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Got stretched and sweeped(swept?) today

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Even though I'm only 3 days over due I opted to get stretched today by my midwife.
Before today I'd had some cramping BHs but nothing to write home about.
Since I want to avoid being induced I opted to start S&S today, I go again on Thursday and maybe again over the weekend.

It wasn't bad at all. I used my hypnobabies switch and felt some pressure and light cramping during it but nothing that I would consider painful, no worse than a pap.

She stretched me to 2cm and said my cervix was soft and at 30%. Since then I've been having cramps on and off that are stronger than before and again using my hypnobabies tools to coast through them.

I really want to go into labour while my 1st midwife is on call because I've seen her the most and feel the most comfortable with her. Plus she did the home visit and our dog met her, which sounds silly but is sort of important to me.

I'm hoping that I can be one of those women who goes into labour after only one s&s.
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Good luck! I hope the S&S does the trick. There is a New Moon on Thursday, maybe that will help too.

Oh, and I totally understand about the dog bit.
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i'm thinking of asking my mw to do that today, im 3 days over but seriously have to avoid induction as well.... it basically isn't an option as Im HBAC and my hospital will only repeat section in the case of overdue vbac mommas :S

i really hate that im going to resort to this rather than just trust that i'll go into labour, i know i will but i cant take the risk iykwim
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I hope you go into labor soon!
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Good luck!! I'm hoping to be open enough to have a stretch and sweep tomorrow morning. I don't expect it to put me into labor, but I'm hoping to get a nice hormonal release to help ripen up my cervix.
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Good luck hopefully you go into labor soon!!! I think that's what me and DH are going in for Friday, yesterday she said my cervix was soft but barely open :/ but she didn't want to stimulate it too much, she told me to try B & B cohosh, so going to try that today, and a few other things before friday in hopes I go into labor on my own.. otherwise I guess that's our plans for Friday. If no baby this weekend Monday I go to the hospital for the nonstress test and 2hr monitoring My FIL is coming into town Sunday night, so i'm really hoping for a baby this weekend! Well keep us updated
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just saw mw she said if she can fit me in her clinic she'll s+s me on friday, if she can't fit me in then there is a drop-in clinic over the weekend at the hospital that i can go to. i dont know why im suddenl so worried. worrying about going overdue was never in my head up until now. stupid really i know as im only 3 days but yeah, dont wanna hospital birth/section. i went 4 days with DS. i pray i can go into labour by myself and that im not broken
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No labour yet. Lots of cramping that is more intense than what I had before and more frequent but no pattern to them and only a few that woke me up at night. Although last night for the first time my dog jumped up on my bed and rested her head on my belly. Every time I cramped up she would softly grumble it was pretty funny. I wonder if she can hear the baby or if she's just grumbling because her pillow got rock hard!

I thought I'd turn down the S&S but after 40 weeks I know that 14 days is not long at all and that is the midwifery standard for over due here in Ontario at 14 days I'd have to be induced at the hospital.
So now I'm guzzling RRL tea, taking pulsatilla 200c and going for long walks. My friend is going to do some accupressure on me and I might go to my chiropractor tomorrow as well.
This is all very much going against my personality, friends say I'm so laid back I'm practically horizontal! Don't get me wrong I'm not freaking out I'm just trying to get a helping hand.
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