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Mila Soleil was born on October 2nd at 6:08 pm (42 weeks 6 days!) via cesarean after a homebirth transport. I'll have to write up the actual birth story, but the the short version is that I finally went into labor Friday morning, hit pretty active labor by that evening, and got to about 7cm by Saturday morning....and stayed that way. After laboring most of the day Saturday with very little progress, I was truly exhausted and made the decision to transport. Baby was still doing fantastic so i was hoping to get some relief via epidural and continue on for my vbac. Unfortunately things changed a bit once we got to the hospital and we decided a cesarean was the best route. She is doing awesome and is nursing wonderfully. I'm recovering as well as can be expected, although it's no fun. I'm so happy that I was able to labor at home as long as I did, and am convinced I have the best midwives and husband that have ever walked the earth, lol.

Here is a link to a picture on my FB, I hope this works! If anyone can't see it, send me a friend request and I'll add ya.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support, especially there at the end
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beautiful name, beautiful baby, so very happy for you!
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Wow, huge Congrats! Love the name!
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What a beautiful name!!! Congrats to you mama on your baby girl!!!
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Congratulations!! I'm glad you had what ended up being the right birth for you and that you had a great support team!!
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Mila was on my short list of names LOVE it! I can't see the pic though
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Huge congrats my birth buddy!
Love the name and can't wait to see pics.
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Congrats! Welcome Mila!! I am sorry you didn't get your VBAC, but what an effort you gave it. Nicely done!
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Yay hooray Marilyn82! So happy to hear from you and that Mila is outside you these days!

Welcome Mila and congratulations to you, Marilyn82!

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While I'm sorry to hear you didn't get your VBAC but I'm happy to hear that you went into spontaneous labour and that you made the decision on your own and are at peace with it!
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