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My EZ2NurseTwins pillow came today

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and holy cow, it's freaking huge! I don't know what I was expecting, but it's just ginormous.
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oh you'll need it! i tried tandeming with a boppy... not gonna happen
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Did you take it to the hospital with you if you had a hospital birth?
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i had an ambulance ride to the OR w/a section under general at 32 weeks (surprise!) + my guys were in the nicu for a month, so doesn't really apply to me.

however! if they came at term, i think it would have been useful for sure! if nothing else, just to help hold them at the same time KWIM?
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I got mine and sent it back a few days later. Just too big for me, and not enough give to hold the babies on. I went back to using pillows and blankets for propping.
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I didn't get mine until later-- and wow, I wished I'd had it right from the start. I'd bring it to the hospital for sure. Until I had it, I needed two boppies, stacked on on top of the other, plus two small pillows and two blankets to prop their heads.

BTW-- do you have a toddler in the house? I can't remember right now if you do. When my twins came, my DD was 2 1/2, and the pillow did double duty as a "horsie," too. She used to put it with the horseshoe parts sticking up, and straddle it, and ride it all over the house yelling "giddy UP, HORSIE!" We used to have mock-arguments over whose pillow it really was...
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I have a three. He already seems to think of it as a throne. I am not telling him about the horsie.
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I have a twin size brest friend pillow, and I think they are about the same size and shape as the ez2nurse pillow, and yes, it is a BEHEMOTH. I hated it at first because it was so dang big. I used a regular brest friend pillow at first b/c the babies were so tiny I could tandem them on it, and I could get up and walk around while holding them both there. Then they got too big for it, I think it was around 7 lbs that I had to upgrade. So yeah, if the twins are full term, or nearly so, then the ez2nurse pillow will be useful from the start, and so I would take it to the hospital.

When I first used the Double Wide (as I like to call it) I couldn't fit through doorways around the house, and I was so p*ssed off! The hubs told me to walk through sideways like a crab, and that's what I've found that works. So I have to crabby walk around the bedrooms and bathrooms! I've gotten used to it.

It takes some getting used to, but it is totally worth it to use the double nursing pillow.
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The double wide.

With all this baby stuff coming, it all seems so real. Holy freaking crap, I'm having twins!!!!
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