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It's a boy!

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Osric William was born at home yesterday morning at 8:52 am. He weighs 7lb 12 oz and we haven't gotten around to measuring him yet. Yesterday was a difficult day for everyone but we're both doing well now. I'll post more later.
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Congrats momma and welcome to the world Osric!
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Congrats to you and welcome baby Osric!!
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Congrats! Welcome baby Osric! Enjoy your baby moon!
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congrats welcome to the world baby xxxx
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Congrats and welcome baby!
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Congrats and welcome baby Osric!
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Yay, congrats! Welcome Osric!
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Way to go mama!!! Osric, cool name
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Welcome to the world little Osric!
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Congrats That is a wonderful name!
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Congratulations and welcome, little Osric!
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Congrats!!! Welcome baby Osric
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congrats! Can't wait to read your birth story!
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