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Where do you get new plants? trees? shrubs?

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We closed on our house about a month ago, and will be moving in in November.

I have enough space for an herb garden, for a flower garden, for fruit trees and birches, for raspberry bushes, for a fairy land section, for a gazebo, you get the idea. I'm over the moon kind of happy! We are just clearing stuff out this fall (I'm in New England), cutting down dangerous trees, and getting rid of bushes (the place has stood empty for a year, and needs a bit of cleaning up).

Anyway... Here comes a question: what resources do you use on-line to order your favorites? I'm just looking for one stop shopping site, where I could order tulip bulbs and roses, and long awaited birches and cherries.


I'm in the club.
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I don't have just one stop for everything. May I recommend that you hit a few nurseries around you and get to know them? Especially if you will be newly gardening (and have big plans!) you will find that a good local nursery will be able to help you so much with the right plants for your area, knowledge and free advice, etc etc.
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Online I've bought plants from Stark Brothers before and had good experiences, they specialize in fruit trees/bushes/plants but carry other trees and roses and bushes too. Seeds I've liked southern exposure seed exchange best. Some flowers and bushes I've just gotten from Home Depot and done fine with.
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If you want exotic edibles check out one green world. If nothing else it's great to drool over.
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I've bought several plants from my local Farmer's Market, including my raspberry bush and most of my herbs.

My trees, so far, I got at the big box stores, but I had researched them online and knew the native plants I wanted to get. I picked up one Big Box shrub that turned out to be potentially invasive, and I let that one dry out

Local nurseries are a wonderful resource, and I would encourage that. I've bought some of my plants there.

I haven't ordered online yet, but MotherEarthNews had links to some edible landscaping nurseries that I have perused longingly. Here's one I like, but I think my climate is considerably different from yours:

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Fedco, all the way! they are in Maine. they have great quality, tons of organics- get their fedco tree catalog and check it out
well, they are for fruit trees, other trees, shrubs, shrubby plants. I don't thin kthey too too many perennials/bulbs.
There is white flower farm- great selection but expensive. I get lots of stuffa at local nurseries.
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I was able to get some seedlings cheap through out local soil and water spring sale program. I came across other stuff in local stores. Neighbors and friends dividing plants are a great FREE resource.
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