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Help, I've got a leaner

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Hello everyone,
Maybe someone can help with some tips. DS is 7 weeks and if he is not sleeping in the wrap he pushes away and leans his head back. I need to keep my hand on his head to keep him close and from falling too far backwards. This can be difficult when pushing DD in the stroller one handed, or trying to buckle her into the stroller. The other day I had one hand on DD and the other on DS's head and DD fell out of the stroller head first before I could buckle her in. THankfully she was not hurt at all (I was horrified, though!) With a toddler, I really need both hands free so this, or worse, doesn't happen again.

I have a moby, a woven wrap, a woven ring sling and an ergo (without an infant insert so too big for DS yet)
I usually use the woven wrap, and I've tried tucking his head under the arm strap part, but it doesn't really work, and he screams and pushes back more.
I've started using the ring sling more (upright carry), it is so much faster to put on which I love, but I haven't tested it w/ him out of the house & when he's really leaning a lot.
So my question is, how can I best use one of the carriers I have, or keep him from leaning, or should i just go buy a beco butterfly or an ergo insert?? (would any of those help??)
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What kind of carry are you using with the woven wrap? It sounds like it's not tight enough around his shoulders if he's able to push back that much.
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I tie the woven just the same as the moby.
Like this:

Is there a good method to get that part tighter around his shoulders?
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So are you pre-tying the woven then, and just popping him in after you are done? You may want to start wrapping a front wrap cross carry (it's a variation on the way you are wrapping now). You will start wrapping, then stop to put your DS in, then tighten around him and finish wrapping. You will get a much tighter, custom fit that way.
This is my favorite FWCC instruction video. It is in German, but the woman goes slowly and her actions speak for themselves, I think-

And here is a similar one, in English-

Hope that helps!
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Yes, clovergirl, I was pre tying and then putting him in. Thanks so much for those videos. I was doing a similar tie w/ DD to those videos, but she was a little older. I think DS's legs still need to be frogged. Can I still frog them with this tie? At what age can we stop frogging?
BTW, I love the tip in the video of using a cloth diaper for a head cushion. I never thought of that, it's a great idea.
Well, today I used the sling out and about and it really does seem to keep the leaning under control better. I can get it much more snug around the shoulders and DS seems happier. It will be nice to use the wrap though for longer walks and when he is heavier.
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Your DS is probably old enough to do legs out now. You can do legs out in a wrap from birth, so at 7 weeks there is no harm in trying it. You may actually find that having him legs out also helps with the leaning, as when babies get older and start "stretching out" they tend to try to stand in the carrier when their legs are inside. He may be getting more leverage to lean and arch out with his legs in, if that makes sense.
If he's happier with his legs in, then that's fine too. Just fold the wrap pocket in half or so, bringing the bottom up to your chest to create a self, then put him in and adjust around him to tighten. You may want to spread the crosses around the bottom where his legs are for a bit more support there but otherwise it's the same.
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May I suggest the kangaroo carrry? If you get ht top rail nice and tight, no amount of back arching can make the baby pop out.
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