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For those that selectively vax

Poll Results: Why do you selectively vaccinate?

Poll expired: Nov 5, 2010 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 5% (3)
    Do you feel that some vaxes work and some don't?
  • 36% (21)
    Or that all/some work but don't outweigh the risks of the vax itself?
  • 22% (13)
    Or that you feel your child is unlikely to get certain diseases/illnesses anyways?
  • 28% (16)
    Or that if your child did get the illness it wouldn't harm them long term?
  • 7% (4)
57 Total Votes  
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What made you decide which you would get, and which not to get?

You can choose multiple answers.
If "other" please specify.

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We've vaxed for dtap and nothing else. We chose to vax even though I know a lot of kids still get it even if theyve been vaxed against it. With whooping cough, I just am not willing to risk it since I know that its on the rise and something I felt like she was more likely to get. (We live in our retail store, and kids are in here all the time.)
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I can understand that.
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For each disease: How likely is it that Jude will get this disease? What happens if he does get the disease? Chickenpox doesn't scare me, so no chickenpox vaccine. He isn't at risk of getting rotavirus and it's not even that scary to me, so no rotavirus vaccine either. You pretty much have to go out of your way to get Hepatitis B, no Hep B vaccine.

Whooping cough and diphtheria scare me so he gets the DTaP, as well as polio. I do like to space them out so he only gets one shot per visit so if he does have a bad reaction I can know which one he's reacting to.
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We skip Chicken pox. I don't think the risk is worth the reward.
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Moving to S&D vaxing...
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We do DTaP because the risk of Pertussis, especially in my family with two babies and one child with respiratory issues, far outweighs the risk of the vax. We delay Hep B until pre-teen age because the risk of them contracting Hep B is very small, IMO. We do Polio because my father had Polio as a child and is now legally blind and has debilitating joint issues. That's not an illness I'm willing to risk my kids getting. We do MMR because I feel that my less healthy children would not handle these illnesses well, although I do have some concern about the safety of the vax. We don't do Rotavirus because of the previous issues with the vax, and the benefit doesn't outweigh the risk IMO. We do pneumococcal because my ped. highly suggested it, though I'll admit I haven't done much reading about it. We opted to do varicella for the older kids who haven't had chickenpox yet because at their age, the risk of them having serious issues from it is much higher. We did end up getting HiB for the three youngest, only because my ped. suggested the Pentacel combo vax and she said she personally has seen much fewer reactions versus the DTaP alone.

I will be giving my older kids the meningicoccal and TDaP booster, but not the Gardasil.
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We do DTaP (not willing to risk Pertussis), Polio (know to many people who've had it and are still dealing with the effects), delayed HepB (we feel it's a good vax, just not needed as a newborn unless a parent is infected), MMR (Rubella scares the crud out of me) and when they are older they'll get meningicoccal and a DTaP booster.

I talked to our doc about doing HiB or pneumecoccal for our older children and he did not recommend it and we're not worried about it with our younger one.

I still need to do my research on HepA. That's a new one for us (it might be on my older sons card, but I know it wasn't on my daughters!)

My older children have had chicken pox so will not need the vaccine, but we'll evaluate it again if any of our children haven't had it by age 9.

I'm not worried at all about Rotovirus (ds1 had it back in November and it sucked, but nothing we couldn't handle) esp. given that it sheds making it likely that a caregiver will get it (which happened to both my BIL and SIL when their daughter got the vaccine.)
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