c-section, and I really liked Dr. Jasper.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about my experiences!
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I am 20 weeks and I absolutely love them! I have had 2 appointments each time with the same student midwife, but each time she had someone different with her, which I thought was great. Kimla was at my first appt and the second appt was the student midwife's professor!

They are really down to earth and helpful. I feel like they are a little concerned with me being veg, but they have never said anything bad and they just remind me to eat protein. I currently go once every 4 weeks.

They also encourage you to bring your own doula which I thought was great and have a lending library of books.
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Met with Katie today. I'm very excited to start this journey with them. Thank you to those who replied! I just had overall very comfortable interview today and I was very impressed
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Anyone know what their current c-section rate is at Bay Area? I haven't heard in a few years.
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In this thread from last October Jen said their rate was below 9%
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Their primary c/s (not including RCS) is 5% and their transfer rate is 9%. It's listed on their website from June 2010.
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I know someone who openly had an HBAC with a CPM and also had simultaneous care with Bay Area.  They know how to be supportive.  If the HBAC didn't work out, they were willing to attend her at the hospital.  Fortunately, the HBAC, as they do most of the time, worked out at home just fine.  :)


I actually wish they published their full c/s stats.  I'd like to know how many VBACs have an RCS and how many are given the chance at a TOL vs coerced into or opt for an RCS. 


I know someone just a month ago be forced into an RCS with BA and the on-call OB.  It was truly hard to hear her get her chance at TOL stripped away.  Nothing was wrong with mom or baby but the back-up OB told her and her husband 3 different horror scenarios that could happen (very unlikely) and the husband didn't want to do the TOL anymore.  She had made it to 42 weeks and was in early labor and didn't consent to the c/s scheduled for her a few days prior.  It is hard for me to hear things like that because I know so many women just like her with NO problems with mom or baby successfully give birth at 42+ weeks when supported by the midwife but always and only seen that in the home setting since so many providers in-hospital won't allow VBACs to go past 42 weeks anymore.  :(


We need more VBAC options!!  And more support for late-term and post-term VBACing.  It IS safe.  :)  And is safer than a RCS, always!  Cesareans should be, SHOULD BE for serious medical complications of the mother or baby only.  One day, I hope AAMC's rate will be 20% instead of 40% c/s rate. 


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