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best carrier for dh to use?

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we had an OTSBH with ds, and dh would use it but said it hurt his back after a short time. he liked the snugli, which i didn't like for myself or ds. we both like the frame pack for hikes/long outings.

so now baby #2 is on the way and i'm researching carriers. i'm thinking he might like the ergo, but then what would he use until baby could ride in the ergo? the kozy also looks good. i have been given a moby wrap too, but i'm not sure he'll be into all that tying/wrapping. i'm not sure i'll be either!

what does your dh/dp like in the way of carriers/slings?

edited for clarity!
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I got DH a KKAFP for Christmas! He loves it. When the Kozy arrives we will both be using that too.

See DS is soo happy when papa wears him...


That was at a little over 2 weeks....
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My husband will have nothing to do with the sling. It's a totally non-girly fabric and he just won't even try it. : I should have gotten the prettier one, darnit.

He has talked about using the BabyTrekker when he works in the yard this summer. He needs a lesson, though. He told me he tried to get it on once when I was at work and he couldn't figure it out. That's an awesome visual. I wish I had it on tape.
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We bought the KKAFP in Black for DH...but I am thinking that it will only be good around the house and until May because of the heat in Iowa.

What would you all recommend for DH so it's not so hot? I don't really want to spend a ton of money...because we've spent so much on slings already!

How old does a baby need to be to use the Kozy? I know it's whenever he/she has head control...but I don't know when that is being that this is my first!

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I just got a Mei Tai, its almost exactly like a Kozy and a much shorter wait. I got mine within a week. my DH loves it. You can pick from tons of fabrics and its reversible if you want a girly print on one side and not the other. Mine is embroidered burgandy cord on one side (flowers and vines) and plain burgandy canvas on the other.
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I love my ergo but did not use it with a newborn. Just to let you know they do have an insert that you can use with it so that it can be used with newborns.
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