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Carrier suggestion?

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I nurse my 11 month old to sleep for naps and lately he naps best on me, in the carrier. Usually I choose my ScootaBaby to do this but once he is asleep, such as now, he feels like a big sack of potatoes pulling to one side (Scootababy is one shouldered).

My Beco Butterfly is too difficult to nurse in.
My thoughts ran to a Pikkolo or Patapum, not sure though. Ergo body seems too short and the Boba arm strap comfort concerns me.
Any SSC suggestions My son is longish, 31-32 inches and roughly 22 pounds.
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At 22lbs, you son may be hitting the comfort limit of the Pikkolo, unless you were also going to buy the support belt. You are right about the Ergo having a shorter body, but at this point it may not be *too* short for your DS. The Boba has a taller back, it may be worth a shot. I don't have any experience with the Patapum, unfortunately.
Another toddler sized SSC you didn't mention is the Oh Snap. Like the Pikkolo, you can cross the straps in the back for a front carry. It has a tall body, but no sleeping hood. Might be worth looking at...
I hope you find something that works soon!
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The Oh Snap might be a good one to look at since it's a toddler carrier. It should definitely last you until you are done babywearing. There are lots of other great SSC out there, but the Oh Snap has thicker padding since it is specifically designed for bigger babies/toddlers. It is a larger, bulkier carrier though, so not the best option if you want to throw it in your diaper bag. That being said, I love mine!
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Thank you both for all of the helpful info! I hadn't thought of the Oh Snap I even found comparison videos for the Boba, Oh Snap, Pikkolo and so on

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