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Not sure what to think.. Normal?

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It's really difficult for me to discern what's normal and what's not. I have 3 kids, one has ADHD and SPD, the other is developmentally delayed and has other delays. To top it off, my husband is a special ed teacher, with expertise in Autism and he's no help.

Ronin is my child in question. Him and his twin brother are going to be 4 on Saturday. The issue I'm concerned with is that he has trouble with change. I mean, full on meltdown.

Here's a good example from yesterday. Our usual routine is, wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, go on the school bus (they attend PPCD through the school district). I decided to let Ronin sleep in a little and he could eat breakfast at school that he brought from home. Apparently, he had a huge meltdown that I was called to come get him.

I don't think it's Autism, he is very social, plays with toys appropriately.

I do have an ARD later this morning, so any information or something I could ask for would be helpful.
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What is an ARD?

It sounds like you are thinking through your own answers to your question. That kind of extreme rigidity and upset around changes and disruptions to routines *might* be characteristic of an ASD. Is it normal for your DS? Or were there other factors that contributed on this particular day?

If you are pondering whether he has an ASD, perhaps you can ask for a referral for an eval.?

Good luck and hugs.
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ARD is an Admission Review Dismissal meeting. We discuss their IEP's, new goals for the year, any results of evaluations.

Ronin's always like this. It's getting worse, as well. Another example that I can think of is for example, his breakfast fruit bar. If it's damaged (like if it breaks apart), he will also throw a fit.

I was wondering about ASD; I'll ask about it when I go up there.
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Good luck.
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I'd ask for an eval.

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Back from the ARD meeting. I asked them about it and the teachers are going to start using social stories. The ST is going to make a schedule from boardmaker and see if that will help.

They said they're just going to keep an eye on him right now. The boys have a Dr's appt in 2 weeks so I'll talk to their pediatrician then as well.
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I wish I knew. My 2yo is extremely intense and a bit rigid with routines. Her 5yo brother has ASD, and her two older sisters are just quirky. We have found that some dietary changes help, but of course, I think some of this is just personality... I hope you get some answers.
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Social stories are working well for my DS right now. I hope they work well for you.
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